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  1. Hey, at least you weren't in the pizza place, if we're talking about the same Store Championship.
  2. For completeness, Large Ships require two ions.
  3. Modifying All of Your <eye> Results when you have non <eye> results is still modifying, and Dark Curse and Omega Leader shut it down. Can't proc R4.
  4. Sensor Jammer or Palp or M9-Shamalan can not modify the Rockets. If they could, then it would read "You cannot modify..." (like Snap Shot) instead of "Cannot be modified..." like it reads.
  5. Changing a <eye> to a <kaboom> is modifying dice. And dice "can be modified only by spending a focus token for its standard effect." I don't understand any other interpretation.
  6. Achowat

    Force Friday

    I have a firm reason to believe that it is not an X-Wing product and is, instead, for Destiny.
  7. "What happened, Ensign?" -Well, Sir, there was this Bounty Hunter... "Yes, boy, out with it!" -Sir, I regret to inform you that you are no longer captain of the Avenger. "Am I being demoted??" -No, Sir, you're still Captain. It's just...not the Avenger any longer
  8. Palp, RAW, says "[After you do this thing] you must change 1 of your dice results to the named result. That die result cannot be modified again." Are you legally allowed to do that thing? (Namely, are you doing that thing before rolling dice?) Then you are required to change "one of your dice results." There is nothing in the rules to suggest that the dice result changed can't be any of your currently active dice results.
  9. He can. "When defending, if you are not stressed during the "Compare Results" step, you may suffer 1 damage to cancel all dice results. if you do, receive 1 stress token." So when Countdown is shot at, he may choose to take a damage and a stress and then the Tractor won't hit. He can, but he'll still suffer take the damage and still get the stress.
  10. No. The card does exactly what is says and nothing else. Deadeye reads "You may treat the "ATTACK (TARGET LOCK):" header as '"ATTACK (FOCUS):". When an attack instructs you to spend a target lock, you may spend a focus token instead." Norra's ability is "When attacking or defending, you may spend a target lock you have on the enemy ship to add 1 Focus result to your roll." Nothing in Norra's ability mentions the Attack (Target Lock): header and while there is the "spend a target lock" instruction, it is not an 'attack' that so instructs you. There is no interaction.
  11. Can't wait for an FAQ. I'd love to be wrong, but absent a specified timing window, I don't see how you can tell Kestal that they can't cancel the dice during the Palp timing window.
  12. Perks of working at a FLGS...this is work for me right now.
  13. 3 Dice Primary doesn't matter if you're cancelling down to 2 hits.
  14. Not that it's a great loss or anything. I mean, in that build (even if it were legal, which it isn't) you're paying two points to...deny defenders their R3 bonus? Doesn't seem all that valuable to me.
  15. I'm not saying it's immune to criticism. I'm saying that the solutions to any problem the game may have isn't to emulate its less successful competitors.
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