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  1. eMeM

    Upcoming Rules Reference

    This is the perfect solution IMO, I don't get why they didn't keep it like it was just plugging the exploit with fail action rules. There is nothing wrong with composure being not useless, especially in cases where it works exactly as intended - insurance in case you misjudged the distance. It costs points and a slot.
  2. eMeM

    Upcoming Rules Reference

    Since they made failing red actions stress you and "abusing" composure is out of the question, I think it unreasonable to keep locking an object mandatory.
  3. eMeM

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    Ah, and I thought the Corporate Defence Force would never show up.
  4. Um, ackchyually... that was a beta test not a launch, the part FFG skipped
  5. Unless I'm on a big tournament I'm not carrying the cards around. I take pilot cards to track damage and **** that has to be flipped from time to time, but that's it.
  6. The apps I used have data stored on the device and not download it every time I click a button so unless I updated it nothing could change. Screenshots won't cut it if I want to look at the card or show it to my opponent, unless I take two dozen screenshots for every list.
  7. Its problems are much deeper than the broken database shared with the webpage. It stores no data, which results in annoying load times every time you click anything, and it is unusable offline. You can't build a squad at home and take to the gaming pub basement because you can't even see your squad without internet connection.
  8. It's got bad reviews so it's hard to find. Look for "X-wing Squad Builder by FFG"
  9. I have it installed on my phone. Unless by "not an acuatl mobile app" you mean that it's basically just a website in its functionality.
  10. It's on the google store.
  11. Even the app is online only. It doesn't store ANYTHING. Cards, squads, formats, everything is being downloaded on the fly, that's why the insufferable load times every time you open a tab, and that's why it's completely unusable offline - can't build a squad, can't browse cards, can't load a saved squad.
  12. eMeM

    A New Era Begins... FFG Website Squad Builder Online!

    All formats are broken except for Extended.
  13. eMeM


    Every format except for the "Extended" appears to be broken. All upgrades with variable price cost 0 points. Anyone expected it to work day 1?
  14. eMeM

    A New Era Begins... FFG Website Squad Builder Online!

    presumably because it uses the forum account and you are trying to make a second one with the same e-mail
  15. eMeM

    Running to the new article!

    More countries have launch parties for sure, I know because I'm going to one that isn't on the list. Also worth noting that according to FFG the United Kingdom gained and regained quite a few colonies, like for example: Athens, Bern, Bratislava, Brno, Bucharest, Budapest, Perth, Praha, Saarbrücken