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  1. I was running a Fenn Party Boat ordinance list, but with deadeye nerfed, had to try a new list idea: Fenn Rau Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Title Bossk Adaptability + 4-Lom + Zuckus + Dengar Binayre Pirate x2 Black Market Slicer Tools Thoughts on the competitive value of this list?
  2. Looks like Dengar might not be a good counter part to Asajj. What do you think of this list? Asajjaroo Asajj PTL+Engine Upgrade+K4+Shadow Caster+BMST Manaroo Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+Boba Fett+Punishing One+R4 Agromech or Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+K4+Punishing One+Unhinged
  3. Been seeing a lot of Manaroo use along with Asajj various pairings. Been thinking/tinkering with this list: Asajj PTL+Gyroscopic Targeting+Ketsu Onyo+Shadow Caster Dengar Lone Wolf+Counter-Measures+Zuckuss+Punishing One+R5P8 This gives the heavy hitting Dengar in a list with a tanky 'support' ship where Asajj's sole purpose is to tractor those that Dengar targets and with Ketsu, those tractor beams will still be around the next round when Dengar can shoot first. I originally tried a similar list with Manaroo, but felt Dengar can do more oomph with his ability. Thoughts?
  4. Tried this list out a couple times, but lost. I think it's more of a matter of me flying the shadow caster better. I also am contemplating taking K4 out and put in boba fett on manaroo to add in some extra fear on getting hit with proton torps
  5. Idea is to have three PS 9 ships, Teroch's ability will remove tokens, Zuckuss shoots first in hopes to hitting the tractor, which can be set up for some big hits on any ship. Zuckuss VI FCS Gunner Title+Tractor Beam Teroch VI Autothrusters Fenn PTL Autothrusters Title
  6. My current list is: Omicron+Palp (what palp does best) Ryad+PTL+X7 (Evade, Target Lock, Focus actions) Vessery+Adaptability (+1)+Tractor Beam+TIE/D - first to shoot in hopes the tractor beam will hit, which gives potentially 3 focus fired attacks with one less agility die on the defender
  7. Been working the following list: Fenn's Party Boat Slaver 4 Lom+Zuckuss+Dengar Scout Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Boba Fett+Guidance Chips Fenn Rau PTL+Autothrusters Wanted to get peoples' thoughts on the following: Asajjaroo Manaroo Punishing One+Push The Limit+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+K4 Securirt+Black Market Slicer Tools+Unhinged Astromech Asajj Ventress Push The Limit+Gyroscopic Targeting+Ketsu Onyo+Shadow Caster+ Black Market Slicer Tools The hope is to get Asajj tractor someone and give Manaroo some options on how to melt those with the one less agility die.
  8. Yeah, it seems like the consensus is that the title card is really only situational and if I perform well with Fenn, he will never be in range 1 of arc of another fighter (or that's the hope). Below is the revised list I am going to try to roll with moving forward: Slaver 4LOM+Zuckuss+Dengar Scout Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+Boba Fett Fenn Rau PTL+Autothrusters
  9. Wanted to update on this list and just played a game tonight against a Dengaroo using: Fenn Party Boat Slaver Zuckus+4Lom+Dengar Contracted Scout Dead Eye+Guidance Chips+Boba Fett+Plasma Torps+Extra Munitions Fenn Rau PTL+Autothrusters+Title Lost Fenn Rau early as I was foolish to joust Dengar, but clutch by the boat (4 crits) melted Dengar and the scout finished Manaroo All in all, if someone can fly Fenn in this list with finesse, it is a very very killer list.
  10. Tried to tweak this list a lot and wanted to see if 4Lom or Boba Fett is better in this list: Slaver Zuckuss+Dengar Scout Deadeye+Proton Torps+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+Boba Fett (to take advantage of the crit in the torps) Fenn Rau PTL+Autothrusters+Concorde Dawn The other option is to take out Boba, throw 4Lom on the Slaver, and take the Proton Torps down to Plasmas and get a 99 point bid. Any thoughts/suggestions on this one?
  11. I personally like a fully loaded regen poetry. His ability and gaining shields with r5p9 is always something I try to add in my rebel lists.
  12. Sorry ye, I'm so used to them just being there I forgot to actually write it down. I'm leaning slightly towards the protons at the moment because I'm thinking (ideally) Fenn will shoot first, so there may not be any shields left after that plus the torp damage. That said its all very situation and I can see that aggromech will be useful later in the game as well. If there is a way to drop even more points to get enough for the aggromech as well? Name of this thread not withstanding, would it be possible to replace Fenn with any of the other name fang's? maybe VI Teroch? Another thought if you can fit Boba on the scout to give those proton torps more oomph and give them a reason to be scared, especially the low agility ships.
  13. I personally tried a list for a casual tournament where I went 3-0 Vessery VI+Tractor+TIE/D Ryad Juke+TIE/X7 Inquisitor PTL+TIE/X1+Autothrusters
  14. There are a lot of ideas with the new Wave 9 available to a few who got it during gen con. However, I saw a very nasty list that I played against; Zuckuss VI+Mist Hunter/Tractor Beam+Gunner+Fire Control System Kavil Marksmanship+Autoblaster Turret+Unhinged Astromech Talonbane (which can be replaced with another ship; maybe Manaroo) The first two ships make a vicious combo, especially if you can get out of arc for Kavil at range 1
  15. Is Dead Eye absolutely necessary on the scout? If not, I think I am going to go with: The FENN BUS Slaver 4 LOM+Zuckuss+Dengar Contracted Scout Proton Torpedoes+Extra Munitions+Guidance Chips+Boba Fett Fenn Rau PTL+Autothrusters+Concord Dawn Protectorate
  16. Some people got them at Gen Con when they were released at the beginning of Aug.
  17. I came up with a list similar to this last week: Fennaroo Bus Slaver 4-Lom, Zuckuss, Dengar Manaroo Deadeye, Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips, Boba Fett Fenn Rau Adaptability, Autothrusters, Concrod Dawn Protectorate I lose PTL on Fenn, which might be a no-no, but the use of Manaroo, Proto Torps with Boba Fett could easily have the opponent losing a clutch card. In two games I played, I took out Palp in the shuttle and Punishing One on Dengar.
  18. I love Asajj, but I was thinking this list with the two Protectorates Fenn | Push The Limit+Autothrusters+Concord Dawn Protector Old Teroch | Veteran Instincts+Autothrusters (or Concord Dawn Protector) Zuckuss | Veteran Instincts+Mist Hunter+Tractor Beam+Gunner+Fire Control System This way, all three fighters are at PS9 and you can have some interesting combination of firing and attacks. I have an actual Asajj build, but need some testing before I can share if it's workable or not.
  19. The idea of Boba Fett excites me. Definitely going to try out the following list: "The Fennaroo Bus" Trandoshan Slaver 4-LOM Zuckuss Dengar Manaroo Deadeye Proton Torpedoes Extra Munitions Guidance Chips Boba Fett Fenn Rau Adaptability Autothrusters Concord Dawn Protector The final question/modify would be: Deadeye over BMST? I am thinking deadeye is better. HOWEVER, BMST would make manaroo pretty useful once ordinances have been used. Thoughts?
  20. I think that 3rd ship is definitely going to be the 'variable' in a lost of lists. I personally don't have a 2nd jumpmaster and spent money on the YV-666, so I want to make good on my purchases, which is why I want the party bus to work in this list.
  21. In my limited games with Fenn, the times I had auto thrusters, I think I only triggered it 1 time tops. Fearlessness is definitely a 'threat' play as people don't want to deal with 5 red dice with 1 additional auto hit at range 1 in jousting (potential 6 hits). It definitely will keep people avoiding that initial joust. I know it will be a matter of time people will learn to counter that, but until then, I like it when people freak out about the damage output you can with Fearlessness. I think in this instance, it is very situational on if you want to be more offensive or defensive.
  22. True. But I feel like there are a lot of lists where stress will be a common appearance. Nevertheless.... dropping BMST and downgrading to plasma torps for: "The Manarau Bus" Slaver 4-Lom Zuckuss Dengar Manaroo Deadeye Plasma Torps Extra Munitions Guidance Chips Recon Specialist Fenn Rau Fearlessness Concord Dawn Protectorate
  23. Interesting suggestions. Any thoughts on Slaver 4-Lom Zuckuss Dengar Manaroo Deadeye Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions Guidance Chips Recon Specialist Black Market Slicer Tools Fenn Rau Adaptability Concord Dawn Protector You can replace Slicer Tools for Fearlessness instead of Adaptability, but I really like the idea of slicer tools to any ace that tries to PTL since that is a potential face card down damage on them. This could be a great late game ability once manaroo unloads all the ordinance. Unless Recon Specialist is not a huge requirement, then that would be able to fit fearlessness and proton torps. Looks like there are some options here.
  24. Thoughts on another scum list that I am trying to work out here: Trandoshan Slaver 4-Lom Zuckuss Dengar Contracted Scout Deadeye Proton Torpedoes Extra Munitions Guidance Chips Recon Specialist Black Market Slicer Tools Fenn Rau Fearlessness Concord Dawn Protector The Trandoshan Slaver would be to handle any ships with low agility (even some with 2 green dice). The scout would be used to take on any ships with a lot of health and Fenn Rau is there to help with clean up and dogfight with some aces. Another option is to replace Recon Specialist with Autothrusters on Fenn and you get a 99 point squad with potential initiative. Thoughts?
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