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  1. I really enjoy your tool and playing around with it! Thank you very much for your effort! Here is my Torpedo Discotheque
  2. Very nice! Prithee, where did the rebel camo come from, it looks real worl-Is that a Huttese Party Boat?!? Ty, I`m not sure where the Rebel-camo comes from. I just came out with the colours I own but I`m pretty sure some army has used it before me;) There will be some stripes and markings to bring the ships back to the Star Wars universe. The Hutt Disco Cruiser for recreation and dancing will get 2 more friends soon. I want to use them for a small proxy fleet It`s a quick conversion of a jabba barge model an italian company (De Agostini) sold for a collectors edition, the scale is really good for Armada;).
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