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  1. I am working on Old Ben, Farm Luke, and Leia for CLS, and trying to get Resistsnce Trooper to 5* for (hopefully) a 5* unlock of whatever FO toon they drop. If the new Rey event takes the VS duo, I will just have to miss it.
  2. I'm not sure you can hit the altar unless the other toons are dead. Could be wrong though.
  3. If you look at the altar portrait in the top right when you target it you will see its health bar. i auto'd through the bonus tier, twice. So i missed out on the initial 25 crystals. Ugh.
  4. I don't mind the Territory Battles, but I think they could have warned everyone going in that it will be extremely hard to do very well in them. Once they reduce the phase timer to 12 hours they will go a lot faster. But they really should randomize the platoons better. It seems like you draw about 5 useless toons each time you spawn a TB that are required for 4 out of the 6 platoons. And then they require these same guys at EVERY phase. So if you only have two Lobots in your guild currently, then from the outset if you drew Lobot as one of your five useless toons that TB, you are pretty much guaranteed to only fill a max of 2 platoons each time. Repeat for Ugnaught or Imagundi or Jedi Guardian or Coruscant Policeman, etc. And if you don't have raid Han you are not going to go 6 of 6, period. I don't understand saying they are pointless though. They are just another way to grind out gear and toons, especially for lower level players. And that is, at its core, what the game is all about. Right now, the only real way to help lower players in the guild is by donating gear one or two pieces at a time. With TBs, I can use my whole roster to help give these guys a boost. The inherent problem, in my mind, is the fact that for the TB being a great way to help some lower tier guildies, the difficulty of it and the low level of rewards for the length of time it takes to complete a cycle, runs directly counter to the aforementioned goal. I think they need to scale up the TB rewards, and use the TB rewards for stuff geared towards the non-elite players. Move the T12 gear, Yoda shards, and rare drops to the guild rewards store, where the reward scale is designed to reward those with better rosters and/or more advanced players, ie folks that probably really need/want those things. This way TB's can act as an effective feeder store for less advance players to be able to gear up for the raids better. And this would better match the implicit TB goal (based on the TBs uniform reward structure) as a mechanic to allow advance guild members to further help less advance guild mates.
  5. Yeah, I think we are going to bump Rancor up a notch soon. It was over pretty quickly.
  6. I think we are getting close to this. Still might take us about a week.
  7. Where is the best place to find the FAQ? I must be blind or something. I have looked all over the forums.
  8. On a different note, I just finished the first Aftermath book, and honestly, I couldn't be more disappointed. I'll still read the others to catch up on the new canon for Star Wars, but the book was disappointing. I keep waiting for the book or movie that actually can come out and treat both sides with some modicum of dignity and respect. Somehow, the transition of the Old Republic to the Empire made ground troops insanely incompetent, all of the leaders to be power-hungry, blood thirsty fools, and most every member of the Rebellion/New Republic have nine lives and infinite power-ups. Probably one of the worst parts of the book was portraying the Empire as in league with the corrupt underground/mafia/smugglers/Hutts/every other black market criminal organization around. To me, this just defies reality on every level and just cheapens the Empire to pathetic caricatures. I'll stop my rant now.
  9. Well, at this point, I'll have FOTP at 5*, Phasma and Kylo at 7*, and FOO and FOST at 3* for the BB-8 event. Doubt I can get the last two to 4* before the event runs it's course, but it might be possible. If BB-8 is minimal 5* unlock, then I won't get there, but at least I won't be wasting the investment. FO can only get more relevant the closer we get to the new movie release. Who knows, they may even do something crazy like rework them and make them meta viable. I still think it's a good idea for everyone to be working on FO and Resistance in prep for the movie. No doubt they will be releasing new FO toons that will require Resistance to unlock.
  10. Do we know if it is a Thrawn/R2D2 type event (high unlock) or Scoundrel Han type event (low unlock)?
  11. My snowtrooper is still too low. 4*, gear 7. Dies waay to quickly. Just don't have my Empire squad geared nearly enough yet.
  12. I tried it once and got massacred again. Probably won't bother with it.
  13. I still say R2 is first. Want to place a friendly wager? Say 5 furnaces or droid callers on it?
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