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  1. PT106

    5 nebulon B’s + Ackbar

    For Nebulon gunline I would explore QBT Nebulons (up to 5) + IF Pelta as this does a soft fix to red dice variance.
  2. PT106

    Terrain for Armada?

    This one is easy to resolve as long as there is a 2D-version of that terrain piece underneath. This way in the case of overlap 3D part is removed and the overlap is resolved without losing or altering any game state info.
  3. PT106

    How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

    Given that the topic is now on it's 9th page, I feel like it's worth to repeat my answer to the original question. Don't. It may sound fun, but any triple ISD fleet is not competitive (player skill advantage notwithstanding) and any double ISD fleet is more fun while being more competitive.
  4. PT106

    Vassal World Cup Results

    I added a link to vlog to my post.
  5. PT106

    Vassal World Cup Results

    @BrobaFett (first player) vs PT106 ended up with Broba winning 6-5 (MoV 17) We played my Solar Corona with us setting up in the middle and Broba's ISD being Pryced for round 2. With his first Quasar activation he alphaed and killed my Ciena (however this put his Defenders into flak range), however I was able to set up my Demo for a triple tap (front arc only on first shot though) and got his Quasar trapped in a Cymoon medium range front arc. Round 2 was a bloodbath with me Demoing his ISD, Cymoon unloading on Quasar and his ISD Prycing itself to kill Projector round 3 and escape (as it was braceless and at 4 hp and 2 shields after Demo attack). After that we traded Projector for Quasar round 3 and the rest of the game was about Demo trying to catch up fleeing ISD. Unfortunately I was unable to get to close range and so after all was set and done Broba escaped with his flagship down to 1HP. An amazing and tense game versus a good and strong opponent. Good luck to @BrobaFett going forward! vlog
  6. PT106

    TIE v1

    What about Inquisitor with Supernatural and FCS for 48? Boost, linked focus, execute blue maneuver, lock (or evade\reposition again)?
  7. PT106

    They're up!!!

    Agreed. I have to wonder about Supernatural Reflexes Inquisitors as it looks interesting for 46 points (48 with FCS) due to a linked focus action and a good dial.
  8. PT106

    They're up!!!

    As well as to have that soft defense modifier if an opponent manages to force a bump.
  9. PT106

    Vassal World Cup Results

    And my game with @OutboundFlight is done with 8-3 win for me (251-107 MoV 144). I was a second player and we played Contested Outpost that i was able to hold for all 6 rounds. We both danced around outpost with OutboundFlight doing early round 3 alpha strike to kill my Demolisher and me being able to catch his Quasar with Cymoon round 6. I also lost Ciena and was able to flak down Dengar with two lucky accuracies.
  10. PT106

    Vassal World Cup Results

    My game vs @Angry Ewok is done with 9-2 win for me (472-196 MoV 276). Angry Ewok was first player and we played my Most Wanted. He set up Ackbar bowl of death perfectly and got my ISD separated from Gladiator escorts (I don't think my Demolisher shot even once the whole game) and fighting alone, however the game was decided by unlucky roll from Ackbar that couldn't get an accuracy on a killing shot (which allowed ISD to live one extra round and to finish up both corvettes). Next round Gozanti managed to deliver a crit to Ackbar robbing him of a nav dial which at speed 3 sealed his fate by forcing him to fly into sunset later that round (and gave me the tabling). So, I definitely got several lucky breaks this game which otherwise would've been a solid win for @Angry Ewok - an excellent and gracious opponent.
  11. PT106

    Vassal World Cup Results

    are these ALL of your world cup games?
  12. PT106

    Killing epic SSDs

    Rieekan Scout Hammerhead swarm.
  13. I think this fleet was significantly weakened by flotilla nerf, so I'm not sure if it's first tier anymore. However, given the changes, wouldn't Advanced Gunnery be a better objective here?
  14. Count me in I still need to decide on a fleet though.
  15. PT106

    contested outpost losses

    Usually as first player it means fighting over outpost in a center with all other obstacles being far away.