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  1. Scum doesn't need YTs, but hopefully with the Han spinoff they at least get a Lando.
  2. Honestly, I think IA is the only FFG game that tries to obey canon where prequel factions would make sense, but maybe I just really want to see a Grievous mini
  3. I know this is a joke, but Mother Talzin is also dead, so that's fairly unlikely
  4. Feedback Array already hangs around
  5. You seem to be mistaken, they haven't added Darth Maul yet
  6. Keep in mind they seem to have Fenn Rau on their side in season 3, so presumably they've got a bunch of Mandalorians helping out as well.
  7. I'm personally hoping for Vulture Droids, because it has always felt to me like they should still be in use in the OT time period, at least by crime syndicates willing to buy old army surplus.
  8. I don't think its that easy, he's been talking about wanting revenge and taking justice into his own hands the whole show, really. He's normally pretty unrestrained with his emotions.
  9. SaltyPete

    Tie Fighter

    Not only is it a quality name, but its also a perfect allusion to the 90s Capcom fighting game, X-Men vs Street Fighter, in two ways!
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