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  1. Shironeko

    What should the next campaign use?

    I like Rebels, so Lothal for me, please.. 😉
  2. Shironeko


    Judging from the photos, I'm really not crazy about them..
  3. Shironeko

    Location circles in Dunwich Legacy

    This is shaping up to be a really big problem, affecting lots of people...
  4. I got a copy with the base game as a gift from my local online seller.. 😀
  5. Shironeko

    Expansion Thoughts ?

    Yes but the board is too dark and ugly and looks like a space ship.. 😉
  6. I'd rather get the new expansion of MoM...
  7. Agreed. I've played Destiny a few times. It's simplistic and quite boring. I prefer the LCG. I also love Arhkam Horror and LOTR LCG, A Star Wars game based on the same model would be a sure buy.
  8. I'm not an expert on this game or anything but looking at the Nightsister Matron... shouldn't Nightsister card have the "Night" keyword added? Like errata? I think it would make sense thematically....
  9. At least she still has the cutest (orange) hair..
  10. Shironeko

    What will the new expansion bring?

    Great news! Really excited for this one!
  11. Shironeko

    How many play throughs do people have?

    Core 3 times, Dunwich 3 times (first victory last time, yay!)
  12. Just a speculation (and what else is there to do for now?) but I would like to hear opinions on how different the game will be from the CCG. I really would like to use some of my old cards that I love. I've never played Netrunner CCG but I guess the old cards are utterly useless with the new version. Will this be the same with L5R? Anyway, I don't think that L5R LCG will beat L5R CCG in design and artwork.
  13. Shironeko

    L5R : FFG #1 LCG ?

    I think that the gap between reboots is not important because Netrunner is a fantastic game and can stand by itself, currently by far the best LCG IMHO. How good L5R will be after the reboot, that remains to be seen..