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  1. Lol, no thank goodness. but I did find out prepping for my first regional.
  2. reminds me of the time that I thought Capt Jonus gave me two additional attack dice instead of letting me reroll two. that was a disappointing realization.....
  3. PanchoX1

    Clone Wars Bounty Hunters

    Clone war era bounty hunters? Hmmmm...... These new factions bringing stuff from that era just got a teeny tiny more interesting to me.........
  4. PanchoX1

    Flaw in 2.0 concept

    Yes, this would be a misstep. but it appears by the demo app, this is not the case.
  5. PanchoX1

    Flaw in 2.0 concept

    I have to agree with this perspective. As far as list building goes anyway. But I also have to say, as far as a PDF goes, I don't want all the card text on there, it would make it super cumbersome to use. I see the benefit but view the PDF as a backup resource to the app. I suppose if someone really wanted it, you could always create your own with all of the information you felt needed to be on there. I think that costs and slots are plenty for what the PDF is meant to be. A reference of slots and points.
  6. PanchoX1


    Spoke to my local store owner about the promo surcharge and he said that he was given a discounted package option which included set amounts of core sets, each conversion kit, dial covers and dice packs. the promo decks were included in the same quantity as the core sets. so I have no idea if the promos were wrapped up in the price he got or if they were added in. guess he'll see when he gets his invoice.
  7. PanchoX1


    The images of the ones given out at gen con have "not for resale" stamped on them. Yeah, I need to have the owner call and ask. And if he's getting charged, I'll also more than happily shell out $2 to cover mine and will encourage others to do the same.
  8. PanchoX1


    So, this is being done and NOT being disclosed? Man, that is truly messed up.
  9. PanchoX1


    this extra cost thing is interesting. My FLGS owner is pretty open with me about his ordering. Hasn't mentioned any additional cost but did say he would have the decks. Interesting......
  10. PanchoX1


    This appears to be the case at my FLGS as well.
  11. PanchoX1

    2.0 Squad Builder

    Nice to know. I was enjoying Launch bay on IOS but I don't think it ever got updated for wave 14. I hadn't the last time I used it so I went back to Aurora. I'll go look for the new one now......
  12. PanchoX1

    I wonder how long FFG will make conversion kits

    ok, where do you live?!
  13. PanchoX1

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    yeah, I have no experience working with 3d print files and I don't have a printer. Someday someone will make a sweet one . Anyway, cool models!
  14. PanchoX1

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    I want a 100% one modified into a dice tower. could you do that? maybe 75%