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  1. Both characters are fun. I really like Rise Again and the Carbon Freezing chamber, too.
  2. With the set being called "Spirit of Rebellion" and Rebels being under represented so far in the game, I actually think there may be more Rebels characters and content than we might have been shown so far. Blue 1. Chirrut Imwe 2. Old Ben 3. Kanan 4. Anakin Skywalker (AOTC) - Mace Windu is a good guess, too, but I would think Anakin would actually fill out that sort of "mid-level" character role pretty well. Red 1. Mon Mothma 2. Cassian Andor 3. Hera - I sort of wonder if she'd go here or in yellow? But red makes more sense to give the Ghost crew more variety color-wise. 4. Admiral Raddus - Gets us another RO character. Although maybe too soon after Ackbar. Yellow 1. Jyn Erso 2. Chewbacca 3. Maz Kanata 4. Sabine Wren - Just because I think they'd try to knock a lot of Rebels out in one go, here, too if they are really adding them into this wave. It'd still leave Ezra, Chopper and Zeb to do from the main crew, not to mention Ashoka. Villain: Blue 1. Emperor Palpatine 2. Seventh Sister 3. Fifth Brother - I think it'd be interesting to release them both at the same time, perhaps complimenting each other 4. Darth Maul - MAYBE too soon? But we also have the Rebels version we can get to. Red 1. Director Orson Krennic 2. Death Trooper 3. Agent Kallus 4. FN2199 (Nines) - or possibly Hux? Although I don't see Hux and Krennic being in the same set. A specialized trooper with some sort of way to combat Blue Force users would be cool, thematically tying in with his stun baton. Yellow 1. IG-88 2. Cad Bane 3. Doctor Aphra - time to get some comics people in here, and she's prime material 4. Vizago - I'd say his run-ins with the Rebels crew leave him more on the villain side, even if he has no love of the Empire either
  3. Hmmm... so, how did it work before? I'm thinking this is basically how I was playing the card, but I'm not sure. Also, I was confused by this: I get the first part. One copy resolves instead of them being defeated. But when they say the second copy can no longer replace being defeated... for what time period are they talking about? In the same attack? For the rest of the game? Are they rendering the second copy useless as far as the ability goes or simply saying you can't stack them during the same attack? Or am I totally confused?
  4. So, I downloaded it for my iPad Pro. Looks amazing, but I can't get any sound whatsoever out of it. Hmmm. Edit: Nevermind. Got it to work. Me being dumb. LOL.
  5. Excellent! Have the local store here holding me a copy Thursday, but I was definitely wanting to see the app beforehand.
  6. Awesome! That helps a lot. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi all - Quick question I hope you can help with. When it says I can "draw" an extra card, does that mean I get to put any Agenda card of any XP value into my hand? Or does that mean I get to put a 5th card out to choose from? Or something else?
  8. These look great! I JUST tried my hand at miniature painting last night, using Sorastro's painting tutorial as a guide. I'm really pleased with the results. Not perfect by any means, but they bring a lot of life to the figures and the game. I did all my Stormtroopers and the two E-Web Engineers so far. Planning on tackling them a little at a time since I have to buy the paint over time, too. I really like the different colors for the different faction bases. I might steal that idea.
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