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  1. Our campaigns run with the mindset of "Roleplaying games can inherently not be canon". That being said, it can be quite fun to brush with the movies. Our current game is set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Due to the actions of one of our players a high ranking Rebel Agent got captured and spilled the location of Echo Base WAY before the Empire deployed the Probe Droids in the movies. As a result Vader got his surprise attack on Hoth and most of the Rebel Alliance was wiped out. Our party, being Bounty Hunters, got invited onto the Executor to scout out Hoth before the attack and subsequently capture any high ranking targets in the aftermath of the battle (instead of just tracking down the Falcon). One of which turned out to be Leia. We bag her and hand her over to Vader. And while the party has now a good standing with the Empire (for the time being), the galaxy at large got that much more oppressive. Before and since then we did a bunch of stuff not related to "canon" at all. One example is the party planning to overthrow an imperial occupation on Naboo. The Moff in control made an Inquisitor his lap dog and plans to get himself higher up the ladder by undermining other Imperial Officials. My character also died in an unfortunate air lock situation in what was supposed to be an easy bounty. My GM and I switched seats since then, as we occasionally do, and I intend on carrying on mixing and mashing whatever we think is going to be fun for our game. And while it was unanimously agreed upon by us that crossing and eventually fighting Vader would most likely not end well, it IS kinda nice to have a baseline for his statblock in case we ever decide to go into that direction. We did make a statblock ourselves beforehand just in case though, so while they may not be necessary, I think they're very interesting and nice to have.
  2. International distribution is weird like that. I could get it on Amazon and have it here by Saturday, but it's through a third party and at a significant markup. AND I'd need to refund my pre-order. Too much hassle.
  3. May I ask which store? I ordered mine like half a year ago on FantasyWelt, still no updates.
  4. Solari Crystals do the same. I think they are in Disciples of Harmony. Not if the blade has the overall same properties of a regular lightsaber I reckon. The "edge" would basically be an exclusively aesthetic feature. In Rebels, while Kanan and Ezra train Sabine to use the Darksaber, they discuss that the Darksaber is actually even more dangerous than a normal blade. The unparalleled cutting prowess of a lightsaber might be overall the same in the Darksaber, but maybe is even more focused along the edge.
  5. I don't know of any concrete examples as far as blade shapes go, but the Darksaber itself is ancient. As stated by the show, constructed by the first Mandalorian Jedi. As far as acient lightsabers go we also see an acient cross guard lightsaber in Rebels (at the end of season two at the Sith temple) akin to Kylo Rens Lightsaber (which is even mechanically covered by lightsaber crafting in Endless Vigil). As with most things in this game a narrative approach seems to be a good way to go. And don't be afraid to just make something up together with your GM. In my opinion rule of cool > over muh canon. That being said I like my game to be informed by canon as well. So let's get into it. How familiar is your character with Jedi traditions? If not at all, it may not be unreasonable to accidentaly build an unorthodox blade. Maybe they could see a benefit in having a blade that is different for the purpose of being different, be it for concealment or to throw of enemies in combat. Maybe you encounter an ancient holocron of no particular affiliation that contains "blueprints" for what could ostensibly be the first generation of lightsabers. Archaic designs also don't necessarily constitute weak and brittle. Especially expanded universe Star Wars is a lot about forgotten tech and mighty artifacts. We see this in the Darksaber explicitly as it holds its own against regular lightsabers no problem. Another way could be an unusual blade born of necessity. Maybe the right parts aren't available und you make due with some junk that ends up working anyway, creating an unique shape. Also, not necessarily a different blade shape, but my favorite crystal is the Ghostfire Crystal (can't remember which book it's from), as it leaves behind a confusing afterimage of the blade everytime it is swung. Longer and/or shorter blades aren't that unusual either. I also quite like the idea of a "Zweihänder" Lightsaber that just has an overall thicker blade. And I wouldn't worry about making your character "too unique", that's kinda what roleplaying is all about. The players are the main characters after all. Rule Of Cool.
  6. Man, Dark Disciple was such a good read. Too bad the Clone Wars episodes the book was based on never saw the light of day.
  7. Oh man, some of these Talents are crazy cool. Can't wait for the book to reach europe. Thanks for the hard and swift work @RLogue177!
  8. It's not like there is nothing on the New Republic as of right now. The Aftermath Trilogy, even though mediocre at best, covers the infant days the New Republic and I desperately need a visualization of a Starhawk (and stats too I guess ) There's also Bloodlines (which I haven't read yet admittedly) which falls into that time period. While The Clone Wars was canceled it is still canon. So an eventual source book here seems pretty obvious. Also as others have pointed out: There is plenty "new canon" prequel content out there. I occasionally play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and they are allowed to put select Old Republic Content into their game. As of right now that includes: HK-47, Darth Nihilus, Sith Troopers and Sith Assassins. They've also recently announced a Sith-centric raid which will feature Nihilus, Sion and Darth Treya. So while still unlikely, I wouldn't say it is absolutely impossible to get a Old Republic book. Disney may be carefully cherry picking what to revive from the Old Republic, but the are cherry picking. And yeah, we will probably have something on New Order / Resistance era once the trilogy concludes. They did the TFA beginner game after all, no reason not to expand on that. Also!: In ten years or so we might get a sourcebook on Rian Johnsons new trilogy!
  9. Another Question that I don't think was explicitly answered: Does buying the Padawan Survivor Tree provide +1 Force Rating even if you're arleady force sensitive or is the the same as Force Exile/Emergent?
  10. I'd be surpirsed if it's not just a "War Veteran" kind of specc. And if not, there's seems little reason to not appropriate it as such. I don't think these have been mentioned yet: Are there new troopers statted out? Most notably, Death-, Shore-, and Tank-Troopers? Thanks.
  11. He was a chain deathstick smoker. Those fumes stain like bantha piss. That's also where his debt with Jabba came from.
  12. Feels very Edge of the Empire-ish. But I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sold on Alden Ehrenreichs Han Solo. Donald Glover looks great though. I remain cautiously optimistc.
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