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  1. My two pence.... I don't think a Huge ship will be announced while the SSD is shipping. I personally see it to be two large based ships for the rebels to counter the SSD. Give 'em enough to stand up to the SSD. Make it a better playing field for the treacherous rebellion. No guess on what they are though...
  2. That is what I was thinking... Thank you for verifying it.
  3. The unique limited... Is it per named pilot or per named ship? I cannot remember...
  4. I use this guy for my squadron cases and 'tools' https://www.zoro.com/stanley-portable-tool-box-19-2932w-x-12-516d-stst19900/i/G7617267/ This for the actual squadron cases https://www.zoro.com/westward-adjustable-box-compartments-3-to-18-2hfr3/i/G0455183/ This for all my tokens https://www.zoro.com/westward-adjustable-box-compartments-6-to-18-2hfr4/i/G1817812/ and when I get more ships, I add on these https://www.zoro.com/stanley-tool-organizer-plastic-clear-top-stst14440/i/G7515401/ Plus Zoro has free shipping over $50 and usually has a sale, so you can get them even cheaper...
  5. I would like "I want all of them, Skum included" or " `As long as there is new ships, I really don't care" options. 😉
  6. I'm hoping THAT is NOT the announcement they had planned for Adepticon....
  7. I have a special fondness for the Interdictor,
  8. Well, I do not see any mention of any RPGs, so are they dead too? I think not!
  9. Actually, I would like to see a Naboo Fighter pack, or .... Bear me out.... A new Rogues and Villains pack. Instead of fighters, we get other single ships.
  10. I really want to see the following factions: 1) Klingons 2) Cylons 3) The Borg 4) Predators 5) Xenomorphs 6) Babylon 5 har har har .... 😉
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