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  1. eMeM

    Ahsoka and Cody form the Stream

    Gas clouds seem very strong against swarms, the more times you roll green dice the more you benefit from it, and against a swarm you will be defending more often than attacking.
  2. eMeM

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    It seems you can lose them by simly moving. If I'm reading it right they only "stick" on the turn you clipped them, so if they can't be placed in your front (or if you can move backwards) they will just stay in place on the next turn.
  3. eMeM

    Palpatine / Sidious Crew Upgrade

    I'm only saying most likely and not possibly because the spread shows him twice
  4. eMeM

    Palpatine / Sidious Crew Upgrade

    You can see Palpatine in the ARC spread so it will most likely be there.
  5. eMeM

    What's coming next?

    You are right, I did some measuring and (counting the cannons), if the CW version is 23,4m long, the A4 should be around 18m. If we take the original size as the correct one, longer should be ~20,5m. Based on the astromech size I'd say the original being 16,4m sounds closer to reality. Still longer than ARC's wingspan, but not dramatically.
  6. eMeM

    What's coming next?

    Republic Y-wing is a looong boi
  7. eMeM

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    That's because Legion doesn't do waves, and they would run out of space really fast listing particular expansions. Keyforge: Age of Ascension is also unreleased.
  8. eMeM

    What's coming next?

    For Scum: HH-87 Starhopper, used by Zygerrians and Hutts. Flarestar-class attack shuttle, aka Hondo's flying saucer Jr. Rogue-class doesn't fit Scum at all, it's a CIS fighter, Cad Bane had one, but he IIRC he got it from Sidious, to help with a job. In fact Bane has very close ties to the seppies, to the point of commanding frigates from time to time, and could be a Separatist ace.
  9. I agree that the Death Star battle is the uncontested champion of Star Wars space action, but you are seriously overselling the OT in the quantity department. Three named Y-wing, five X-wing pilots in ANH (if we count Gold Five and Red Leader as named), zero in TESB and zero in RotJ. In PT/TCW for some reason you don't count Jedi at all, and dismiss V-19 and Y-wing pilots because they appeared only in one battle, just like every ANH pilot except for Wedge. OT is also the Empire, with a grand total of 1 named pilots.
  10. eMeM

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    Qui-gon will come with his famous Summon Bigger Fish Force power.
  11. eMeM

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    No it wasn't, it's always had a proper name. People call it a Neimoidian Shuttle because it is a Neimoidian shuttle.
  12. eMeM

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    I think his point is that according to the rules the firing arc extends only to range 3 so attacks outside of range 3 wouldn't have to be performed in arc. This is of course unless the ability in question has more text that would force to measure arc beyond range 3, or the rules change.
  13. eMeM

    Where’s Aayla Secura??

    They have to save some big names for Eta-2 Actis and maybe a Jedi shuttle.
  14. eMeM

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    "Another pathetic lifeform"