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  1. Well doubling the harder cards using duplicates culled from a second deck and then removing some of the outright freebies (shortcut, black market) has made it a little more of a challenge. There's also no evading the watches.
  2. I would say the majority opinion is that the Timescape should never be included as it was in 2nd edition, as it was generally considered to be a whoring of Talisman out to the Warhammer 40k universe. It doesn't fit in at all and never did. Perhaps a similar separate board concept executed in a completely different theme, but not the travesty that was Timescape 2nd edition. not saying I want it (though I'm always open to whatever FFG tosses our way) just that half of the crowd seems to keep asking for it. You using the 2nd or 4th edition? 'cause there are freebies and cut-rate items all through the deck. Feral pet, faithful follower, broken sword, shortcuts... Granted you do need gold, but considering how big the other decks have gotten with trinkets and junk, it's not that hard to get. Try being the Tavern Maid or the Bounty Hunter. I had 28 gold the last game we played. interesting approach. and at least it frees up a corner of the table for someone to actually play. Using the Highlands, it's so very easy to gain gold now. and the city being just two real rows of moving spaces, turns there with little damaging consequences might delay, but it doesn't seriously punish the visitor. THAT'S what's missing, the danger of being there too long or too often. Even if you do miss a chance to buy something on one go around, there's nothing major to threaten you going again.
  3. Not sure that'll happen. Their best chance to add more City related cards might have been Deep Realms. Too late now. They're already on to post Harbinger dystopian chaos. Next might actually be the Timescape everyone's been crying for. I just had someone suggest adding an entry fee at the city gate. Definitely an option. But if you think about it, it's not that hard or expensive to buy a second set and add at least part of it in. You can even edit the new cards to charge more for some items or give less on certain others. Will post an update once I've added and played the new setup.
  4. Holy crap! I just sorted the cards and more than a THIRD are freebies or tremendous discounts. Broken sword, broken armour, loyal companion, free samples, shortcut, merchants' quarter... And then you get the junk traveling bazaar and trading days. Looks like I'm culling some out and buying another deck. And maybe even editing those a bit.
  5. Haven't added the Firelands to our regular use, but that's an option.Was actually thinking of buying the second city set and adding just its bad cards to the other. And no evading the watches. Could even take out some of the freebies like shortcut and black market
  6. I just can't believe no one at FFG has heard the complaints and suggested an improvement
  7. Well if they weren't so obvious, just adding cards from 2nd edition would help. Even the watches are pointless, since they can be evaded. if it wasn't a whole boxed set, I'd consider buying another city and marking up the cards for new challenges. hmmmm...
  8. Greetings all. New here (obviously) but have always enjoyed Talisman ever since the 2nd edition. 4th hasn't been a letdown either. Well, except for one area... Has anyone come up with a decent way to make it a little more difficult to go through The City? Considering the substantial rewards which are relatively easy to obtain, it would be nice to have something impede a player's rampant stockpiling of tools and toys.
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