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  1. My players are already wanting to flip through multiple books when playing and leveling up to see all the options available. Its becoming unwieldy. Starting to dislike the format FFG has chosen for this game. Not buying any more especially after Courts of Stone offered little to nothing useful for the GM aside from some fluff. 1 adventure seed in the whole book that was supposed to inspire courtly intrigue and it wasn't even related to the courts.
  2. Rank 6: Sudden Clarity. When you use your school ability, you may remove one or more of the following conditions from each chosen character: Dazed, Disoriented, Enraged, Exhausted, Intoxicated. Additionally, each chosen character removes 3 fatigue. Rank 1: Artisan Skills, Courtesy, Culture, Performance, Rank 1 Fire Shuji, Offend the Sensibilities, Fun and Games.
  3. Reading it right now. If anyone wants to know anything ask away.
  4. I have a highly tactical group (they also enjoy roleplaying) that loves tough combat encounters and working together to overcome enemies. I'm going to start a list of techniques that have inherent synergies with other techniques so for example, techniques that are stronger against prone targets ill link with techniques that make your target prone ect. I'm wondering if anyone has a few that they have noticed that they could share? I'll post a work in progress soon.
  5. Fair point. I hope that larger self contained campaign modules are somewhere on the horizon.
  6. Yeah it does seem a bit problematic. If players are inclined to abuse the ability ill need to houserule some kind of restriction to how/when it works. Maybe honor loss. Or give Adversaries a way around it at additional fatigue cost or at least a check to resist.
  7. I'm just observing the cost of the L5R modules and wondering if it's overpriced for what you get. Content wise its 30 pages vs 250ish but priced perportionaly quite highly.
  8. For those who have purchased any of the pre written modules I'd love to hear what your thoughts are. I'm trying to decide but what's holding me back is the cost for what seem to be small 30 page or so adventures. By comparison to D&D 250 page modules for only $10 more the L5R pruducts seems a bit overpriced. Yes there are some tokens but I'm not even sure how they add any value to the game. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
  9. Thanks for the in depth reply. It's such a departure from the norm (i.e. gold looting in traditional RPG's) ill take your advice and work on it.
  10. Agree with this. It's easy enough to scale back/ignore existing rules if you want but for those of us who prefer more guidance and/or structure in how to implement the various themes in a game session more would be appreciated. This goes for players as well as some in my group are finding the ambiguity offputting. And before anyone says "well maybe it isn't the right game for them".... they love the L5R setting and they love RPG's so they are the target audience.
  11. So I've started my first campaign as DM (beginners game with some home brew content threaded through). My players asked how they earn/make koku in order to afford better armor. I actually have no answer as 1 there's no mention of that in rulebook that I'm aware of. 2 Samurai shouldn't really be concerned with money I know this is technically not a rules question but I wasn't sure where to ask. Can anyone give me an idea or two of how you approach this topic in your games?
  12. I know this is an old topic but I'm about to start GMing this game. One of the player asked "why spend XP on skills when rings will be a universal buff for all skill checks?". The only thing I came up with to answer was that skill increases contribute to school ranks. It did throw me off for a moment as I thought "good question..."
  13. Now that would have been interesting. I am coming around to embracing the idea (keeping the dice however!). I think of the saying "when you define what something is you also define what it isn't" so i interpret that the designers want people to make the game whatever they want it to be.
  14. I hope they do a GM sourcebook that concentrates more on general mechanical implementation. There's so much focus on lore, setting and "adventure seeds" but not enough tools for the GM to actually translate this content into a gaming session that players can interact with in a structured way. Some people are more creative than others as GM's so it may not be an issue for everyone.
  15. I went through the same thing I'm my mind. As i was nearing the end of the core rulebook I kept thinking I've missed some rules. I'm slowly coming around to embracing the loose structure. It's difficult because I've come from competitive tabletop games that don't leave anything to interpretation. At one stage I thought "Is l5r rpg just a way to play pretend?". Yet to be able to articulate the answer to that question in detail.
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