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  1. When I attempt to download this on mac, it only shows the background image. I can't access the character generator.
  2. The newest episode in this story arc is up! You can find "The Sealed Gate" this week at wellthatdidntwork.podbean.com and we will post another episode next Monday! Listen to both so you're all caught up for our Twitch stream next Tuesday!!!
  3. Right now they reside in a large campground in a forest on the border of Crane and Lion lands Lion lands. I don’t know if that exists for sure, but it does for us. They’ve concealed their location with a strange kind of magic (still haven’t decided if advanced invocation or maho) and they send out small (2-3 at a time) parties to scout and communicate with other clans in the land. Theyve just made their their first big move though in backing the Crane claim on Toshi Ranbo in our game and working with the Crane clan magistrate there.
  4. So I have introduced a new clan of Ronin into my L5R world called the Wolf clan. They are made made up of 400 Ronin who follow the Wolf spirit (it’s yet to be seen if the spirit is Kami or Oni) named Yama, who communicates regularly with the “clan’s” leader named Gryo Ricco (previously Hida Atamasu, a precious winner of the Topaz Championship who willingly went ronin and stripped himself of his family name) if anyone wants to use this clan his clan in their games, feel free, and ask any questions you would have here, it would probably help me to flesh them out a bit more anyway!! if you want to keep up with what the Wolf clan is up to, follow our podcast at wellthatdidntwork.podbean.com and look for the Warriors Path show!
  5. Hey everyone, what do you think one might find on Rakata Prime? Other than destroyed bits of the Star Forge and lots of interesting and foreign species, I’m curious as to what leftovers of Rakatan civilization might be found. I like including Rakatan stuff in my campaigns. There is so little lore on them that I feel freedom to add color to the gray areas which gives a new kick to Star Wars fluff that people don’t expect. If you want to hear my current take, you can check out our podcast at wellthatdidntwork.podbean.com and look for the Survival story arc! GM Percy
  6. Hey everyone, if you haven’t made it around to the Well That Didn’t Work Podcast yet, we are about halfway through our Edge of the Empire campaign (moving to Age afterward) centered around the planet Taris. Would love for you to stop by, check us out, and maybe leave a review! You can find us on iTunes or wherever else you podcast but here is a link to our podbean if you prefer to not search: wellthatdidntwork.podbean.com
  7. Ladies and gents and non gender-binaries, our podcast just released our 22nd episode about a rebellion forming on Taris 10 years (or so) before the rebellion proper, with Justus Tanniel (Moff and founder of the Storm commandos) as our primary villain. If you dont don’t check out anything else, check out the Rogue Moon Heist story arc. It’s been fantastic and we are very proud of the resulting media. You can find that episode by clicking right here or searching for “Well That Didn’t Work” wherever you listen to podcasts.
  8. The campaign proper begins today! Episode 1 of "Warriors Path - The New Magistrates" is available HERE or wherever you find your podcasts ALSO: Episode 2 will hit on Wednesday because we have some really exciting news! Next Tuesday (2/26/19) We will begin streaming our L5R sessions on Twitch monthly, and we want everyone to have a chance to catch up on the first two! You can follow us on Twitch NOW and look out for our full, weekly Twitch schedule that will begin to take place in March. We have received a lot fo good feedback so far, and we love hearing from everyone who is listening! Truly we are blown away by the response here in the forums, on comments, and on our reviews, so keep it coming, and keep on sharing!
  9. Friends and followers, the last of our origin stories is up for consumption wherever you podcast! Warriors Path Ep 0.4: Shosuro Junji is available now! Keep an ear out next month as we shift from weekly short sessions to longer monthly shows, as well as the debut of Honor and Glory, our show revolving around rules discussions in Rokugan, the first of which is devoted entirely to describing the Honor mechanic, the first of 3 "bridge/social" mechanics in the game!
  10. Since I last posted, we have published two more origin stories. Ive started a thread where I’m posting with each new show, so follow there if you want to make sure to not miss anything! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/288825-new-podcast-for-our-fellow-rokugani/
  11. Episode 0.3, the origin story of our Phoenix shugenja, Isawa Airie, went up yesterday! Give it a listen! PSA: I’ve heard the feedback on giving the players a chance to physically describe their characters! We have recorded episodes through March already, but I wanted the opinion of the masses! Would you rather wait until april to have those descriptions included in that episode, or would you like a stand-alone short episode that is just the physical description and a bit of extra background on the characters?
  12. Episode 0.2 is up! Mirumoto Dip Thong goes through the process of the Genpuku ceremony at the Iron mountain Dojo in our second origin story episode. Hope you all enjoy! And keep the feedback coming! While we do have a backlog of episodes already ready to be published (Through March with one longer, full party episode in Feb and March) this all helps us to think about the things that matter to our listeners for the future. Also, keep an ear out for our rules discussion show called "Honor and Glory" starting next month, and if you have suggestions on rules discussions, questions you've personally had about the rules, etc. let us know!
  13. Hey everyone! I’ve never posted to the Star Wars forums before, but my podcast just released our 17th Episode of our Star Wars show on the “Well That’s Didn’t Work” Podcast! If you don’t want to catch up on the whole series, this story arc just started and it is INCREDIBLE fun! The podbean link is: https://wellthatdidntwork.podbean.com/ but you can also find us on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else. Stop by, subscribe, like, download, and leave us your feedback!
  14. Ill try to respond effectively to each thing, but first, thanks for your feedback!!! 1) I realized that after our recording and re-reading through those rules, we will be rectifying that ruling in the future! 2) on initiative you are for sure correct, that was a blunder on my part, being more familiar with the beginner box rules...oops! 3) You're right, we should write them down and reveal, and may even use playing cards for it in the future. It's tough to figure out the best way to do a podcast recording, but we WILL figure it out. 4) You're right about that too! for the sake of the drama of movement, we wanted to express things a little more narratively, kind of like a wrestling match. there was always a boundary they couldnt really exit and it still be considered a duel, but because of the tension of the scene I intentionally twisted that rule. Thanks so much again for your feedback and response!
  15. Hey again Hooly, i tried to shoot you a message but it said you were unable to receive them on here. Is there a good way for me to contact you? or will your people just call my people?
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