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  1. My FLGS was showing me their distributors site and they have it listed as Oct 18.
  2. Is Oct 18 now the date? Seems Asmodee Europe branches have made announcements as such, USA side distributors are listing it as their dates.
  3. I always felt we were missing a large part of the story regarding the Knights of Ren. I would have liked to know more, see them in action etc.
  4. MM won't be shipping until Oct 4 at the earliest, now, likely later based on the recent email that was sent out
  5. Wonder if people who see this tomorrow and order from MM will still get a shipment notice.
  6. How do we know Disney interfered with the release schedule?
  7. Let hope first week in October is realistic
  8. Should find out this week if the 27th is true. Unlikely to be the 20th if things are just shipping now
  9. Amazon is showing November 29 for me still.
  10. Not looking likely for Sept 20? Would we have heard news of a “yes” by now?
  11. Should be fairly easy to find someone locally at your FLGS to split the core set of Clone Wars, you take the Droids and they take the Clones. Might be tougher to find someone to split the original core set. Might get lucky and find someone locally selling their Empire squad though.
  12. GAR = Grand Army of the Republic, the Clones. CIS = Confederate of Independent Systems, Separatists, the Droids.
  13. I know we only have a couple weeks left in Q3, have any distributors or FLGS seen real dates yet?
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