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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I tried but there arent any copies for me to even exchange for. My trade offer stands, but I may just have to live with it. Thanks.
  2. I am looking to get a couple replacement discs for the base of squadrons. I have extra stand pegs and forks to trade. I have gotten several packs with missing squad components. I dont think just going back and exchanging until I find a complete set will help, so I thought maybe somone might wanna trade components.
  3. Some of these may work, I think the first response was the closest to what I pictured.
  4. I'm playing as an ewok bounty hunter and for the life of me, I cant find any art depicting an ewok in battle armor. Anyone know where I can find something like this? Thanks.
  5. Good stuff so far. I've been toying with swapping Sloane to the ISD so good to hear that suggestion. Unfortunately I dont have RitR yet, but I do have Rogues and Villains so I'll take a look at Dengar and the others.
  6. This literally the comparison I hear that I find ridiculous. And as a Rebel player I totally concur with the HMC80 analogy.
  7. So I have been heavily invested in playing Rebels since launch. I buy just enough Imperial stuff to loan for teaching. I thought I'd give imps a try, and realized I know how to kill SDs more than how to fly them. This is my first attempt at an Imp super carrier list, but it seems to lack a bit on ships, but not sure what to do. I don't have Artiqens, Flotilla, or Chaemera. Any positive criticism welcome! ++ Standard (Imperial Navy) [397pts] ++ + Imperial Star Destroyer + Imperial II-class Star Destroyer [159pts]: Advanced Projectors, Engineering Captain, Gunnery Team, H9 Turbolasers, Heavy Ion Emplacements, •Relentless + Quasar Fire Cruiser-Carrier + Quasar Fire I-class Cruiser-Carrier [106pts]: Boosted Comms, Expanded Hangar Bay, Flight Controllers, •Admiral Chiraneau, •Admiral Sloane, •Squall + Squadrons + TIE Advanced [24pts]: 2x TIE Advanced Squadron TIE Fighter [64pts]: 3x TIE Fighter Squadron, •"Howlrunner", •"Mauler" Mithel, •Black Squadron VT-49 Decimator [44pts]: 2x VT-49 Decimator + Objectives + Assault Objective: Station Assault Defense Objective: Fighter Ambush Navigation Objective: Superior Positions ++ Total: [397pts] ++
  8. Yes context is king, and normally I hear the statement with no context. So maybe that's the issue.
  9. This sounds more like theory to discredit Holdo My thought is that it is kinda like a nuke. If you start using them all the time, the collateral isnt worth the results. I think the issue with this theory is that she was accelerating to hyperspace, she wasnt traveling in hyperspace. So the collision occured in real space at near light speed. If you watch ships in the series jump to hyperspace, they have a short real space blur as they accelerate before actually entering hyperspace. I think Holdo just set a collision course and accelerates, knowing there wasn't room to actually reach hyperspace.
  10. If they ever come out with the Raddus I really hope this is a thing somehow.
  11. Definitely possible. (Nice gif.) I think the part I find funny is that a standard "is it good" test has become "can it take an ISD head on?" As a fan of the series I think the answer should almost always be "no." From the side? Sure. From the aft? You bet. Head on front arc all turbo lasers swinging? *funeral dirge plays* I don't think I would have started using this as a pass/fail for quality of ships as a whole. Maybe durability. I guess there's always this maneuver though.
  12. So in early days of SW:A i heard comments like "Yeah, but it can't take a Victory head on." Now I hear "Yeah, but it can't take an ISD head on." I never thought much about this comparison, then it hit me today. If you are taking any SD head on, I think you screwed up somewhere along the way. Just a thought.
  13. I can't find the answer to this, so if it has been asked before (as I feel like it should have) please point me to it. Why don't they adjust points for ships via FAQ or errata? They errata and FAQ the card games and X wing. Has it been stated why they don't do Armada. Thanks
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