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  1. Also his build swapped out the mech and vi for r2d2. Was my suggestion. And thx dr4co!
  2. Gonna be going up against my buddy who thinks he's a real hot shot with this build. Need some advice to take him down. We revealed our builds... He's flying:T-70 X-Wing: •Poe Dameron (37) Veteran Instincts (1) R5-D8 (3) Weapons guidance (2) Y-Wing: Gold Squadron Pilot (26) BTL-A4 Y-wing (0) Twin Laser Turret (6) •R3-A2 (2) B-Wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (25) Advanced Sensors (3) Z-95 Headhunter: Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Total: 100/100 I'm going to try this for first time:Aggressor: •IG-88B (50) Autothrusters (2) IG-2000 (0) Crack Shot (1) Fire Control System (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Glitterstim (2) Aggressor: •IG-88C (50) Autothrusters (2) IG-2000 (0) Crack Shot (1) Fire Control System (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Glitterstim (2) Total: 100/100 Know I gotta try and avoid that stress bot... But any other tips be appreciated. Thanks and fly wreckless! Lol
  3. Lol yeah I kept saying he was prolly eating all the potatoe chips and needed to go.
  4. Can you eject a crew card from your own ship at any time? Don't really see anything online mentioning this, so I'm assuming not.example I triggered fetts crew ability and it wouldn't break my heart to eject my greedo crew card since when I'm defending I get faceup damage cards. Thx~
  5. Thank you very much. Lol I ended up ordering: 1 ghost 1 tap 1 jm 1 mh 1 imp vets Also concerning the vets, is this shipping date sort of unknown and not tied in with the others? Curiuous cuz if that's true then I won't get my order till lord vader knows when... ...well I tried to email coolstuffinc to cancel my order or break it up... Smh fml
  6. Seems I may have missed out on the wave by not preordering off mini market... They're currently sold out... Any other websites you guys recommend to try and pick up some of wave 8? I'd like to at least get a jm and mh.
  7. I just got my first mat the other day, ffg death star 2.... It's possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen. Other than myself in the mirror once a year. (Only went with that for the rhyme...) It's been flat on table, hasn't been put away. Prolly just use the box, altho mine shipped in somewhat beat condition.
  8. I'm on episode 10 or so. I've enjoyed it so far, I'll try and chime in once I'm caught up since I'd prefer to avoid spoilers.
  9. i ended up with two starvipers, listing one on ebay in a moment. new/unused.
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