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  1. Exactly my thoughts. I will have a very hard time deciding if I continue buying AH LCG and ohter FFG products in future...
  2. So it seems it's going t be delays by at least 1 month...
  3. I was hoping for a new expansion announcement, not this nonsense cheating mode..
  4. Oh my... and it could have been avoided by writing better rules. In fact, I've never had so many problems and I played the majority of scenarios released. I think they are trying to release them too quickly now with all those standalones and Return to... packs and they don't do enough testing. Like with the setup of the Witching Hour..
  5. Is FFG answering questions? I sent a few questions about this scenario about two weeks ago, because I believe the rules are not explained well in this case. But no answer.
  6. Now it's officially no more stuff coming.
  7. So what about app content? Is new campaign probable?
  8. It seems there haven't been any news on Gencon live.. No Gandalf coming..
  9. I'm happy but still no Zoey Samaras mini.. ;-(
  10. For a 2-player campaign, would you play with 2 characters or 4 characters (2 characters each)?
  11. At its current state, the LCG is far superior and I wouldn't be surprised if its sales were so above the board game that they simply allocate resources into the LCG instead of the board game.
  12. I'd like to play it more often but the LCG is just THAT much better..
  13. Mixed reviews? I was under the impression that most of the reviews were very positive.
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