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  1. Just picked up an Action fleet micro machine model, painted up it fits in well with the other X-wing ships will be using it to deploy my snowtroopers on Hoth
  2. I am doing just that, a 6mm ground based Star wars wargame using 6mm figures and vehicles alongside the x-wing miniatures. Early days yet as I've just started this project and am currently sourcing the stuff I need. I am also converting it to a 4" hex system using kallista's Hexon terrain. These 4" hexes use the same range and distance as the x-wing miniatures range markers. I will be putting on a participation game at "The Joy of Six" wargames show in Sheffield run by Baccus in July of this year. Progress can be found at reveillestudios.co.uk cheers Dan
  3. Looking good I am currently working on the same thing using the old airfix battle of hoth and rebel base kits, along with micromachines action fleet AT AT's and micromachines AT ST's. I am trying to keep to the whole 6mm scale regarding troops and am searching the best fit troop types at the moment. How do I make the cards? they look very official I need to get hold of some of those. Loving the new infantry rules. I am putting on a participation game in July at the Baccus "joy of six" show , (x2) 12ft x 6ft tables representing Hoth and Endor so I'm going to be busy until then! keep the pics coming
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