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  1. Found two pieces of Errata so far In this game. One is on Preston Garvey, (unless it's weirdly intentional) - it says he remains if the vault 109 and vault (sixty something - if have to go check to see what number but I know it was in the 60s) decks are not in play. The only two vaults in the game and only decks for them are vault 109 and vault 84. The second is one of the quests for the Commonwealth scenario. Can't recall which again without going and finding it but it has flavour text that is obviously from the aliens questline and not the synth one which it is meant to be. The only other thing I've found is with the Far Harbour questlinr. As far as I can tell the game gives no rule as to what to do when all the faction tokens of a type are on the board and more are meant to be placed and some quests rely on one being placed. On the same line on this scenario, if the quest is completed by the end of turn mechanic placing a fog toke who gets the xp? Since from what I could see there is no way for a player to place more fog.
  2. Yeah I think while not eliminatinng obligation completely maybe not have them be recruited until they can each get to 5. That way it may come up again in future but less likely to.
  3. Looking at starting a campaign and as GM I was thinking of combining both. The way I was planning was starting as EotE and after a few musings perhaps them finding out whoever they are working for supplies the Alliance. Then maybe in one of their missions or before finding out they gain the animosity of the empire giving them the inclination to sympathise with the Rebellion. Perhaps after this they would be approached by a recruiter and told of they can prove themselves resourceful and able to discharge any responsibility which may harm the Alliance (mechanically getting their combined Obligation below a threshold (perhaps 20 or so)). Once under this level I thought perhaps the Alliance would be comfortable discharging any leftover obligation, be it money, caring for family etc. And offer the team a position working for the Alliance. Again cementing their bond with the rebellion. From this point I figured I would then introduce Duty drawing from their past actions and obligations to fit narratively with their characters. This would springboard an evolution of the campaign into a group overcoming low starts to work towards bring respected among the Alliance. I would open all careers and races from both books (perhaps some restriction to commander ot something until they gain their duty. But restrict force sensitives. Mechanically how I thought to do this was a secret roll (maybe 10% chance) for each PC to be potentially force sensitive and to trigger it during the campaign at some point. After which they discover they are force sensitive the ability to take the specialization. Any thoughts or limitations with my plan or so you think this is potentially a good evolution for a campaign.
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