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  1. Per the RR.... ◊ If multiple abilities change the difficulty of a maneuver, the effects are cumulative. So red goes to white... white goes to blue. So... roll and sloop way
  2. 'AND' signifies that both conditions are required while 'OR' signifies that only one condition must be met. You cannot attack AND defend at the same time. That is why OR is used on the ability. If it was mean to be used only once, they would have added... "Once per round...."
  3. The first step of defending is determining how many dice to roll based on the ship card. The second step is to resolve abilities that remove/add any dice. But you have two abilities with same timing so you get tochoose the order. Step 1: see how many base dice are to be rolled Step 2: predictive shot will remove some dice... then intimidation removes 1 of the dice So yes, it will work.
  4. You measure to see IF you can use Vader... then you MAY CHOOSE to use his ability if you want. So no.. you don't have to after you measure.
  5. This is what you do. The issue is that FFG left out a lot of dial rules in 2.0 so right now, any dial issues/mistakes mean you do a 2 white straight. None the less, per the rules, you are supposed to set your dial next to your ship. If your opponent is not doing that, you need to remind them to do so.
  6. I have over 40 events under my belt as a TO and had this happen maybe 3 times. When I rolled the dice, I could never duplicate the results on a constant basis, but the common complaint was Player A's dice were giving them the results they needed. Honestly, it always came down to list building and luck to me, but you have to take each complaint seriously. The way I have always resolved it was to provide my own dice as community dice and let them share. TBH, no one has every complained about that solution.
  7. As a TO personally, I would not use it in a tournament because its not readily available. If you have to dig in a forum to find it, its not really "official."
  8. Per the Rules Reference... "While it performs an attack, a ship can spend any number of FORCE TOKENS during the Attack Dice step to change that number of its focus results to hit results." "When a ship spends a charge, that charge is flipped to its inactive side." So, using a force token is spending a token, it just recovers said token at the end phase.
  9. The issue is not the card itself, its that none of the force users currently in the game can really make good use of it. It would be great for bombers and blockers, but most force users are not used that way. I am sure more pilots will come out that will be able to use it.
  10. Yes.... he fires with all abilities and crits at his disposal or determent
  11. Under the Once Per Opportunity section of the RR "As another example, if a ship has the ability “While you perform an attack, you may reroll 1 attack die,” it may resolve that ability once during each of its attacks." Rose Tico's wording is the same so she can only do it ONCE per attack.
  12. for casual purposes, you're probably okay (might even let your opponent use them too), but if you played in a tournament, they most likely won't allow them.
  13. Example 1: The timer has 60 seconds left, you and your opponent have one ship remaining, and you could conceivably have enough time to set dials. One more round? Answer... The round does not start when you place your dials nor does the game end when you have less than X amount time left. A round starts immediately after the previous round's end phase ends. Some players may be slow or delay picking up their tokens, so if you are worried about time.. confirm the round is done with your opponent, clean up fast and pick up your dial to plan your next move. Any TO worth their salt would rule you are in the planning phase now. Example 2: No one is paying attention to time. All dials are set except one. Time is called. One more round? Answer: Finish the round. May the force be with you.
  14. When placing forces, you supposed to place your ship within range 1. Per the RR, under within.. an object is within a specified range if the entirety of it is inside that range. You would have to be VERY picky to try and call someone out on this. I have never had that happen before, but as a TO, I would just have them push the ship back until its within range 1. If they cannot do so without overlapping the ships then you start completely over.
  15. Hello, Apologies, for some reason I was thinking it said MAY on the first part.
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