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  1. There is one from the Hyperspace trial in Cheyenne WY from May, I think. it's an older version of the swarm.
  2. Possible. But don't call me Shirley.
  3. PanchoX1


    lol. for sure! nah this was a few years back. Wasn't the Raider basically invented by FFG? I remember reading that the model was to scale. but that was long before things like Battlefront II. So it's perfectly reasonable to think that more recent Canon entries have changed the size of the ship to something different. Whether that's the case or not, the canon images clearly show what we put on the table is scaled differently than what a true to life one could be. thanks for the references.
  4. PanchoX1


    is this documented somewhere? I'm pretty sure it was stated somewhere way back when, that the Raider and the C-Roc were 1/270 and the Corvette and the transport were under sized.
  5. Cool stuff. But I wonder why they dropped this article before any wave 5 previews.
  6. I hope that he's a modern day warrior with a mean mean stride.
  7. anyone know if they gave a release date for wave 5?
  8. in the after the stream stream, they stated that the Tie Defender, Tie Interceptor and the RZ-1 A-Wing were also part of wave 6.
  9. So wave 6 is 3 ships? One of which is a rerelease?
  10. As long as it has a double sided (separate would be ok too) Anakin/Pre armor Darth Vader pilot card (treat as unique Anakin Skywalker for list building restrictions)
  11. That tune is called Yakity Sax by Boot Randolph. Just thought you may want to know. :-)
  12. PanchoX1

    Wave 4 messy?

    yeah we have 6 regulars in our small local group. No idea how many other x-wing players that come into the store for product. We had our n-1 preorders and shelf stock. sold out. store restocked them. sold out. no idea when they will get more. I know at least one more regular player wants another or two. I'll prob grab one more when they restock.
  13. ah! bummed that Jerjerrod is not Hyperspace legal.
  14. I've only had a chance to add my 5th tie SF to the table. played 5 with fcs and ion missiles vs Padme, baby Ani and obi-wan. Nobody died. got 3 SF's halved and halved Obi and Ani. won 62-60. fun. Gonna put some new Silencers on the table next.
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