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  1. eMeM

    [1.0] How are the new x-wings doing?

    Try 3 x Zealot with Opportunist + Hot Shot Copilot Saw (for more offense) or Magva (more defense) U-wing. Fluff overload, and hits like a truck if you manage to avoid being PS-killed by harpoons.
  2. eMeM

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    It's outrageous and unfair that we got book and comics characters while the most iconic Y-wing pilot, Davish "Stay On Target" Krail, is nowhere to be seen.
  3. eMeM

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    I'm lazy so I'm just waiting for 2.0 Strange Eons :<
  4. eMeM

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    Sadly it is just a model I made in Blender. As to where are the factions, I'm sure the only reason they aren't announced yet is that they got delayed because of the whole 2.0 thing... and obviously the main reason for the creation of 2.0 was devs realising the current X-wing just isn't good enough to support the full glory of the Clone Wars.
  5. eMeM

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    I love when people excersise advanced mental gymnastics to defend corporations against their own interest.
  6. eMeM

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    That makes the promise of no cross faction buying empty marketing bullpoodoo. You could say that Imperial players didn't need Starviper to get Autothrusters, they only had to wait for the TIE Silencer release.
  7. eMeM

    RZ-2 A-Wing speculation 2.0

    9.6m is canon as per... every canon source, including the Databank which they can change as they please at any moment. It's just yet another display of the Story Group and Pablo Hidalgo doing a fantastic job keeping the integrity of the Single Canon intact.
  8. Bubble turrets are... problematic. Even the TCW variant with no side turrets has two turrets in the wings, the rarer but more iconic full service LAAT/i has four turrets. In addition to the front and rear guns. Hard to imagine how it could be anything else than a 360 PWT with all those guns pointed in all directions at once. But as this is something we'd rather avoid, I think I'd be better to go with the wing turrets-only variant and pretend we don't see said wing turrets... I don't recall ever seeing them fire in TCW, so it's not that lore-unfriendly. I'd go with this: red: 2(front)|2(rear) green: 1 hull: 7 or 8 shields: 1 (I assumed it's unshielded but legends wookiee says otherwise) slots: missile, missile, gunner, crew, crew actions: focus, lock, reload, reinforce (red)
  9. Anakin wasn't hit. In Sabotage (TCW Season 5) Anakin is almost killed by buzzdroids, Ahsoka saves him.
  10. Destiny just got podracing. It's gonna happen sooner or later.
  11. eMeM

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Somewhere else they said that ships with one turret get one arc and those with multiple get two.
  12. On screen it doesn't have ion cannons. Giving it cannon slot means tractor beams and heavy lasers which is just nonsense. I think a configuration card where you could choose between 3 dice and some sort of built-in ions could be a good compromise.
  13. TCW was cancelled shortly after Eta-2 was introduced so it didn't see much action, but in Episode III the outboard cannons act like regular "explodey" lasers. Cannon slot just doesn't feel right with things like tractor beam and heavy laser cannon available. Just leave it at 3 att.
  14. Actis has four cannons.
  15. eMeM

    Lando's Falcon Preview

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/7/fast-enough/ It looks like the pod is undockable and the docked pilot's ability can be used by the Falcon. EDIT Stats are almost the same, but Lando's has 2 red dice, as expected.