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  1. That's not what AGoT is doing. The new chapters are all new cards for the 2.0 version. They are not rereleasing errata'd cards or revisiting existing cycles for the 2.0 version. The "update" means they are transitioning cards from the 1.0 version to 2.0. They are just reusing old stuff so the game has something to look forward to, while devs do something else (unclear if that something else is what LotR is going to do too, or it's another game). LotR can't implement something like that, so that's why we are having a break.
  2. Having a needlessly different card helps expand deckbuilding and differentiate decks of the same aspect. I don't understand how you came to the opposite conclusion. As I see it, number one is the better option. Sure Cap might want an Avengers Mansion in his deck, but that doesn't mean he has to have it. Will the deck be less effective without it, probably, but it will still be playable and enjoyable out of the box. I don't get why people assume otherwise. If a deck falls apart without that card it's either because the card is overpowered (I don't want another Steward of Gondor situation) or the deck is not well thought. I think the biggest problem are resource cards. They cornered themselves with those and now they have no option but to never create different ones to prevent an economy spike. Reprinting them in new decks is the easiest option. That could have been prevented by making them limited through deckbuilding rules ("only three neutral resources allowed per deck") instead of through the cards effect. We could be looking forward to mix resource cards or resource cards with some extra effects similar to arkham skill cards (get something extra if you paid for X type of card). However, we are going to be stuck with Strenghts and Geneouses for a very long time. Lazy and disappointing. And their excuse is that the decks are more viable this way...
  3. Half deck is as good or better is all you are planning to buy is a single core and play multiplayer with friends. And I'm not arguing that hero decks are not a good products. I argue that reprints are not needed in them. They already upped the price of the core set so they could include a full playset of every card in it. Then, they decided that the higher price was just not enough so they are also reselling us some of those cards to make even more proffit out of us. I find that pretty annoying since I was planning on playing this solo. I didn't felt the need to buy second cores of LotR or Arkham for solo play. MC is far more expensive to me. Not only because the core is priced higher, but because I will get useless cards every now and then with new product. I don't buy the excuse that people is making for them. Those cards won't make decks more effective or playable out of the box. Most of the decks I played doesn't run resource cards because I prefer to play mostly low cost cards (and I don't see myself changing that anytime soon), and once the cardpool grows bigger, they will become even more useless. Those are not "staple" cards let alone mandatory. To me, they are just lazy, and want to exploit us more by reselling us the same stuff.
  4. You seem to assume FFG is adding reprints to make decks more optimized. I don't. Half the decks they suggest in other LCG are pretty bland, far from being optimized. They might be enjoyable, but they would still be enjoyable without reprints.
  5. Yet I can play aGoT and LotR with four players right of the box without problems, since there are special rules that allow that. Arkham is the only multiplayer LCG that required a second core to play 4 players (or the Dunwich box). MC could have perfectly gone the LotR route and allow for smaller decks as an intro experience, while giving the missing cards for fullsets as the «reprints» in new packs. No need for second core, reprints are useful for everybody and you can play 4 players with one core. However, they decided that they wanted us to pay more for the same product like we always did. They just reshuffled the stuff to make it more marketable.
  6. It has already been said, but reprinting cards does nothing to make decks "viable". That's their excuse to sell us the same product again. I don't get why people were so vocal against FFG to "force" players to get multiple cores if they wanted full playsets of every card (and by doing so, getting a bunch of extras) but are ok with getting reprints. They are selling us that controversial 2nd core set extras piece by piece now, and we don't have a choice, as they are mixing new product with old one. I could skip the infamous 2nd core before without missing any content, but now I'll be forced to get a 6th crappy Strenght card if I want to get the new hero deck. This is defenetely 100 times more annoying. Now I can't be "happy" about the full-playsets-in-one-core deal, as they are trying to trick me with selling me the same stuff again. Resource cards are not that great, let alone mandatory. Don't overhype them for no reason.
  7. Am I the only one who thought that the «new iteration» was refering to the release format? No more cycles + DE but a different product, instead of a new game experience (be it 2.0 or 1.b). I thought he was hinting at some new way to distribute the game, like Arkham (return to), L5R (clan packs) and Marvel (campaign, hero and villan decks) are already doing? It seems like FFG is trying to move away from the cycle releases, and what Andrew said fits right into it. AGoT is finishing the house DEs soon too. We might also get news of a different product type moving forward. Anything that would attract new players seems good to me. A new point of entry into the game.
  8. But you are already getting new toys. There will be neutral cards on every deck that can fit any existing deck. Those cards are also more versatil, which might make them more interesting than just a few aspect new cards. Imagine if the "staple" cards people keep mentioning, like Nick Fury, the double resources or Avengers Mansion, were released on Ms Marvel Protection deck. Even if you don't run that aspect, you might be interested on owning those new neutral cards for your favourite decks.
  9. And what does that have to do with reprints? There's no must use cards in this game similar to locations in the new VS System 2PCG or mana in Magic. Every card is a resource card, so decks can be playable having a complete different card list. There's no need for reprints outside the devs being lazy. Do you have a source for that? Like I said, if true, they are just making us buy a second core piece by piece. Pretty disappointing.
  10. Power of aspect cards are pretty bad, and far from staples. I hope they are not reprinted at all. Has FFG reprinted a card in their none competitive LCG before? I don't think so, so why would they reprint any on MC? It would feel like we are paying for that extra second core other lcg require piece by piece. Bad idea. I'm not sure why would anyone need another playset of cards in the core set. We survived every other LCG with just one playset of each card, I don't think MC will be different. If for some reason, a playgroup wants extra copies of certain cards, they might be better of buying a second core. I rather see more new neutral cards as those help every deck.
  11. But at the same time it will give you more unique cards to combo with the aspects and neutrals. Cards that no other hero will have.
  12. Sure, and when the time comes, he will be dropped, but right now, there are few cards I would consider better than him.
  13. Use him as a resource? Having the option to play Nick doesn't mean you have to play him every time you see him. If there are better cards in your hand, you play those. If not, you play Nick and enjoy his versatility.
  14. Marvel issued a merchandise ban for those properties because of the film dispute. An artist that did some work for the game said that F4 and X-Men were off limits. I don't know how true his claim is, but knowing how Marvel ban affected things like toys and videogames, I find it likely. The ban might be lifted now that they have the movie rights. Im sure X-Men and F4 will show up in MC, but I don't expect them soon.
  15. Those are quite far away. Remember that FFG has content planned for years in advance, while Disney buying Fox is a relatively recent event. I wouldn't expect X-Men or F4 for a couple of years.
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