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  1. Oops, I must have been thinking about the 2 credits I have to pay to steal it. I was really miffed that I had to pay to steal...
  2. I'm fairly new to NetRunner so I'm not 100% on all the rules. I was making a run against my friend, who was playing as Jinteki. We were using jinteki.net and used the North American Championship decks for Runner and Corp. I wish I had written these cards down, but I'll try to explain the situation as best as I can. I make a run at his servers with 5 agenda points and 2 cards in my grip. The run is successful and I access Fetal AI which is worth 2 points. He pays 2 credits and the agenda deals 2 net damage to me: I lose my 2 cards. I pay 2 credits and then steal the agenda. At this point I should have 7 total points. However, Jinteki deals 1 net damage to me, so I lose a card I don't have and flatline. Does the Jinteki special effect resolve first killing me, or does stealing the agenda resolve first meaning I win?
  3. See if your FLGS sells Hyper Matte sleeves. I find them to be a bit better than the Pro Matte sleeves (in terms of feel) and they don't have that annoying shiny dot that covers up the bottom corner. (Which is odd because that's where important info is on Magic, Yugioh and X-Wing cards are!!) I picked up the clear hyper matte sleeves so I can see the back of each card, it helps me to quickly organize upgrades by type and pilots by faction. For the damage and upgrade cards I picked up clear Ultra Pro mini-American game card sleeves. They are nice and semi-rigid (a bit sharp in the corners). Unfortunately its a hit or miss, some of the sleeves are a bit wider so if you have OCD this could bother you. I opened a pack that was misaligned so those were useless. It's a bit of a gamble.
  4. If I need to play Epic or any other larger format, I have a ping-pong table I can use. It's just unwieldy for regular 3' x 3' games. I picked 4' x 4' because it would be replacing another square table. It's used for other table games such as cards or Mahjong or anything else that doesn't require a rectangular gaming table.
  5. LOL whoops. When I put this together I saw Kavil's ability and the title separately; didn't put much thought into how they would work together.
  6. Mauler Mithel: "When attacking at Range 1, roll 1 additional attack die." Does this take into account the fact that there is already a range combat bonus? So if I'm in range 1, I am rolling 4 dice? Wampa: "If you cancel a critical result, deal 1 facedown Damage card to the defender." Does this work with multiple crits? If I roll 2 critical results and cancel all my dice, do I give 1 facedown Damage or 2 facedown Damage?
  7. Guri (30) Veteran Instincts (1) Virago (1) Accuracy Corrector (3) Talonbane Cobra (28) Predator (3)Kavil (24) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Twin Laser Turret (6) Total points: 96/100 What do you think? C/C welcome. I would like to add more, but I'm not sure what to add.
  8. Junjie2

    "Saving" a game

    How long is very long? Quickest game I've played is about an hour. It makes me really reconsider getting into the competitive scene because with 3-4 swiss rounds at 75 min+ each and then even more rounds if you make it to the top is like...a whole day. Most tournaments, from many systems are at least a day in length, if not a weekend Reminds me of my high school debate days, spending my Saturdays from 7am-5pm verbally pummeling other kids. Except I don't have that kind of time anymore, and I don't have that kind of energy, either.
  9. Circle also works, and is more easily convertible to non-3 matches as well. Ooh I like that idea. Any tips on marking off the play area? Masking tape?
  10. Junjie2

    "Saving" a game

    How long is very long? Quickest game I've played is about an hour. It makes me really reconsider getting into the competitive scene because with 3-4 swiss rounds at 75 min+ each and then even more rounds if you make it to the top is like...a whole day.
  11. I picked up all 3 factions so that I could have a 2v2v2 match with all my friends. I need a triangular table though.
  12. I've considered doing this with an existing folding table I have in storage. I might do this as a temporary tabletop until I have time to spend on a more elaborate table. Does the tabletop slide around on the folding table at all?
  13. I disagree. I would argue that IA is chosen after you pick an astromech, not the other way around. Besides, if you really want a shield upgrade, you could just add the shield upgrade for 3 points. This is giving you an astromech ability that will also function as a shield in emergencies. IA for 0 points is an incredible upgrade for no cost. Giving it a -2 cost would be overpowered.
  14. I went to a fabric store the other day to take a look at the selection - felt is probably not what I was imagining. I was imagining pool table or poker table felt/cloth. Something that's smooth for card games and other board games.
  15. Oops. Totally blanked on his ability when I picked it. Removed Failsafe. He always hits; he doesn't need it. I like the possibilities with thread tracers. Unfortunately they have yet to be released.
  16. Has anyone tried a Z-95 swarm? Airen Cracken (19) Cluster Missiles (4) Munitions Failsafe (1) Total: 23 points Lt Blount (17) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Munitions Failsafe (1) Total: 21 points 4 x Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Total: 52 points That leaves 3 extra points for an EPT on one or both named pilots. If I go Bandit Squadron Pilot then I'll have 7 left over points for EPTs. I took Ion Pulse Missiles on Blount to use his ability, at least I'll be able to "disable" one of my opponent's ships for 2 turns.
  17. I've introduced 3 other people to X-wing so far, and this is what I've gathered: it depends on the player. I had a friend who played very many strategy games and has an interest in miniatures. He actually asked me a night before for a copy of the rulebook so he could read up on the actions, phases, movement, etc. I gave him a deck of pilot cards and upgrades and I let him go at it. Very little instruction required and he had a decent 100 pt list and was ready to fly. I had another friend who plays party games, board games, and other casual-type games. But since I kept talking about X-Wing, he was interested to see what it was all about. Now this is a friend that I threw into a 2v2 game with 100 pts and tons of upgrades. It can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is just exploring the game and world of miniatures. I would have rather introduced him by playing without upgrades just so he can learn the mechanics before I add on another layer of flavor. All in all, I think depending on the player's experience with miniature gaming, you start them off at different points. You'd start someone who is completely new at a very basic level. You'd start someone who is an average gamer at a bit higher level. And you'd start someone who is an experienced player at the highest level.
  18. What do you think? Ello Asty Outmaneuver Integrated Astromech + R2 Astromech Poe Dameron PTL IA + BB-8 Blue Ace IA + R7-T1
  19. Ion Pulse Missiles says that on hit, I deal 1 damage and 2 ion tokens. If I have Lt Blount equipped with Ion Pulse Missiles and my opponent evades all my dice, then my opponent still takes 1 damage and 2 ion tokens? If so, is there an EPT that allows me an additional secondary weapon?
  20. I've never thought of Integrated Astromech in this way. This makes a lot of sense combined with IA being used as a last-resort-please-let-me-stay-on-the-board move.
  21. I see so many X-wings take integrated astromech, but I just don't understand the strategy here. If I'm equipping BB-8 or R2-D2, or any other astromech for that matter, I want to be able to continue using them. When and where do I actually use the integrated astromech? Is it just for emergencies, like if I'm down to 1-2 hull and I need to survive one more round or do people use it early on to mitigate damage?
  22. I was so hoping that this would actually be this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0cgQkT4ScQ
  23. Where were you when I was in school? I would have LOVED to take an elective on X-Wing minis. A bit off topic, but I'm incredibly curious, is it just a class where students play X-Wing or is there more to it?
  24. I was planning on using some 4x4s stained and sealed as table legs. Going for a really plain, sturdy aesthetic. But pre-fab might be cheaper and easier.
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