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  1. I'm thinking about running running this scenario for a small group of RPG newbies. I'd like to run it as a one-off for them to get a taste of the fun and not overwhelm them with a lot of rules or stats. I was questioning whether or not running this as a one off would be viable as the time from mereorite impact to when giant ants show up is a considerable amount of lull. I wanted to hear what some other GMs did for this scenario and if anyone has some suggestions to speed up the time to first contact. Thanks!
  2. C-3PO is no good on the Ghost; you need to be able to roll dice for him to work.
  3. I struggle with this desire to fly different ship from what everyone else is bringing and usually, as someone else lamented, to my detriment. I never really thought of it this way. Two sides of the coin I suppose.
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