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  1. Deluxe Premium Gold-plated Chinese High Fidelity Cardboard 2000 strikes again. The sets and ships and everything else cost as much as they do because FFG sees we will pay as much. It's not the price of misprinted cardboard or cheap plastic.
  2. eMeM

    Wave 6 Speculation

    Front guns + rear gun + turret arc would add up to 270 anyway, this time even harder to dodge. I think we will get the variant without outer ball turrets (often seen in TCW) and the devs will pretend the wing turrets don't exist. Front arc, rear arc, a lot of missiles.
  3. eMeM

    Wave 6 Speculation

    Tough choice for FFG here. On one hand LAAT would be a perfect opportunity to add another pointless Odd Ball, on the other hand the Twilight or one of the Jedi shuttles could bring us not one but two or more Anakins in one wave, as the contractually required Anakin pilot could be accompanied by a crew card or maybe even a gunner.
  4. eMeM

    Wave 6 Speculation

    Can I get some Fs in the chat for my man Davish "Stay On Target" Krail, gone and forgotten? I think R1/Scarif-themed card pack is more likely. The are so many missing Blue Squadron pilots it can't be a coincidence. And we were promised K-2SO.
  5. 11 day rule applies only to Premier level events, so they probably mean tournament legal*. *from a certain point of view
  6. The point is to answer questions, I'd argue there are more questions now that there would be if the points were known.
  7. Hehe, talking with a customer base when they failed to relay a month long delay to their distributors.
  8. Which I'm convinced is a book released for the sole purpose of trolling us, considering the sheer number of mistakes and dubious stats.
  9. That would be a huge waste. From what I've heard (at least some) non-US distributors have the wave sitting in warehouses, waiting for the release day. I also heard that FFG is atrocious at communicating with distributors so it's likely Australians didn't know the wave is delayed.
  10. You can make, own, and buy them but you can't sell them.
  11. Everything is illegal: You can't sell T-shirts, alt art cards, tokens, 3d-printed alternate models with anything relating to X-wing. Can't give them away for your patreon supporters either. I suppose if your tokens are different enough you could just call them "Spaceship Miniature Game Tokens" and hope someone stumbles upon them. Vassal and TTS ded. Apps of any kind are illegal, no exceptions (even if they are following all the guidelines, lol). Doesn't matter it's free, doesn't matter if it copies any content. Can I get an F in the chat for usable squad builders, and Fly Casual?
  12. eMeM

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    ARC sensor suite is about half the size of an entire N-1, and it has "reconnaissance" in its name. It doesn't make sense. And when they want to specify color, they do, there are a bunch of cards requiring "RED [ICON]".
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