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  1. Hi, sorry if this has already been asked but had a quick search and can't find it. When you discard the pursuant title, do you get to resolve a squad command AND whatever command dial you flipped over? Or does discarding the title card effectively change the dial to a squadron. Thanks in advance!
  2. No news yet. We should get a game day sorted at bitc soon though
  3. EXACTLY! If you have an admonition hidden up your sleeve ready to pounce out facing whatever direction at any point... You're going be facing one twitchy opponent.
  4. Then we know each other as I set that Cc up ? Tom here!
  5. Hampshire based armada player here! Southampton, yourself?
  6. Man that would be awesome. The shield an redirect would turn the Neb into a point efficient power house though! They would have to be priced correctly (expensively) but i really like the idea of specific ship only modifications!
  7. HERO wrote a blog post on this a while back I think. Yup, heres a link http://lkhero.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/armada-some-tips-for-demoing-game.html
  8. Find points for gunnery team on you ISD? Everytime I've run an ISD without, I've instantly regretted it
  9. 200 point skirmish Author: Wilf-Solo Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 200/200 Commander: General Dodonna Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Fleet Ambush Navigation Objective: Superior Positions [ flagship ] MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - General Dodonna ( 20 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) 4 A-Wing Squadrons ( 44 points) Fleet created with Armada Warlords Could be fun
  10. It could be worth considering the need to even include the admirals, perhaps using a named officer as the commander of a small task force makes more sense! Also it could free up a vital 20+ points. But yeah it looks like fun! Turning shouldn't be a problem either, my friend and I often play 400 point games on a 4x3 board due to space limitations, so 200 on a 3x3 should be easy enough to make work!
  11. Awesome battle report dude, really enjoyable read!
  12. I'm with you Kahadras. Something, anything, would be good. Vague musings or whatever else they wanted to put out, just something to let us know they haven't forgotten us Armada players! That said, I would be surprised if it went much long without news of any kind.
  13. Its Castellan Green, Loren Forest and Elysian Green, all Citadel paints
  14. Yet you don't HAVE to fire out of the sides with Ackbar, or out of your front with Salvation. It's all about felixbility. I've used Salvation a few times with slaved turrets travelling the opposite direction to an Ackbar gun line and she works wonders. You can move round the rear to mop anything that gets through your gun line, or even turn towards the head if a ship looks like blocking your path. The best bit is, no one expects to have five dice hitting face from a Neb's side arc. You have access to 4/5 red dice in almost 360 degrees. It does sound counter intuitive, but trust me for a 65 point ship, she can dish out a serious amount of damage and isn't to be written off in an Ackbar list
  15. Those are sweet looking ships... But my self-professed OCD is kicking in... They can't be in a squadron as all of them are different! You need at least 2 MC30 grouped into division and another 2 CR 90 as a division. Combine those 2 division and voila! You have a squadron! Well... That's just my OCD. If that's a Task Squadron, it firs the bill. Haha! Thanks for the heads up! I'm planning another Mc30 and Cr90 so, sweet! 'Green Task Squad' for now then
  16. Vykes - Thanks a lot, was trying to go for an almost cell shaded approach which seems to work quite well on these models. Going to go for a second Mc30 and an Assault Frigate next, will post some pictures when I've had a play! Those z-95's are stellar by the way, and some of your stuff earlier in the thread is just intimidating EasternKing - Thanks mate! Your AF is bleedin' beautiful. Can't tell that's your first model for 20 years! Looks like you put the brush down yesterday Drasnighta - Cheers for your help earlier, I was being special and was trying to copy in a disallowed URL. Those are some **** sexy R&V's, can see why you get commissions!
  17. Thank you very much! Means a lot The greens I used were citadels, Loren Forest for the base with elysian green highlights and castellan Green for the darker panels of the Mc30
  18. Here are my recently painted 'Green Squadron', I will come up with a better name when I can kick my imagination into gear I'm sure
  19. Guys I don't know if I'm being immensely stupid or something... but how am I supposed to upload pictures onto this thread? Can't figure it out for the life of me...
  20. I'm running a similar list tonight, although they are the scout version, with TRC's for long range peppering before closing into short range. 4 red 4 black (with a CF dial) at close range... Will have to see how it goes!
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