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  1. It should end at the end of the following turn after you mark investigator eliminated. Unfortunately this isn't consistent with the official app. It also requires the scenario to support this ending type.
  2. FYI: > . is there any randomization in starting items and items found during the game (will the tommy gun invariably be the first item I find each game)? Only repeat plays will tell. Yes, this is quite random (why you also get unthematic things). > . is the scenario balanced for different investigator counts? As much as I feel is reasonable. Certainly better than some official scenarios. > . will there be any variation in mythos events and horror checks, or will they always play out in the same order? I really hope there will be some variation.  Yes, but with limitations, particularly the custom events are a limited pool to pick from.
  3. > We know it is after 2X65 I do remember that I come to 55 as a starting point because of the time between '35 as the beanstalk completion and a few android development that are tied to this event indirectly in Worlds of Android. This is of course contradicted elsewhere that there is more time passed since the beanstalk was completed. No one fact can be relied on, make up your own mind.
  4. This is my point, any time you come up with can't be right, because there will be a fact against it. I would be more specific but I threw out my notes after I gave up. Also, you are assuming that the timeline is unchanged until the end of the 20th century, which is unclear (there are some fictional organisations that have their roots in the 20th century).
  5. See my comment here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/287985-the-timeline-is-a-complete-mess/ I went through everything in detail, and it is so full of contradictions it is just impossible (and this is just the hard dates, ignoring what would would be possible or plausible in certain time frames). Actual setting time could be anywhere from 2055 to 2255.
  6. > I'd suggest seeing if your favorite local game store can order it. "We currently don't carry Lost Legends however we've noted this inquiry to track the number of customers interested to purchase this product. Hopefully we'll decide to get one in the future, we will update the website accordingly if that happens. "
  7. I'm not, it isn't a good idea. Valkyrie was intentionally designed so that those making quests don't even need Unity, let alone additional expensive third party add ons. A graphical layout of connect events may be added to the existing editor, and other improvements are continually being made. PS: Just FYI I am not currently an active Valkyrie developer, but there is a great team working on it.
  8. > What this game really needs is a campaign that utilizes boards, characters, monsters, LTs, etc. from ALL expansions. Yes, that means it may only be viable for the subset of people that have purchased everything. The RtL campaigns do this, they have may variants that use tiles from all exansions if you have them.
  9. I wouldn't rule this out for D3E. Valkyrie has taken off pretty well for MoM2E, proving that their is demand. D3E will need something to differentiate it, and this is a nice draw card. As has been stated a few times, there is a big jump between doing a quest and doing a campaign. Even a single quest is significant work with the best of tools. Some more insight on the complications are available here:
  10. BruceLGL

    Beanstalk PDF?

    Yeah, this. It can be done with proof of purchase authentication, however this tends to be complicated and annoying and your digital distributers (ie: drivethrurpg) need to support it.
  11. BruceLGL

    Beanstalk PDF?

    Hopefully they are just waiting for the print edition to be available everywhere and this means AU will have stock soon.
  12. Unfortunately it isn't around in Australia yet. While I'm waiting I made up a page background others may want to use: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Po7nCuiHUFrObTuNxV9lTSE8dg2fI4JB
  13. I am planning an RPG using this setting and my first read left me quite confused as to the order of things. So I read again and made a not every time years were mentioned, either directly ('25 and '35 come up a few times) or indirectly ("over the next several years"). The idea was to create a map of roughly what happened when so I can understand the setting. I didn't make it half way through the book before giving up. Many of the details directly contradict others. And not just by a few years, but the century is out. If I take some measures the setting is around 2055, by others it is around 2255. There are also numerous logistical issues regarding the time frame. Most of the merged mega cities are referred to as such from the earlier time frame referenced, yet it would take significant time for this to occur. There are also issues with the rate of migration to space (even running at 100% capacity the elevator wouldn't be capable of getting people into mars as quickly as indicated, even ignoring travel from the Challenger Planetoid to Mars itself. Then there are clear contradictions like that the Challenger Planetoid was nudged towards earth 20 years before being captured, but this is long before the first proposal for the elevator. There is also almost nothing to tie the blackout to being before or after anything else that has happened. I find this frustrating as in most areas there is a lot of attention to detail and getting the setting to be plausible.
  14. I think Genesys is great, but I would never use it for Cyberpunk or World of Darkness. Genesys is just too cinematic in it's design. The Cyberpunk rules are the polar opposite - Friday Night Fire Fight is based on technical data from real life fire fights. Most times I would rather play a Genesys game, but I don't think Cyberpunk (as apposed to a cyberpunk themed setting) would work under Genesys. WoD isn't as bad, but I personally think I would struggle to convey the dark themes and horror of WoD using Genesys, which is way less serious. Specifically your comment "The combat is easier", in both of these settings combat isn't meant to be easy, it is meant to be scary - You are not a super hero.
  15. There is a feature request in here: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/issues/102 But I am not currently working on it. Contributions are welcome.
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