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  1. pretty sure some of the cannons on my corellian corvette rotate.
  2. PanchoX1

    Most Wanted?

    I'm pretty sure it's not nearly that big. watch the Dark forces II cut scenes. it's about x-wing size.
  3. PanchoX1

    So we need errata already

    I just want to know what he said as I didn't hear it. Closed Caption Rex for the hearing impaired.
  4. PanchoX1

    Who's excited to get your new ships?

    nice list!
  5. PanchoX1

    Who's excited to get your new ships?

    I got it. so was my reply. too subtle I guess.
  6. PanchoX1

    Who's excited to get your new ships?

    Aren't they black and white?
  7. Are you still doing a card? A 2ndE card? yeah, that'd be kinda cool for you. :-D
  8. PanchoX1

    Who's excited to get your new ships?

    I have no idea. A reaper and something. maybe Starwings, maybe defenders. Strikers would be fun and thematic. I'm just happy I can go shopping tomorrow. :-)
  9. PanchoX1

    So we need errata already

    I'm not seeing that. if Vader is not activated why wouldn't he be able to be coordinated to?. if you can't perform additional actions while activated, or you have to skip your perform action step (which occurs while activated), they seem pretty similar to me with the exception of the first one keeping you from linked actions or force triggered actions. But I'm not seeing why you couldn't be coordinated too. What am I missing?
  10. I agree. I also hope these cards make the jump. if not in name (since boba is already different), in spirit. The legacy of the champions who designed or influenced these should live on.
  11. PanchoX1

    Dear devs: are we required to buy new ships?

    uh... yes they are. Thane may be in the core. I can't remember but he's either in the conversion kit or in the core.
  12. PanchoX1

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    I'd guess a separate scum, repainted y-wing expansion. same with the z-95.
  13. hmmm.... I really like this!
  14. On Whisper. Optimized Prototype on the Tie Phantom
  15. PanchoX1

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    the content list does not include the separate bag of new wave one 2ndE content which is also in the kit. He could be in there. But he may not be coming until a later wave.