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  1. and Yeah, I remembered that ruling on not being able to re-issue orders, which is why I needed three different hypothetical emplacement troopers. As for their alignment, I think it is a bit far-fetched of me to presume that I would be able to perfectly arrange my army to use this synergy on anything but the first couple of rounds, but this was more about rules questioning rather than strategy. though... could be an interesting way to advance corps units with a little more safety (2 dodge tokens pre-activation) on that first or second round, especially since the new emplacement troopers will be a lot cheaper. That is assuming that they would even get the dodge token given through Luke's command card. I vaguely remember hearing that units don't get the benefit of a card if they issue an order to themselves. Would that apply to this situation? Unless they errata'd "My Ally is the Force" the requirement just says "when a friendly trooper unit is issued an order", which seems to align with the text on comms relay.
  2. (As always, I apologize if this has been asked, but I looked and could not find the answer.) Can you increase the number of orders issued to corps units by daisy-chaining "Coordinate: Emplacement Trooper" with "Comms Relay?" Let's say, hypothetically, I build a list with Luke, five Rebel Veterans, and three Laser Cannon Teams with Comms Relay. Would I be able to play "My Ally is the Force" and issue an order to all five Rebel Veterans, thus giving all five of them an order token and two dodge tokens? The way it looks to me is that you can loop issuing an order to a Rebel Veteran, thus issuing a free order token to an emplacement trooper, and then using comms relay to issue that order to another Rebel Veteran (starting the process over).
  3. So, you saying that part of the value is wasted since armies are composed almost entirely of troopers anyway? Would comms relay's value increase if the landspeeder and new vehicle upgrades increased the number of non-troopers played? That's a really good point, thanks.
  4. Ah, thanks. I guess when it comes down to it, two points can be much more essential elsewhere in the list. I'm not sure I understand the wrong uniform point, though. This is probably what I need help understanding. Why is comms relay not a good card? I'm new to legion and haven't played many games, but it would seem to me that having just two comms relays positioned correctly is nearly as good as having both commanding presence and battle meditation. So, in my head, it seems like a steal for four points instead of twenty (again, assuming I intended to take basic personnel on the Rebel Veterans anyway).
  5. @BenBot I am aware that I have to take a comms upgrade, but as I was saying in my topic post, adding a comms tech and a comms relay is only two points more than the basic mini for the new Rebel Veterans. My question and the topic is why would I take the basic miniature for only two points less when I could have that same extra miniature and a relay?
  6. (I searched and could not find this topic, but I apologize if this has been addressed already.) When the specialist unit boxes came out, I was a little confused why the comms technicians cost fewer points than either of the basic personnel upgrades (on both sides), but I figured maybe the devs decided that the basic personnel are undercosted since people rarely run corps units with basic personnel. However, now that I have seen the news update for the new Rebel Veterans corps unit, I noticed that the extra rebel veteran cost 3 more points than the comms tech. It seems that the extra two points to add comms relay is insignificant if I am using twelve points for a regular extra mini anyway. Am I wrong? Why would I run a basic personnel unit?
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