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  1. I think you can make a small case that it can fall against exploitation of the rules in saying it should not be allowed , but as the rules are written, the move becomes blue.
  2. Hello All, I know the new rules go "legal" on Jan 15th, but has FFG said when the new points/hyperspace rotation goes into effect?
  3. Yes, the munitions with the ordnance icon (Proton Torps for example) on the card do not get range bonuses. Its a big change from 1.0
  4. So they ruled on it during the live stream when they were showing off the new pilots. So lets say a 5 hits Rush and deals him a damage card. Rush now becomes a 6. However, all other 5's on the table will need to finish engaging before Rush would engage next as a 6. Note, the rules state the highest initiative engages after the current initiative has engaged, not once all 6's engage, all 5's engage. There is a subtle difference there that allows for ships like Null and Rush to bump up/down in order.
  5. Short answer... No, the ships do not match the card/faction so its not legal. Playing a resistance list w/ rebel ships can be confusing for your opponent.
  6. Order 66 Toys and DFW X-Wing Community are proud to present, The Battle For North Texas! Rep your home store, team, city, or group in the biggest X-Wing Miniatures tournament North Texas has ever seen! Will your home store/city be North Texas' champs?Where? The Order 66 Toys Convention Center (183 Town Place Fairview, TX 75069)Breakdown:-Tourney is broken into TWO days, 10 rounds total-THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes will be given out-EVERY player will walk away with prizes-Registration Fee: $30, to be paid upon check-in-Up to 80 players-Lists are REQUIRED to be uploaded PRIOR to arriving at https://tabletop.to/battle-for-north-texas For more info call 216-673-3766 or ask on the FB event at https://www.facebook.com/events/428169301180270/
  7. I went over the RR... and as written, Midnight cannot take damage from an ION cannon/turret. It would just be heavily ionned. Under DEFENDER: "That ship remains the defender until after all “after attacking” and “after defending” abilities have resolved during the Aftermath step."
  8. Here is the kicker.. "resolve it as though you were partially executing a maneuver instead." This is going to fall under replacement effects. "Replacement effects are not added to the end of the ability queue as they are resolved at the timing of the effect they are replacing." "When a replacement effect resolves, the replaced effect is treated as having not occurred." So, if you failed the boost because you overlapped a ship (which you have done in this case), the boost NOW becomes a maneuver and you can overlap the rock because you are no longer performing an action. Note.. you still overlapped the rock, so you would suffer the effects of said rock.
  9. Here is the timing of of the effects/triggers.... Gain tractor token to rotate your arc via rotate action (pilot ability) Roll over debris (pilot ability) Gain stress token (game effect) Roll for possible damage (game effect) Attempt to perform rotate action, but cannot due to stress token The question here is how to address abilities that are already in ability queue and can not longer be resolved because of a change in the game state. My opinion is this.. can you rotate your arc when you paid the cost? Yes? Then you may gain the tractor token. To me, there is a difference between... can you do the action? vs did you do the action?
  10. a couple/few that always gets people locally... Initiative vs Player Order Modifying Dice vs Adding/Removing Dice and you kinda touched on this one... Doing a Move vs Performing a Maneuver
  11. The ONE and ONLY trigger for Snap Shot is "after an enemy ship executes a maneuver." Resolving Snap Shot after a ship does a Roll/Boost does not mean that the Roll/Boost themselves triggered Snap Shop. Just means there were abilities with the same timing that entered a queue, and Snap Shot triggered last. There is where people tend to split hairs and make this argument into something it is not (not saying you are but my peeps locally do). This is the order of how this plays out, in the given scenario asked about before... Player 1 (enemy) Player 2 (snap shot) Player 1 moves (does nothing else)... Snap Shot is triggered (its livid) Now, since Player 1 also has "after executing a maneuver" triggers, (such as FTC) those triggers enter an ability queue BEFORE the attack granted by Snap Shot can resolve Player 1 does all their triggers abilities (boost, roll, etc.) Player 2 now gets to perform the attack that is granted by Snap Shot... BUT obliviously only if the ship is in range 2 and in arc Now if you are Player 1 and have Snap Shot, after Player 2 "executes a maneuver," Snap Shot triggers and you MAY perform that attack against Player 1. If you choose not to, nothing that ships does (outside of Slamming because doing a Slam is a maneuver) will trigger Snap Shot again between those two ships. We are confusing ourselves by saying the trigger for Snap Shot and the attack granted by Snap Shot are the same thing.. they are not. You DO NOT need to have range or be in arc for Snap Shot to trigger. You NEED range in order to resolve Snap Shot's granted attack.
  12. This is how I view it and not saying anyone else is wrong... but YES it would would trigger in this given scenario. Let me explain my thought process. The ONLY requirement of Snap Shot is "after an enemy ships executes a maneuver." Take note, the requirements for this ability and the range requirement for the weapon are TWO different things. So in this scenario, did an enemy execute a maneuver? YES, so Snap Shot and FTC enter the ability queue. Now, since the ship with FTC belongs to player 1, they get the choice to resolve FTC before player 2 gets to choose to resolve Snap Shot. Once they decide to use or not use FTC, player 2 then gets to resolve Snap Shot. Player 2 can then choose to attack and now may proceed to check range for available defenders. Key thing for me is that there is no range requirement on Snap Shot.. just that a enemy ship executes a maneuver. You really cant take range into question until the resolving of the bonus attack.
  13. C) No.. game effects trigger before pilot abilities. So the bomb would go off first. In this case, yes, the ship drops the bomb, but the timing of the bomb going off is a game effect. Same goes for flying over a debris field.. you take the stress and roll the die before triggers for the ship can occur.
  14. I think we have a lot of 1.0 hangover here. The intent of the ability is very clear. You are taking a token in order to do an action. No more... no less. To say that each section of the ability is independent of each other would be similar to me saying I can take a stress token for a red action but then not do the action because I was "granted" the action and "you can choose not to perform an action when granted one." Don't get me wrong... there are cards/combs that are a little ambiguous, ergo the need for a FAQ, but if you are trying really hard to make an argument for a card to be read different ways... then maybe its not meant to be read that way. We need to stop trying to dissect every card when its obvious what it's meant to do.
  15. "After you execute a maneuver, you may gain 1 tractor token to perform a (rotate) action." Do what the card says. I understand that there are cards/combos that exist outside the normal rules, but this is not one of them. "Paying Costs: A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved" Cost = Token. Effect = Rotate Action If you cannot gain the token or complete the rotate action (for whatever reason), you cannot resolve the ability.
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