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  1. no, you can launch and move in the same turn, you just can't do it from the same ship.
  2. be careful: if you're not at the front of the line on thursday (say you're in the Netrunner, Arkham Horror, Xwing, or Armada events that same day) FFG will sell out and you will be SOL.
  3. if you think about it, we're at wave 5 for Armada.... and wave 5 for XWing was the height of PWT (Fat han, Super Dash, Admiral Chirpy + whisper). If you look at the Meta in XWing, you see much less of that nonsense because they fixed it with other releases (Autothrusters was in wave 6, as was the core rule nerf to large ships[half points] and the nerf to whisper). So, as far as the timing goes for breaking the game... we're right on track. Both of those releases didn't kill large based ships with PWT... but it let you take more diverse builds. Now, I don't see anything in wave 6 that particularly says "screw you, rebel Aces"... but maybe the quasar with flight controllers and 6 defenders might have something to say about it...
  4. I think adding more AA flotillas pushes 3 hitpoint fighters like the interceptor or the tie fighter further from the game. These were supposed to be the things that would kill fighters, but they are laughably easy to kill. Particularly when you compare them to the 5-8 hitpoint squads that are effectively immune to AAA in a 6 turn game. Maybe we need an upgrade that makes all of your 3 point fighters count as obstructed against ship anti-squadron shots? or something that gets a bonus of like 2 blue dice against anything that starts with 5-6 or more hit points? Give us a reason to take the more fragile squads.
  5. So, you only want a fix for people who run bombers or MSU? Parking that shrimp in front of an ISD is perfectly fine? On topic: I think Rieekan is fine. The only admirals that help squads in ANY way are Rieekan, Dodonna, and Sloane... and squadron activations are currently very efficient. Removing the unique-zombie thing means Dodonna is the ONLY admiral that helps rebel squads. (Sato doesn't count: he helps your ships, but doesn't actually make your squads any better at winning)
  6. don't forget that we also got 4 new uniques in wave 5 too. we went from 9 unique squadrons to 21 unique squadrons.
  7. well, Demo effectively got a nerf, since they released flotillas with the "I ignore all of demo's side arc and 1/4 of demo's front arc shots" scatter. They even pointed it aggressively enough that you saw 6 flotillas in the top 2, and flotillas in all the top 4 at worlds. As a matter of fact, you see more flotillas than you ever saw of demo, pre-flotilla.
  8. Got a response from Mr. Gernes, apparently he supports #teamOranple. You can place all your squads, but then activate any that you choose (including none, or a different set of them). Unkillable intel here we come! Hello [theColourRed], In response to your question: The second interpretration is correct. The set-aside squadrons placed by the ship equipped with Rapid Launch Bays must be less than or equal to the number of squadrons that ship can activate during that squadron command. However, simply placing a set-aside squadron does not count as an activation. The ship can place squadrons and then activate those squadrons (or choose to activate other squadrons in range) as long as they do not exceed the number of squadrons it can activate. Set-aside squadrons that are placed cannot also move if activated as part of that squadron command. To echo your example, a ship equipped with Rapid Launch Bays has a squadron value of “4” and sets 4 B-wing squadrons aside. During a later round, the ship resolves a squadron command from its dial and first chooses to place all 4 of the B-wing squadrons. Then, the ship activates 3 of those B-wings and 1 X-wing that are at its squadron activation range. The B-wing squadrons can attack but cannot move as part of that activation. Thanks for your question! Michael GernesGame Producer
  9. nah, I thought I remembered this idea from the FAQ thread, but I couldn't find the post. But its the most permissible middle ground between "you can place squadrons for free", "the squadrons you choose to deploy are also activated", and the standard effect of "you can activate squadrons in range, up to your squadron value". Just ask Asmodee for everything you want, then they will pare out the silliness. Or they won't, and I'll have a glorious 11 squad activation from an ISD-1 (5 RLB, 5 squadron command, 1 token).
  10. what about 4. deploy and activate a squadron (it cannot move) AND activate a squadron normally? That is the MOST permissive interpretation, since if you are team purple, you can play it like its worded (choice 1 or choice 3), if you are team orange, you can do it by forum vote ( choice 1, 2, or 3), and if you are #teamFAQisErrata you can do choice 1, 2, 3, or 4?
  11. well, if you were going for the simplest response and hoping they would narrow to correct, you should not have used team orange, you should have used #teamFAQ where you get to place 3 squads, activate them, and then activate 3 more (with a squadron value of 3).
  12. #teamPurple: place "instead" of activating #teamOrange: place + activate (removing the word "instead" on the card)
  13. Because he clearly wants #teamOrange. So on the off chance it gets passed on to some Asmodee employee that hasn't seen the card before and doesn't read the forum they will just pick one of his prompted answers.
  14. you're missing #teamPurple in the examples you are providing: you place two y-wings with your first 2 squadron activations (fulfilling the "instead" clause), and then activate 1 of them with your 3rd.
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