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  1. Another potentially mature theme is discrimination. Although racism, sexism and sexual discrimination appears to be gone in Fallout, ghouls are the proxy for this. Even the preview states the the Brotherhood have a problem with ghouls. My children (quite young) struggle to understand when in a story one person doesn't like another person for no reason other than discrimination. We don't avoid this though, and do our best to explain the social problem. Unfortunately some people might also object to a game where it is OK to be of any race, gender or sexual orientation. Edit: Another thought: It is a world without any of today's religions. There are various beliefs and cults, some of which are derived from today's religion, but if you are not OK with a world in which your religion does not exist, that could be another problem. Edit 2: It is also very common in fallout for someone to be paid to kill someone else. Or to just kill out of greed.
  2. Considering those are not in descent, and descent is missing a healer... Could also be a healer/Mage hybrid. Brawler doesn't seem at all hybrid though.
  3. Warrior: Brawler and Healer: sage confirmed? Reasonable chance these were at least planned, even if they are never released.
  4. I'm not in a position to do this right now, has anyone tried importing in Valkyrie to see if the complete spoiler-filled content is there?
  5. No. As mentioned above iOS support will not happen. You shouldn't. It doesn't change the official app at all. As for the device in general, as per most things on the internet you just have to trust the source that it doesn't contain malware, so me saying 'it is fine' doesn't mean much anyway. Having said that - it is fine. We've been stung be this already (read earlier posts). In most cases it won't affect at all. If you have imported the content from the official app, and don't reimport it also won't be affected.
  6. Mostly depends on my availability. There are a few technical hurdles to solve, but not much drudge work, so it is very hard to estimate. Could be a week, could be a few months.
  7. Android support is (still) coming, iOS is not, talk to your jail keepers.
  8. Valkyrie 1.4 just released, with support for MoM 1.3.6:
  9. I can confirm that this is a restructure, probably just to make management of translations easier. Sorry for any panic caused and unjustified accusations. It will take a little while to support the new format, in the mean time you can find a work around here:
  10. If anything this is a negative signal. These have been there a long time and there is no information, which suggests they are abandoned.
  11. Update: There has been progress on getting the data which goes against this theory. Wait for more information before judgement.
  12. Update: NOTE: New evidence suggests this is not deliberate, please hold judgement until more work is done. Investigations are ongoing, however intention is looking very likely. Evidence: 1: As mentioned FFG have clearly shown their resources are thin for app development, so why make a structural change, which thus far in my investigation doesn't show any clear benefit? 2: 1.3.6 is a minor update with the only listed change being to add 1 language to 2 scenarios. 3: This is not the first time. The MoM app previously used obfuscation to make the text unreadable. This was easily defeated, but it showed intent. 4: The above mentioned obfuscation system has been removed. While it wasn't doing anything, it wasn't doing any harm either, and why would that be removed (replaced) in a minor patch? 5: I am sick/busy so I haven't had a solid block of time to sort this out, but I have spend a bit of time and have not yet worked out what they have done. Without going into (very) technical details (I can if someone wants) this means it is very likely that there is been a deliberate attempt to make it hard to find. 6: Even if they don't care about Valkyrie, another consideration is that 1.3.6 may include text from Streets of Arkham that they don't want leaked. I will update when I have more information. Even if this is defeated, it makes it hard to get motivated to improve Valkyrie if FFG are going to pull things like this.
  13. Important Information:It would appear FFG have taken steps to block Valkyrie. MoM 1.3.6 has changed the way that text is stored and the import no longer works. If you have an import from an earlier version of MoM Valkyrie will continue to work. Otherwise you will need to roll back MoM to import before you can use Valkyrie (after importing you can upgrade MoM).
  14. MTG is a good example of this. I'm the early days the electronic versions were just helpers, they didn't enforce any rules just provided the tools. Later official games enforced rules, but with a severely limited set of cards. Now the entire thing works great (may still be a few excluded cards, not sure). I think that the projects to automate it just exposed weakness in the rules, and the system is greatly improved now.
  15. > If in a few years FFG doesn't make it and Valkyrie doesn't implement it, I may do it. I was avoiding this topic because I didn't have the energy to go into why it won't work in enough detail to avoid an argument. I have considered it for Valkyrie, because it makes the most sense in that setting where the hand made content is less available and/or lower quality, and personally scripting something is generally easier for me. I looked into several ways do to this and concluded that none of them were particularly helpful. Random monsters/searching/rooms only makes sense for a tactical crawler with no story (beyond what you get in delve), and this system is just not set up for it. The exception could be the 'its all a strange dream' plot device but that is cheap and will still lead to an inferior play experience.