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  1. PanchoX1

    ID chits not staying in - solution?

    huh. interesting. I've never tried using GGlue do to the expanding aspect. had no idea you needed to mix with water. anyway, on topic. my ID markers seem to fit in everything just fine except for medium basis, they wont stay in those. Very floppy
  2. PanchoX1

    Lt.Sai question

    I simply see it as the coordinated action is what is tied to Sai's ability, the linked action is not part of the initial equation. If the coordinated action and the linked action off of that could enter the queue in what ever order the player chose, I would agree with you. but the linked always comes after the initial action. so you could say that Sai's bonus action(my term as I don't know what else to call it) happens at the same time as the linked action but it's not the linked action that triggers sai's bonus action, it's the one that you coordinated. That's my way of looking at how it works. Hope that makes some sense. it was hard to explain it in a post.
  3. PanchoX1

    Dash on Debris

    No, the window for those effects has past. They don't re trigger.
  4. PanchoX1

    Kyle and Jyn

    Assign is used to differentiate gaining a token in a way outside of performing an action. You can only perform an evade action once a round but you could be assigned more through other means (like Jyn!). but you gain tokens by being assigned them or by performing actions for them.
  5. PanchoX1

    Kyle and Jyn

    how about this for a stretch. They are using the word "gain" it it's normal capacity. Something didn't have something before, now it does because it gained it. But no, that's just way to simple for a plastic spaceship game rulebook........ sure wish the calories in my pizza last night not transferred cause then I wouldn't gain anything!
  6. PanchoX1

    Kyle and Jyn

    if it's in range 3 of the ship Carrying Jyn, yes it works.
  7. PanchoX1

    Drinking Coffee - Happy Friday

    I like it better, I think. But I really suck at it. I think I've only won a single game out of about 8
  8. I believe Deluxe wave kits are supposed to be shipped by the end of the month. no idea about the third quarter kits.
  9. PanchoX1

    Range 0 at deployment?

    They would be at range 0. No idea if that is a legal set up. I can't think of a reason it wouldn't be ok to do.
  10. PanchoX1

    Does collection do anything?

    I don't even see a collection option in Launch Bay Next. is there one?
  11. PanchoX1

    Does collection do anything?

    yeah, really unhappy that "Collection" does nothing. In the UK squadbuilder, it would let you do whatever but tell you that you didn't have enough of card x in your collection to build that. First few squads I made, I couldn't build because I didn't have enough cards or dials to do what I had put together. Pretty disappointing.
  12. .... I clearly cannot choose the wine in front of you......
  13. PanchoX1

    Range 0 of yourself? Jonus Q

    Perfect. thanks guys!
  14. PanchoX1

    Range 0 of yourself? Jonus Q

    not that I doubt you but where is this stated? I was wondering this myself the other day and was looking for it in the rules reference and didn't come across anything. I assumed it was the case. but would prefer a reference for my own piece of mind.
  15. PanchoX1

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I'll be at the Walker Classic. I can be Brunas stand in.