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  1. Because it only affects a handful of skills that can be used during monster activation. Many classes aren't affected by this at all. In terms of random events that stuff you up no matter how you plan this is way worse: * Drop Gobin archers out of reach * All minions engage master * Master gets +3 + minions range, ignore line of sight and +minions damage That is how you one shot a hero with no recourse.
  2. MoM1E was in the reprint queue until after MoM2E, then it disappeared. Just saying that isn't much of an indicator.
  3. To be honest this one never bothered us much. But I guess it depends on your skills and items.
  4. It supports it now. We also extract the Localization.txt from the official app. For MoM this means we have lots of languages, but not D2E. Do you think I could include your translations in Valkyrie? I might have to strip the english translations so that I am not publishing that.
  5. The latest release of Valkyrie (0.9) supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Unfortunately as Sadgit mentioned the official app only has English at the moment, so the text from there won't be translated. Edit: You mentioned a fan translation of RtL, how is this being done? Are you providing the info to FFG or modifying the unity packages or something else?
  6. See also:
  7. Feature request added here: I assume you found the downloads page as you mention existing scenarios. Currently there isn't an automatic way for users to upload their own scenarios if that is what you mean. If you send it though to me I can add it to the downloads page.
  8. Sure, but from what I have seen it is likely, and no reason not to do it that way if that it wasn't planned for public release.
  9. Check out this for documentation: As for your specific question, to position thing click on either '~' (loose position) or '><' (snap position) then click somewhere on the map.
  10. They use Unity for building their app, so another reason could be that the scenario tools use unity and you have to pay for a licence for each user. I wasn't going to post this here until the stable release (coming soon) but for anyone keen to get writing wander over this way:
  11. Windows and Mac OS now, Android and Linux a bit later. I am not going to do iOS, but someone else can if they want. Problems are more political than technical getting into store and I don't have an iOS device.
  12. They have rebalanced both cost and availability. Instead of act 1`/2 all items get a minimum and maximum fame window in which they are available. Some act 2 items are low fame some act 1 items are high (part of this is due to the change in usefullness in RtL vs standard play). I can tell you that Rune Plate IS available, but given how good it is it requires high fame.
  13. I have completed this quest twice on hard act 1 (both wins). The first time we rushed the room and closed off the portals such that only 1 (or maybe 2) flesh moulders got through. Once the others were down Tekaris was easy. The second time we were blocked by the dragon for too long so we just hit Tekaris (he came to us) and ignored minions. If you are doing enough damage you can overcome the heal and win, but you need to be able to survive bit of a beating. In both cases the worst part was the Barghests earlier. Those guys suck. Blood for Blood is an unlucky draw that would certainly make it much harder, but I still think it is doable.
  14. Why not round out the classes for each archetype? Have to stop somewhere.
  15. If I had to guess (completely made up from me, no accuracy involved): D2E was being ramped down. It had a long cycle and IA was taking over. Doom and MoM2E were in the project plan. As a test bed for MoM2E (and other future projects) RtL was created, to give some life to D2E in a low risk environment. Runewars miniatures was planned, so the setting is going on, buy maybe time for a break before D3E or something a bit different (talisman replacement?). Then RtL got rave reviews and sales went through the roof. This allowed it to get another campaign quickly, which also appears to be an experiment in boosting expansion sales. From here, it may be that RtL has turned D2E around and it will have a long life, but you can't suddenly come up with physical production that you didn't have in your roadmap, so even if they are being worked on now this would explain the gap.