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  1. Data is here. Cross reference with Localization_en (attached above) for item names.
  2. Sorry to hear this. Do you have a copy of what doesn't work? Yes there have been a lot of format changes, but for the most part it should be all back compatible. If you send me any broken copies I can sort out the issue. This is a good reference on support levels: I had to drop support for data from earlier than 1.1, mostly because of the multi language system that was introduced, but you should be able to save in 1.3.0 then again in the current version. To the best of my knowledge the existing published quests are still working fine, via this upgrade system. The MoM focus is a circular issue. I have a lot of MoM developers/users, so that is where the bug/feature requests are coming from. This isn't a bad thing for D2E though, many of the improvements and fixes apply to both. Back when this started many things were best done manually in a text editor, now the graphical editor has come a *long* way. There is a side project for a quest generator for D2E that I'm trying to work on, but right now there is also an Android build and Imperial Assault support work happening. tl;dr: If anything doesn't work or you want a feature please submit an issue. Worst outcome is I don't get to it.
  3. Still going on data, but here is all the text for those who want to deconstruct it (MASSIVE spoilers):
  4. > Better yet, does anyone have any tools that might "unpack" the guts and code of the app in a way that shows how each mission works and make it easier to adapt? As part of supporting IA on Valkyrie I will be dumping out the game database. Just exporting the text files will show all of the text for each mission, which is usually enough.
  5. There are a number of threads regarding RtL and MoM on steam where people complain about the game making no sense, I assume because they just searched for random free games on steam. There is even a youtube video of someone playing MoM for ages without the game and not working out why things didn't make sense (language was an issue).
  6. Descent made it clear that this function was there to support certain items/abilities and did not mean you were allowed to respec at will.
  7. Better yet create a sub forum. D2E got one, and it helped a lot.
  8. 5USD is 7 AUD, 8 AUD is 15% more. 2K is a good example: All USD, most cost more in AU. It is usually worse during the launch window (Often 50 USD in US, 90 USD here).
  9. In Australia we call it the 'Australia Tax', but that is a joke name, it is the tax that companies apply because they can. Doing a 'grey import' and importing yourself is often cheaper despite having to pay much more for individual shipping (and there are issues with returns). It is particularly obvious when buying digital games or DLC, particularly as we are often changed in USD and there is (currently) no tax on these purchases yet we get charged more USD because.... reasons.
  10. A prerelease with MoM 1.4.1 support is available here: Note that this is a pre-release, it hasn't been fully tested, but should be better than running Valkyrie 1.5 with MoM 1.4.
  11. I have confirmed this is a bug with importing from 1.4. It only came out today, so give me a chance to update!
  12. I don't recommend you watch their D&D stuff then it might upset you. Interestingly I find your example a great illustration of why sticking to the rules limits play. If course a glaive and halberd are different, and the fighter could use the axe head to fell a tree (though they probably wouldn't want to) or get the head stuck in a fallen enemy. Character sheets being available would just make it more obvious where they are making things up.
  13. Don't know, they are usually put on Youtube after a few days if that helps. I have now watched it and they butchered the rules, but that doesn't matter too much for this type of show. It was good, but the flow wasn't great compared with their D&D shows, hopefully that picks up as they become more comfortable with the characters, setting and system.
  14. You can produce your own configurations for quests and campaigns, however they are not played in the official app, they are played in Valkyrie. There are a couple of quests available you can try it out. Most users are for mansions of madness currently.