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  1. > For a cheesy name: No Bodhi important. All suggestions are good! > 1. how came the PC do not have characteristics? it would be nice if they did. They can be extracted from the Skills list, but keeping the characters as per the rules would be good for new players. They got cut as I was trimming down/simplifying for new players. I don't think they add anything in this context. > 2. It would be nice if the escenario is more fleshed out. Some more prose in the description of the scenes would be appreciated. Yeah as I said it is mostly in my head. If I were to write it all out it would only be for here, I don't like reading in the game. > 3. Since in the movie the characters capture Bodhi and then head to their base, I would make the adventure about that, the trek home, instead of having to enter the city. A patrol to be avoided or neutralized, navigating the desert unseen, a local predator encountered, sleeping in a cave and somehting happens... Something like that. Combat in the city already features in Rogue One. This is a cool idea. No reason you couldn't have both, depending on time by just cutting down the city part a bit. For a one shot I try to go for high action, the desert navigation might be a little slow paced.
  2. Hi All! I've just written a one shot where the players are members of Saw Gerrera's Partisans and need to get the defecting Pilot (Bodhi) to Saw. The details are mostly in my head/made up on the spot, but I'm attaching the outline and character details for anyone who is interested in running something like this. I haven't been able to think of a great title for this though, suggestions appreciated! Edit: Should mention, I intend to run this at PAX Australia, so if you want to play it there 1: let me know, 2: don't read this.
  3. You could also consider doing it in Valkyrie:
  4. This is like winning the lottery for FFG. AI is a driving force behind the huge d&d popularity surge. I hope that they work together to make this a big thing.
  5. Penny Arcade are createing a new Acquisitions Inc in Edgeo of the Empire!
  6. Also earlier boxes included dice. Mists in particular because it doesn't even have the hybrids looks the worst when reading through what you get.
  7. Yes, D2E just got an update too, so hopefully I'll have 1.5 out within a week with the new content.
  8. -1 Because doing so will severely limit how the app works and balance will be a huge issue.
  9. I have only played Delve with 2 heroes and found it crazy OP. Because monsters are often all in range a good damage dealer with the extra attack and less monsters due to 2 heroes can clear the room in one activation, monsters never even activate.
  10. It is a bug. They will exclude abilities like that for other monsters where appropriate. Unfortunately as a general rule activations on monsters from H&M packs are not as good as those from expansions.
  11. Another potentially mature theme is discrimination. Although racism, sexism and sexual discrimination appears to be gone in Fallout, ghouls are the proxy for this. Even the preview states the the Brotherhood have a problem with ghouls. My children (quite young) struggle to understand when in a story one person doesn't like another person for no reason other than discrimination. We don't avoid this though, and do our best to explain the social problem. Unfortunately some people might also object to a game where it is OK to be of any race, gender or sexual orientation. Edit: Another thought: It is a world without any of today's religions. There are various beliefs and cults, some of which are derived from today's religion, but if you are not OK with a world in which your religion does not exist, that could be another problem. Edit 2: It is also very common in fallout for someone to be paid to kill someone else. Or to just kill out of greed.
  12. Considering those are not in descent, and descent is missing a healer... Could also be a healer/Mage hybrid. Brawler doesn't seem at all hybrid though.
  13. Warrior: Brawler and Healer: sage confirmed? Reasonable chance these were at least planned, even if they are never released.
  14. I'm not in a position to do this right now, has anyone tried importing in Valkyrie to see if the complete spoiler-filled content is there?
  15. No. As mentioned above iOS support will not happen. You shouldn't. It doesn't change the official app at all. As for the device in general, as per most things on the internet you just have to trust the source that it doesn't contain malware, so me saying 'it is fine' doesn't mean much anyway. Having said that - it is fine. We've been stung be this already (read earlier posts). In most cases it won't affect at all. If you have imported the content from the official app, and don't reimport it also won't be affected.