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  1. I hate the "it's made to sell toys" argument every time anything different or original shows up. I guess some people would prefer all the movies to use the vehicle pool from ANH, the same two planets, and characters who never change clothes. Yes, Lucas was inviting toy manufacturers on the set as far back as TESB, but they weren't rewriting his scripts, just looking at stuff to have it on the shelves ASAP. You are mistaking the cause and effect. Huge creativity that defines Star Wars (let's forget the sequels) makes the toys a natural, although profitable, side effect - but it's just that, a side effect.
  2. Yet. They will sooner or later.
  3. There are other details that are different than usual and consistent with the leaks, like Han's jacket and Daenerys' earring, which convinces me that this is either official art or based on official materials.
  4. I don't know, for me it looks like Scum Falcon with Scum Han and Scum Lando.
  5. Fluff reason is BS, plenty of ships with crew slots don't have any spare crew members. K-wing has the exact same layout minus a fight engineer.
  6. The fridge was far from being the only problem of Indiana 4. But that's a good analogy - because of how weak the overall movie was people started noticing details that they'd let pass in a better movie.
  7. I look forward to Luke's ghost interrupting Rey vs Kylo duel by ******* murdering Kylo with a lightning strike, or just beating him to death with a blunt object.
  8. This applies only to people operating the turrets. Weapon systems officers, copilots, bombardiers etc. are represented by crew slots, for example the K-wing has a pilot, two gunners (PWT + turret slot) and a bombardier (crew slot). B-17 has the same crew setup as K-wing plus an extra flight engineer.
  9. I looked at the map and holy ****, I shouldn't have done that. In less than 16 or 18 hours, I don't remember exactly , Finn and Rose managed to cluelessly bumble around a huge casino, get captured, thrown into prison, escape, rescue horses, and cross the whole Galaxy twice.
  10. IV > V=VI > R1=III > I > II >...> TCW movie > Ewok movies > VIII > Holiday Special >...> VII
  11. May the new movie not distract us from what this game really needs. Side note, did you spot the The Phatom Menace homage in The Last Jedi?
  12. How does that change anything? Why would a grunt know more about secret wunderwafles than a janitor?
  13. It only slightly above the level of your response. How much did you may attention to the movie? Finn literally says he was mopping the hyperspace tracker that's why he knows where it is.
  14. But then there is the Orville proving that critics don't know ****.
  15. The standard line of defence for TFA was "you don't like it because your are a nazi", it looks like this time it will be " you don't like it because you are dumb"... (insert To be fair... meme) Guys, it's completely possible to get all the in-your-face morals and "original" "deconstructions" (meaning "let's copy a scene from OT and add a little twist at the end") and still dislike the movie. I had no theories about Snoke and Rey, if you dig deep enough in my post history you will find I predicted they will be nobodies long time ago and was thoroughly entertained imagining the outrage. Yet here I am, together with the shippers and theorists, not because I'm dumb, or because Johnson smashed my fanfic, but because I didn't like this movie. I enjoyed Luke-Rey-Kylo-Snoke scenes, if they cut out the inappropriate humoru and... the rest of the film, it would be a solid piece of Star Wars, even though I'm deeply worried about presenting the Dark and Light as a cycle, which goes against the previously established dynamics and diminishes Luke's achievement, but then again, TFA already rendered the whole original trilogy pointless, this movie just continued down Abrams' path. Ah, and shame the budget was so tight they didn't have money to fill the redscreen in Snoke's thorne room. The rest of the movie is terrible. The opening battle... I hate superhero Poe, space battles are stripped out of any form of tension if you have a character that explodes TIE fighters by looking at them. The in-your-face moral #1 is basically Ahsoka in "The Storm Over Ryloth", except that unlike Ahsoka Poe doesn't learn from it, and it all falls flat because Poe was ultimately right... how would the snail chase look like if Snoke had a "fleet killer" with him? How would the battle of Hoth look like with a nuke dispenser in orbit? Hux was a parody of Hitler in the first movie, easily the worst character in the overall weak The Force Awakens, I didn't think he could get any worse, but in The Last Jedi he acts like a character from Space Balls. Speaking of humour is off-putting, very few jokes connect and they stuffed it everywhere, every **** scene has to contain a slapstick or a quip or preferably both. It all makes the movie feel like a parody of Star Wars, not a genuine episode. It's not even The Orville vs Star Trek, with the former being a more humorous take on the later, it's straight up Space Balls. Not a single scene in the B-team segment (the chase+casino) makes any sense whatsoever within the Star Wars universe and even within the The Last Jedi universe. It's a series of convinient accidents and plotholes in plotholes riddled with plotholes. covering plotholes. The whole premise is indefensible - we see a flight of three TIEs taking out Raddus' bridge and hangar with no effort, yet for some reason no more fighters, out of thousands that are available to the megagigauber-class, are sent till the end of the movie. The movie multiple times demonstrates that you can just jump in and join the caravan - Rey does that (I assume she finds Kylo through the Force connection? She can't be using the tracker, unless she assumed Leia is on Kylo's ship), and xXx_69haxor69_xXx does that - then why doesn't the First Order call in more ships, either faster ones or just drop in front of the Rebel fleet? Why not hyperspace smash smaller Rebel ships into the fleet before they run out of fuel? Why not split up and save smaller ships? I get that Umbridge didn't have to tell Poe her plan, but maybe she should have done that after she got mutiny'd? What was that, pride? "Oh, you don't trust me so we will all die"? Or just Rian Johnson exercising one of the countless predictable cliche "plot twists" disregarding any common sense? What was Finn's plan, are lifeboats hyperspace capable? Leia's space flight, eh... Go watch Rebels for how this should be done (S03E03, Kanan gets spaced by Maul), but this is yet another cheap bait and switch that Rian Johnson loves so dearly. No reason for this scene to exist except "ha, you thought Leia is dead, GOTCHA! SUBVERTING EXPECTATIONS! I'M A POSTMODERNIST MOVIE GENIUS!!!!!" It's stunning how much ******* First Order janitors know. It was unbeliveable that Finn knew where is the weak spot of the planet sized Death Star, but apparently he also knows where a super secret new tracking wunderwafle is on Snoke's 60-km long flagship is. I just don't have words for the casino subplot. In the middle of the thrilling chase, with just 16 hours of fuel left in the flagship, Finn and Rose call Maz (atrocious cameo) and learn that a)there is one person in the galaxy who can help them b) Maz conveniently knows where that person is right now, or conveniently he always is in one place c) that place is a planet convinently close enough to reach it, find the guy (in a huge, popular casino), and go back, later they find out that d) convinently there is a second guy who can do that e) convinently he is on the same planet f) convinently he was captured not too long before them g) convinently he was put in the same cell. Plus we waste a lot of time on some kids, some horses, and morals spelled out by Rose for the younger audience members, that would feel forced and out of place in Disney XD's Rebels, let alone here. They ofc course failed, and that was the point, but you can make characters learn from failures without inconclusively wasting half of the screentime on a series of extremely fortunate events. Hyperspace ramming literally breaks the setting. Literally literally, not figuratively literally. And could be done by the smaller ships earlier. Then the huge editing mess / plot armour bonanza in the hangar... and Phasma XDDDDDDDD Rey obviously gets up before Kylo and runs away. Look Rian, it doesn't matter that you lampshade her MaRey Sue powers earlier in the dialogue if you do this again. Then we go not Hoth to get another cheap bait and switch and learn how selfish is Rose. She has her reasons, but this makes the character even more unlikeable. People say Luke didn't leave steps in the salt... but he touched Leia, and gave her a projection of dice, I'm a bit confused about the physicality of this projection. We end with the whole Rebellion (they stopped calling it Resistance midway the movie) consisting of a dozen people and Rey about to succesfully restart the Jedi Order with zero training and some books. I wanted to walk out of the cinema, and... well the movie ended so I did. The lack of vision, of scope, any sense of scale, it's depressing. Seeing the casino, space battles, fleets of capital ships in the trailers I hoped that maybe we are going back to the Galaxy far far away, that Rian will try to fix what Abrams broke, introduce the New Republic, show us new interesting places, show us the grand scheme of things, the big picture, but he doubles down on the worst failiures of TFA, doesn't lift a finger to steer the saga back on track... and the saga is going down the path I can't follow, which breaks my heart. Episode 9 will be like superhero movies - the final battle with a dozen dudes punching each other. Someone said that maybe Filoni could fix this era like he did for many people with The Clone Wars, but I don't believe it is possible even for the only person left in Lucasfilms who understands Star Wars. With the Clone Wars we had blanks to fill, countless adventures and interesting events spread throughout the three years of the largest war the Galaxy has seen in a thousand years. Sequels... between the start of The Force Awakens and the end of The Last Jedi there is maybe a week. The whole New Republic with all its assets gets taken out of the picture with one strike and a few days long campaign. I didn't mention BB-8 at all because I repressed all the memories containg it. Every single scene with that thing was just so unbeliveably bad I wished they replaced it with Jar Jar.