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  1. I'm looking for the most competitive Dengar/Asajj list post nerf thanks. All I know is that Lattz and Jumpmaster Title are givens obviously. Or if you think there is a better scum pair than these two could you tell me? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your help guys. Is gunner better than predator?
  3. Hi I´ve been playing Whisper/RAC with this list for about 15-20 games now and I feel that against 2 ships its effective and I can win around 50% of the time (been playing 2-3 months). However against 5 ships I am a dead man as RAC dies too quickly without Engine Upgrade. I think I could improve my use of the list and be more aggressive with Whisper at the start and improve maybe 15% but I dont see how I can dodge enough arcs with RAC to regularly compete with swarms. I saw this list win a tournament on youtube so i copied it but I dont actually know if anyone can regularly beat swarms in tournament time? THE LIST (FCS-ACD-VI) (EXPOSE-EXP-CAPTIVE-YSANNE) My question is do you guys think I have to get rid of EXPOSE-EXPERI and put ENGINE UPGRADE and gunner/pred or whatever to make the list more manuvarable and less about trying to throw 8/9/10 dice all the time in order to dodge arcs and avoid taking 10 hits on RAC in a bad round? Thanks
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