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  1. The sad thing is that X-Wing is not a first edition game (squad builders, online and offline, of much higher quality exist for the first edition). The mobile app is basically a browser locked on a single webpage. There is no local storage. So, I would only call it an "app" in the same way that iPhone 1 supported third-party apps.
  2. I noticed something interesting: it's entirely possible to create invalid squads. This leads to a bit of a conundrum, what happens if someone pitches up at a tournament with a list like this? Escape Craft - •L3-37 - 26 •L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary (22) •L3–37 (4) Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Lando Calrissian - 49 •Lando Calrissian - Smooth-talking Gambler (49) Total: 75/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
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