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  1. Most on the newer quests (Seeds of Corruption and H&M packs) have two layouts, one which uses only the minimum tiles you must have, another which uses tiles from at least one additional expansion. The key difference is the layout with the expansion tiles will always be used if you have those expansions, so it is not able replay variety.
  2. Issue added here: The log issue is most likely this, which is fixed for 1`.3: Missing text is fixed for 1.3: Auto set for fire isn't in yet: Update: 1.3 is in RC here if you want to test it, should be out soon:
  3. From my point of view the main issue is that removing the 3 point skills from the existing class breaks the most useful combinations for almost all of them. From a power gaming angle I think there are few combinations that are worth considering.
  4. This is a common attitude to software, which is why EVERY software project is over budget, late and full of bugs and dropped features. It is almost certainly why they thought they would have content out by now.
  5. Highly unlikely that they are editing in text, though it is possible with unit projects I doubt it. The editor provides a GUI to put things together, and you can script that to help with things, but it will still probably be adding components and connecting then as pretty much data entry. I am sure they are still developing their work flow and understanding their problems. Most it houses take years to get the development workflow sorted for a new system and this is not a pure it house, a very new system and a type of development that will be very uncommon. The thing that surprises me (and goes against what I have written here) is how quickly they got d2e content out. That said maybe at the time the coders were in on that and they are trying to move to a model where that isn't required?
  6. Aelitafrommars: They actually are sort of hard coded. From what I can tell they use Unity data objects to define the scenarios. They then use Unity Editor to add all of this data into the app, and potentially test. This requires a licence, some degree of technical skill and can't be handed off to someone else to test the scenario, a new build of the app would be required. If you want to have an internal build without leaking test scenarios to the public (which they haven't done since BtT) this probably also requires abilities in source control to manage it all - not to mention it is just a good idea anyway. What is apparent from Valkyrie is that even when you have the editor built into the app and designed to be as non-programmer friendly as reasonable, the nature of these scenarios is that they are very complicated to implement for people who have no programming background. All of this together I'm willing to bet that the early prototypes for scenarios don't even use the app at all. I wouldn't be entirely surprised though if someone was looking at using Valkyrie internally for exactly this purpose. Source: Many educated guesses from reverse engineering the app, none of this is confirmed.
  7. > "The Truth" - iI missed that scenario or not just release yet? Should be available on the download page of any 1.2 build. I have also released a 1.3 prerelease for Portuguese support, you can test and edit scenarios in this build (not that this is not a general release at this stage):
  8. Yep, the only issue is I haven't released the core Valkyrie Portuguese support yet, but this will work when I have.
  9. The items depend only on your fame level and have been rebalanced, partly to allow for RtL differences and partly just to improve things. Act1/2 no longer applies to items. The act2 items you got probably weren't the best act2 items. Additionally SoC has very low thresholds for fame levels, it maxes out at **Spoiler** 42, after that you have only the best gear available, which happened very early in our campaign.
  10. First it would be great if you could add translations here: If you don't want to use github just save that file, edit, and send to me. This is for general Valkyrie text. For scenarios you can use the 'Copy' function in the editor. Then in %AppData%/Valkrie there will be a EditorScenario directory with Localization files for each language. Just copy one and translate. I am happy to accept translations for "Exotic Materials" and "The Fall of House Lynch". "The Truth" isn't mine, please contact slycozzolino:
  11. Just sent as is and I will add support like how quests work
  12. > And... does the title works too? If you mean the quest title yes, including download and quest editor pages. > How can I upload my translations when I have it 100% finished? You could raise an issue here: I can add it, but I would prefer you go through the Shadow Rune guys as it isn't mine to change. They just send me updates and I add them to the download page. I would like to get a copy of your Localization file though, so I can include it as standard with Valkyrie if that is OK?
  13. > I see in valkyrie the localization.txt, but is small and already translated into many languages. This is for the bits that aren't included in FFG and aren't quest specific. > I know that you read the files of the official app installed, and our translation is simply to overwrite each English text for the Spanish text, and use overwrite the original files of the app. This means that if valkyrie directly reads the localization.txt file from anyone who has my translation, the texts that appear there will be translated automatically. Yep, this should work > But I don't know how valkyrie works. The most important text to translate is the activation monsters, valkyrie use the official activiations, or do you need to be specified in each adventure what they are? Valkyrie uses the official text. Have a look here: valkyrie_Data\content\D2E\ffg\text\Localization.txt After an import you will find this is the data from the FFG app. You could replace it with yours but we can go one step further. If you opened it you will notice it looks like this: > KEY,English,Spanish,French,German,Italian,Portuguese,Polish,Japanese,Chinese,Czech > Q_QUEST_SEARCH_X,You have found something to search! If you were to replace this with : > KEY,English,Spanish,French,German,Italian,Portuguese,Polish,Japanese,Chinese,Czech > Q_QUEST_SEARCH_X,You have found something to search!,¡Has encontrado algo para buscar!, Then it will pick the Spanish if you set that in your Valkyrie settings. You can also try importing the MoM text to see how that works. In the case above because (for example) German is missing it will fall back to English. > Anyway, I'm sure that if you could introduce the MoM multilanguage, when the official translation of D2E is finished, you woudl be able to make the same for D2E. Yes, this should Just Work as is if/when this happens. > As I said, I want to translate your work into spanish, but I want to know if the valkyrie campaigns, could support multi-language on the future because one month ago when we tried to create a new map, or campaign, I could see one input box to introduce the text of an event, monster activation, etc. But I couldn't see another "input box" to select or introduce the language of this text, or an "input box" to possible translations of one text into another languages. I think with this type of input boxes, is the best way to make one proyect in a lot of languages, because with one unique adventure,its possible to have it in infinite languages. There is one input box which will enter text in your current language. You can change the language and the text will show the default language text and if you edit it it will save as the current language setting. So if you set to Spanish and open an English quests all of your text edits will save for Spanish only. Typically though you wouldn't do this, you would just directly edit the Localization file for each quest. A month ago it followed the same format as above (one file for all languages). To make it easier to manage this is now split into Localization.English.txt, Localization.Spanish.txt, etc. So you can copy the english file and modify. You can look at the MoM scenarios for examples that are available in English, Spanish and German. The quest.ini defines the default language which will be used if the current language isn't available (defaultlanguage=English). > I want to know if this type of input boxes would be able to be available in the future, because whit it, we could be translate any adventure you make, Not planning to, either just set your language or edit the text files directly. > and if not, we'll always could translate overwriting English version and we'll make two/three/four/... versions of each adventure, one for each language. Now I have the first blood spanish version complete, but I think have each version to each language of each adventure is very cumbersome, and when there are many adventures, it'll be chaos. I agree that is the wrong solution. If you have a spanish Localization file just send it over and I'll include it. Note that you should work with the Shadow Rune guys if they make changes. > I wait your answer soon, and thank you very much for your incredible work =D No problem, hope that answers everything. PS: I am a lazy English speaker, so the Localization is thanks to the hard work of some MoM contributors (special mention to eorahil).
  14. But there aren't any more monsters and no H&M packs have been announced, so don't get your hopes up.
  15. You can add custom monsters to your own scenarios and you can create your own expansions that will add to the available monsters (or any other additional content). Note that this will only work if the scenario is written to allow random monsters within certain criteria. Note that it will also require writing evade, horror and monster attack text for any new monsters.