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  1. And even better as a lifeboat hunter.
  2. On a command cruiser with ET QBT may be a better choice (assuming that it navigates most of the time)
  3. For Empire: Naked Raider 1. (optionally add External Racks to provide it with lifeboat-hunting capability) If you want a more expensive ship that can either be a lifeboat or contribute to a fleet firepower based on the matchup: Command Arquittens with Engine Tech (and extra loadout based on points available/rest of the fleet) - it is very slippery even as a second player. The ability to start at speed 2 and with nav command round 1 be anywhere from 90 to the left or right (speed 1 + ET) to speed 4 forward or angled (speed 3 + ET) makes it very hard to catch even if significantly outdeployed.
  4. And all the obstacles that were placed around the station (you did place them around the station, right?) as well.
  5. Brunson may become situational with all those objectives that move obstacles every round.
  6. You'll be surprised As long as no squadron fleet has a plan to deal with squadrons - it's all for grabs.
  7. Its enough for one of the two players to be squadronless as all the multiple pre measurements and precise movements that take a lot of time almost always are about squadron-to-squadron interactions.
  8. There is a better solution to both of the problems - play squadronless!
  9. Why not drop Quasar and get a real ship? You only need to command 5 squadrons, so 2 Gozantis + Victory is more than enough for that.
  10. I thought about this and it'll tilt the game too much towards flak (currently black dice reliability is balanced by shorter range - so it usually can't be used to flak squadrons attacking someone else) and not every ship would be able to field it (Liberty with it's double black is a prime example).
  11. I think that the answer is - nothing. Simply because there are multiple ships that have only black dice in anti-squadron armament (and this design relies on Rhymer errata for squadrons to be forced to be in a close range to attack a ship). Allowing Rhymer to be a trump card that shuts down most of ship-based flak is (IMHO) a bad design decision, so I don't see anything that can resolve this conflict without changes to original Rhymer wording (or core rules).
  12. Why not do good old MMJ? Vader/Dengar/Fel/Maarek/Morna/Jendon is 126 points. Throw Goran on a Gozanti nearby and you still have counter 2 Vader, counter 3(!) Morna (with her reroll available on a counter as well) and Soontir damage on top of that. And antiship output of this squad is no joke at all (esp vs squad less fleets).
  13. I think that this is an attempt to compare apples and oranges, given that these ships are designed for different roles and excel in those roles: Kuat is a heavy brawler designed to go against large ships and produce high burst damage at close range. It will struggle against small ships that can outmaneuver it. Cymoon on the other hand is a fleet support ship and a sniper. It provides extra capabilities for the fleet as a whole (cheaper access to IF) and is effective vs small ships and flotillas (if one needs a capability to reliably one-shot flotillas at long range, Cymoon is the ship), however it will struggle vs ECM-equipped large ships. So it all depends on the rest of the fleet and individual preference as far as overall strategy goes. I believe that these ships are equally effective in the roles they're designed for. (As far as Kuat vs ISD1 comparison goes, these ships are both brawlers (putting aside the fact that ISD1 can also be used in aircraft carrier role) with Kuat being a harder hitting single strike brawler vs ISD1 being a cheaper one (ISD1/OE/XI7 is only 120 points!) or the one that can brawl with guaranteed accuracy (due to access to H9). So again - they're both useful instruments and its down to a personal preference and a need. So I currently see Kuat as sharing a brawler role with ISD1 (as opposed to displacing ISD1 in that role)).
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