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  1. The official FFG app is tournament legal, any 3rd party app would not be.
  2. Edit: Nevermind, she can just drop 2 at a time. Paige Tico better drop her remaining bombs when she is destroyed (up to 2?)
  3. The game is only about 3 months old, and the amount of development that had to go into not only new ships but the conversion kits, having only a few combos that are OP is a testament to what they learned from 1.0. No, the game isn't perfect, it never will be, but there is definitely a huge positive change from the end of 1.0. We had dozens of ships and pilots that were just unplayable against even mid tier lists, let alone top lists. The reduction of automatic damage mitigation has helped with keeping 2 attack ships viable (not great,but playable) and very few auto hit 4+ attacks allow low agility/health ships to see the table (again,not great,but playable). Look back to how the community responded when Luke gunner was spoiled, FFG either saw this, or already planned to cost him so high that he isn't worth it. This is the real lesson learned, nothing is set in stone, points will be adjusted, we just have to wait. They can release pilots with new subtitles to keep fans happy (and make me spend more money, please make card packs!) My only concern comes with development, are they testing new things against just hyperspace legal or with everything.
  4. Though I may be wrong, with all of the bombs that are the same size token it doesn't matter which you use. Unless you have different bombs equipped, then its important to differentiate them.
  5. I almost always plan with at least an idea or 2 of my next move(occasionally 3 moves out) depending what happens in the upcoming round. It's not too hard, but it doesn't always work out if my opponent does something totally unexpected or we bump with only a single ship. I find planning 2 turns out is really important during the first engagement so I have the option to either disengage or continue the engagement the next turn. Initiative(pilot skill) will also matter, I find it way easier to plan ahead if my ships move first, as I don't have to worry about unexpected maneuvers. In 1.0 I ran a lot of rebel R2-D2 regen, so it was important to plan ahead to make sure I can execute a green maneuver after engagement.
  6. My last game was at the NOVA open. I have all the 2.0 stuff still in their unopened boxes. I'm a teacher and school started that week, and have been super busy. I'm itching to get organized and play, hopefully I can find some time this or next weekend.
  7. Mrk1984

    Rebel 2.0 Dials...

    Did you buy Saw's Renegades? That would be a forth dial for the T-65. What you are describing has been discussed a lot, and it does suck for some ships the conversion kit is lacking, but the kit isn't going to fill an entire list of one small ship for you. If that is what you want then you will need a second conversion kit. Also consider why you need all the extra dials. You can't fit more than 4 x-wings in a standard list. For the Y, B and A wings, search eBay or talk to locals to trade with.
  8. Like a Droid Command ship/crew... Where in the battle each Droid is given a calculate token at the start of the attack phase as long as the command is still alive.
  9. I wasn't thinking about the maneuverability of the large base. So I agree 2 on a small would be better. I haven't used the medium bases yet, so I don't know how much of a problem having 3 on a medium base would fly.
  10. The Vulture are small, less than 7 meters, (Delta 7 is 8, A-wing almost 10) and the tri-fighter is even smaller. It will be hard to justify the monetary cost for such small ships, so I would like to see them packaged as 2 or 3 in a pack priced as a medium or large ship. This could also be an opportunity for FFG to borrow from Star Trek Attack Wing with their fighter squadron rules. Basically they have a set of 3 on a base and their stats change based on the damage dealt. Vulture Droid: Initiative 2 or 3 2 on a medium base could start off with 6 hull, 3 attack and 2 agility. When they suffer 3 damage, the are now 2 attack and 3 agility. 3 on a large base would be 9 hull, 4 attack and 2 agility and they progress down as above. This ship is supposed to be fast and should have only red and blue maneuvers(I'm thinking Interceptor dial minus 1 turns) , but have the ability to complete red maneuvers while stressed. Though they don't actually have any difficulty executing the maneuvers, the red is to prevent the actions due to their limited A.I. Tri-fighter: Initiative 4 or 5 I would go the same basis set up as above, but add an extra agility and add a cannon slot. Since it should have a more advance A.I. give it a system slot as well. The tri-fighter isn't as fast as the Vulture, but more maneuverable, so A-wing dial with more green minus the 5 straight.
  11. This. It is the last month to fly any list you've always wanted to fly but never did because of the meta. (unless you are trying for a regional bye) But of your 2, Miranda/Dash stand a better chance than 3 wookie against most meta lists.
  12. Mrk1984


    Remember, kids that were 5-8 when the Phantom Menace released are now 24-27 years old, prime ages for people to spend their own money on games. They grew up with the prequels and they haven't had anything that caters to them in a while. There isn't much to release for the OT, but there are plenty of ships in the Clone Wars Era to release for the next few years. But if it isn't your cup of tea, don't buy it. I'm curious on how they will deal with the Droid ships, will they all be like IG, same cost, same initiatives but different abilities?
  13. I saw threat card as an easy way for new players to start with ships and not have to worry about some of the complexity of list building. (and this is their purpose) They needed to add upgrades to increase the value/cost of cheaper ships by adding a bunch of stuff to them, probably resulting in suboptimal builds. I am a little surprised that they included slots that don't come with the base ship(but ok with adding extra of the same slot), only for the reason that new players will be using upgrades with the ship that aren't legal and that might mess them up when they make the switch.
  14. With reapers, Norra with Kyle is a good choice, as you can still end with a focus and TL if you get jammed. With Super Dash, you won't be able to get both focus and TL if jammed, but you can get a modification shot or double repositioning to get out of arcs (which is the best feature of Super Dash against low PS) A reaper won't last that long against a modified HLC shots and Norra getting her free hit. When it comes to stress mechanics, if you might be in a position to get double stressed, don't PTL that round. This right now is what I'm enjoying about the current meta, there seem to be a lot of counters to old staples.
  15. I still can't decide which of the following list to run for an upcoming Store Championship. List 1: Wedge: Swarm Tactics, FAA and the Xwing upgrades Luke: Draw Their Fire, R2-D2 +upgrades Ezra: Snap Shot R3-A2 Rookie with FAA +upgrades I recently went 3-1 at another SC with this list, Wedge letting either Ezra or the Rookie shoot at PS9 is great and Luke helps keep them alive. List 2: Wes: VI, FAA +upgrades Luke and Ezra, same as above Cavern Angel's Zealot: Selflessness, FAA +upgrades Trade Wedge's offense for PS10 token stripping and added survivability with the Zealot, but also lose another PS9 shot. List 3: Wedge: Adaptability, FAA+upgrades Wes: VI, FAA +upgrades Ezra, same now with Hera Zealot, Selflessness FAA+upgrades This can pack a punch, and at 99 points initiative might come into play. Not as survivable without DTF Luke, but the Zealot can balance out one attack. List 4: Wes, VI, FAA... Ezra, SS, R3-A2 Rookie, FAA... Lowhhrick, selflessness Rey(or Tactician) Lowhhrick adds some extra survivability with Rey for offense or Tactician for control. Clearly there is a theme, Strezra and T-65s. I like the stress control of Ezra against a lot of current lists. Ezra is hard to kill so but he often protects the Aces because he is Target #1. So which would you choose and why?
  16. With these 3 I would run this, all PS10 with a 3 point bid(which can help against Nym). Poe will also be able to strip 2 TL per turn if needed. T-70 X-Wing: •Poe Dameron (39) Autothrusters (2) •Black One (1) Veteran Instincts (1) •BB-8 (2) Advanced Optics (2) X-Wing: •Luke Skywalker (30) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (attack) (0) Veteran Instincts (0) Renegade Refit (-2) •R2-D2 (4) X-Wing: •Wes Janson (28) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (attack) (0) Veteran Instincts (0) Renegade Refit (-2) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Total: 97/100 I would also consider running Luke with Draw Their Fire or Wes with R3-A2 to turn off Expertise or Kylo's Advanced Sensors.
  17. Mrk1984

    Strike 3

    This is probably the best time for a new player to get into the game. They are able to pick up ships cheap on the secondary market and just buy a conversion kit or 2 and be ready to go. Think about how much content is in each kit vs the original cost to pick up some of these upgrades. The conversion kit alone is significantly cheaper than the original Palatine expansion pack. With the new model, players no longer need to buy from every faction just to get unique upgrade cards, again great for new players. Yes, old players with large collections need to spend money, but they can ease into 2.0 is they want.
  18. Tarn is good with M9-G8 or R7 Biggs is still good with R4-D6 Hobbie loves Targeting Astromech Garven can use R2-D6 to get VI Luke still wants his R2-D2 Wes also meshes well with R3-A2, as he strips a token and then requires a predictable green. FAA is also nice to try to ensure you get arc. Wedge is probably best with FAA or BB-8
  19. When I fly against a Palp list with QD, I almost never attack QD first I try to get the shuttle, as with Palp in play it is so easy for QD and Inquisitor to either push a lot of damage or its nearly impossible to put damage into the inquisitor. I make exceptions when QD doesn't have arc, he already shot and did no damage or his only shots are range 3 or at a regen Focus Poe. It's a tough list to crack if your opponent is good, but one bad roll can ruin QD. The only reasons to ever target the inquisitor while Palp is still alive is if he is the only target, or you get multiple range 1-2 shots against him. If you are building just to counter this, Biggs might be a good choice when you decide to attack QD
  20. Alternatively named, 3 Deep into Norra: ARC-170: •Norra Wexley (39) Alliance Overhaul (0) Push the Limit (3) •C-3PO (3) •R2-D2 (4) X-Wing: Rookie Pilot (20) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (attack) (0) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Renegade Refit (-2) X-Wing: Rookie Pilot (20) Servomotor S-Foils (attack) (0) Integrated Astromech (0) •"Chopper" (1) Renegade Refit (-2) X-Wing: Rookie Pilot (20) Servomotor S-Foils (attack) (0) Integrated Astromech (0) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Renegade Refit (-2) Total: 99/100 Obviously I could swap Chopper out for another FAA, but some extra regen could come in handy. Norra is the closer/evasive version, but unfortunately can't fit in Vectored Thrusters. Suggestions for changes, any experience testing?
  21. The base cardboard is definitely needed for firing arcs, more so with 2.0. A very slight change in angle when measuring arc can change things significantly, and I couldn't imagine trying to measure from corner to corner. It's helpful to have the PS on there but it isn't entirely necessary. I think it would be reasonable to suggest having generic cardboard bases, and then PS/ID token inserts. Or take the Star Trek attack wing route with their captain ID tokens for the pilot. This would completely remove the need for more than one cardboard insert per ship you own. Painting a few bases for casual should be perfectly fine though.
  22. How nice would it be if the defender was a double sided, one side with the x/7 one with /D.
  23. I guess the question is do you spend all the results you rolled for the effect, or do you only spend your uncancelled results? Hopefully it's the former, or there will be many times you hit with your Ion shot but don't assign any tokens.
  24. Sorry if this has been addressed, but with the wording of the Ion Cannon/Turret (doesn't mention uncancelled results), am I correct in saying it works in the following way: Attacker rolls 3 hits, defender rolls 2 evades. So the attack hits. Defender suffers 1 hit, then receives 2 Ion tokens.
  25. It is possible, with the way it is worded, that the defender can be both obstructed by an obstacle and by a ship with TS, granting it 2 additional defense dice.
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