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  1. Sure and Hans collaborated with Hermann when they were carrying their MG34 together. Totally unrelated to anything and useless for the purpose of naming products.
  2. Do you not understand the idea of context? In what world would anyone look at a Star Wars game box, see the word "Collaborators" and think, "ah yes, collaboration, the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal", and not immediately make a connection with wartime collaboration?
  3. You don't collaborate with the a resistance movement. What would be a difference between a resistance member and a resistance collaborator? Don't treat "collaborate" as a universal synonym to "work with", it has particular historical connotations and requires certain positions within a power structure. Collaborators are specifically traitors, even in the cited definition, and even though that one doesn't mention it, the most common understanding is they are working with the occupying force against their own people. Merriam-Webster: Definition of collaborator : a person who collaborates with another: such as : someone who assists an enemy (such as an invader or part of an occupying force) //… the Germans had allies and collaborators who, whether from conviction or perceived necessity, sought a privileged place in Hitler's New Order.— Robert Skidelsky The massive fleet Lando pulled out of his donkey are not collaborators because they aren't traitors, not even from the FO perspective. You don't call people whom you've attacked or whose territory you occupy traitors for opposing you. The Resistance wouldn't call The First Order "resistance fighters" from their perspective even though FO does resists them. Likewise you don't call people helping the resistance "collaborators". The resistance, resistance fighter, terrorist, partisan.
  4. There is about 0% chance they named a Resistance pack "Collaborators" unless they picked a random word from the dictionary. It's just a small leak, not a comprehensive list of all future releases, there may be any number of unannounced products between now and the release of those three packs. In fact, if you look at the product numbers, the next wave is SWZ69-71, then the card packs SWZ72-78 which is the highest I found, then there are four free spots and the leaked packs at SWZ83-85.
  5. You never know, the other two packs are based on Rebels, and "collaborators" perfectly describes Gar Saxon's mandos, while "Fugitives" may refer to the clans forced out of Mandalore by the Empire
  6. She was wearing the same, what do you call it, prosthetics? Dummy tummy? In all scenes. It's just clothes making it hard to tell.
  7. Most likely this scene happens after the opening of Episode 3.
  8. If you want to turn off you brain might as well watch the ceiling, no need to pay for cinema tickets.
  9. eMeM

    LAAT! Woohoo!

    True about the shape. There are ways to make them different from each other gameplay-wise, but yeah, how many shuttles does one faction need... and there is also the Theta-class from RotS, and LAAT/le aka police gunship from TCW and more in the EU
  10. eMeM

    LAAT! Woohoo!

    There is an armed variant in (supposedly canon) Forces of Destiny with two turrets on the sides.
  11. I don't understand. There must have been a mistake. It can't be. Where is Oddball?!
  12. eMeM

    Trouble at FFG

    X-wing app was not developed by FFI, it was/is outsorced (you can find to whom in the credits).
  13. Would you be okay with Episode X introducing mass produced Death Star pistols? After all Ewoks killed some stormtroopers so anything goes.
  14. And a "lazy designer". This is an exact copy of Imperial-I but with a stupid gun on the bottom... and upscaled 1.5 times because it would make too much sense for it to be a refit.
  15. I think it's just a marketing thing, it wasn't in the movie.
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