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  1. Does anybody know if FFG made a book where characters can play halflings and orgres? Or halflings or ogres stat blocks so they can fight them? If so, does anybody have it for sale? My playgroup recently found this game, and wanted to give it a go. We are having a blast with it so far...
  2. Good morning. Is there any good/easy way to make custom officer/leader cards? I looked at Kuyat Drive, but those are for ships/squadrons/etc. I did not see a place to make officers. Thank you. Richard
  3. I'd love to see an expansion with Disney's Galaxy's Edge's Batuu in it... Anyone else?
  4. Just saw some new capitol ships on Rise of the Resistance ride at Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge! Lets hope they get made!
  5. Here is the form folks! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/support/ Send in those e-mails asking for support and MORE SHIPS!
  6. Thanks! I wasn't too sure as I could not find any actual info on it.
  7. Funny.. I seem to remember that FFG was going to add ships from the Clone Wars era. And since Legion: The Clone Wars is out now, I was thinking the time was right to release some of that information But I have not seen any actual info on that. Is there some information out there? Or was I really drinking heavily that night and dreamt it? Thanks!
  8. Good morning all, I am in the need of some clarity... Last weekend, I was playing a hecka good Armada game with my SSD, and I got hit with a critical of Coolant Discharge. I probably don't need to tell you all , but for reference: Coolant Discharge - Ship - Only one attack you perform each round can target a ship. So even with the might of the SSD being able to shoot out of three hull zones, am I still limited to only shooting once per round at a ship, but still fire my anti-squadrons twice? We did play it that way, which REALLY hindered my SSD's shooting phase... And after the game, we both thought it was too crippling. What do you all think about that? Did I play the card correctly, or (as Ev and I discussed after the game) that card should only mean I lose one shot at a ship, and not two... Thanks!
  9. So as this is now cannon, any idea on stats? Or if FFG will release this as a playable model?
  10. My two pence.... I don't think a Huge ship will be announced while the SSD is shipping. I personally see it to be two large based ships for the rebels to counter the SSD. Give 'em enough to stand up to the SSD. Make it a better playing field for the treacherous rebellion. No guess on what they are though...
  11. That is what I was thinking... Thank you for verifying it.
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