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  1. I like the snow & camo AT-STs, it's a nice touch!
  2. I've just finished the board for the game, I made it completely from scratch, the images are mostly taken from Wookiepedia. Note that both Coruscant and Geonosis are always loyal to their corresponding sides. And the other possible starting positions are shown below. You can read more about this game on my website. P.S. I explain these --> on my website.
  3. Ok, I've got the rest of the leaders created, in roughly alphabetical order: You can see all the images here on my website.
  4. Hi! Using Tinycards, a memorising tool by the creators of Duolingo, I've created a deck to help learn Aurabesh, the language of Star Wars! You can learn Aurabesh now here! "Good luck learning the language of Star wars!"
  5. I did think of using that, but I decided I would prefer to keep it two players and just roll the dark lord in with the Separatists. Personally, I think that the hardest part to implement will be Order 66. I'll still need to make it possible for the Republic to win, because otherwise Order 66 is just an immediate win for the Separatists.
  6. Hi guys, Yesterday I released a new review on Runebound, you can read it here. If you have any thoughts about it, don't hesitate to share them below. Regards, IrishCyborg
  7. Most likely, the Separatists will have objective cards to win, although some of their missions may also give VP. Republic will probably win once the dark lord has been revealed. Even though that is not thematically correct, seeing as Palpatine was revealed but still won, I still think it is the best win condition for the Republic. Regards, IrishCyborg
  8. I've created a form to sign up to playtest this game using Vassal here. If you have time to spare playtesting, please do, the more playtesters the better the game is for everyone! Here's one of the planned Republic figures, the Venator -class star cruiser. I digitally rendered this using Krakelin's 3D model. Regards, IrishCyborg
  9. I've actually got the rules mostly ironed out, I'm currently typing them down. The separatists use this Dark lord leader and can reveal him using special missions. He does not have to be Palpatine, he could be Kenobi or any other Republic leader. The map will also probably be different, to include planets like Teth and Cristophsis (is that how you spell it?) Regards, IrishCyborg
  10. Another leader: General Grievous, ground tactic value is incorrect and should be 2.
  11. Hi! I'm creating a prequel expansion to Star Wars Rebellion. The expansion's current working name is Star Wars: The Clone Wars board game. Just stressing something; Disney, Lucasfilm, and FFG endorse this game in no way. I've started work on the leaders, with many of their first iterations ready. I will be playtesting this game using Vassal, there will be a sign-up form soon. A preview of Darth Vader. You may notice the little lightsaber, that's a new skill called Force. The reason he has one less diplomacy than in Rebellion is because he is still filled with hate. You can read more about this fan made expansion on my blog here. Regards, IrishCyborg
  12. Hi everybody! Today I'm reviewing Rebellion, so if you're thinking about buying, give it a read here . Special thanks to @Hoggarth for giving me some advice on reviewing. Regards, IrishCyborg
  13. Thanks! That's a good idea, I'll make sure to include that in my next post on Wednesday.
  14. I actually have Twilight Imperium, I do like it, but it's hard to find someone(EDIT: 5 someones.) to play it with. Thanks, I'll have a look at this.
  15. Hi guys, I've written a review on my new site for this game, if you're thinking about buying give it a read here! If you do read it, I'd love some feedback! Regards, IrishCyborg