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  1. -when you have a ship the size of a city but can still forget where you parked it.
  2. I found it useful to take it a step at a time and explain things as they came up.
  3. when a inquisitor orders the world your on killed just to get you and you send him the reply "OK" as you do it.
  4. When to kill a few cultists the easy answer is to viral bomb the planet. When it quickly becomes the ONLY option as you keep playing. While demons are feared monsters you've fought the same demon so many times you're on a first name basis and both agree to stop for food before fighting.
  5. When your tech priest breaks into you hold, unlocks you sleeping necron cargo to use them as live sized chest pieces. when the player using a deathwatch marine is the lightest armed and armored player you have.
  6. When a marine decides the best way to move forward is to meltabomb walls down rather then use the door, on your own space ship. When you convince the GM walking across the hull is faster then walking inside your ship. Finally when the team launches on a boarding torpedo into the foe's main ship but die as the ship is blasted to pieces as no one told their allies (or ship captain) what they were doing.
  7. On planets the generators for the shields are the size of ships or countless generators city wide (you can build a lot in a hive city). The height reason is the shield on cities focus all their force in a 180 degree area further strengthening it. It also alloys air in and out (no to mention cars). Is does tend for the defensive wall setup (in a way anchoring the shield) that leads to the land invasion. I also read in one of the story books (not sure which one) but on planets the actual generator is too big for a ship to mount and while only large cities like forts and hives have one at all. On my original question thanks for the book reference. My situation was I wanted to blast a building full of orcs rather then let them chases us (we were on the planet already) or at least blast near enough to distract them.
  8. My GM doesn't have rules for calling in a planetary bombardment while the team is planet side. Does anyone know in which book they would be, or what they would be?
  9. Thanks these guides look neat
  10. I'm looking for ideas on how to add an eldar as a crew member. Any ideas?
  11. Blood wolves. Spaced based chapter with no home world. Where I got creative was after rolling that they are a blood angles successor, have no librarians, and have inquisitors as foes. So my story... All members of the blood wolves suffer the red thirst that hurts the blood angels. Initiates go mad almost as soon as training starts. In desperation the chapter turned to the teck priests. Every member has a part of their brain removed to remove the psychic connection to the angel's primarch. While many are killed those who don't have the lost brain parts replaced by implants. this makes them seam detached and emotionless in a way too like a machine. they fear the inquisitor as the extensive modifiers to their minds makes them more like servitors the marines.
  12. Perhaps make it so that turning around takes a half action, no dodging, and a -20 agility penalty.
  13. Does anyone have any ideas on how an oblitiator (sorry if spelt worng) could be used as a player class.
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