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  1. Still not shipped? Why the hold up? Just curious as I have no first or second round code.
  2. ah, just saw this. ok, I can stop now.....
  3. got in, out of stock. I'll keep trying till someone says they got one.
  4. I haven't even been able to get through.
  5. great. the server is overloaded.
  6. does FFG offer free shipping?
  7. So like El Salvador? Guatemala? Panama? Panama is a great Van Halen song by the way...... Yes, I know you meant the Central time zone.
  8. I just got an update for my android official app.
  9. PanchoX1

    UK System open

    what's the list?
  10. our local group is extended all day everyday. I play a lot of hyperspace only lists. it's the best of both worlds. And nobody is limited to what they can play. I get that this may not work for every body.
  11. good to know. wonder if they'll be closer to the west coast. Trying to decide to wait or try and make Columbus on my family vacation.....
  12. I could see that happening at one of the resort Hotel locations with access to the park or something. but not in the land itself. too many difficult logistics IMHO
  13. Are we expecting more System Opens to be announced in the US or are the 4 listed on the System Open page all that we are gonna get?
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