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  1. Grumpy54

    Rip Carrie Fisher

    Sad news. been so much of it this year.
  2. Grumpy54

    Where's the Arcs?

    Hi all, illness has stopped me using my 2 ARC's so far. Planning an outing this week with 2 ships, Miranda fully loaded and an ARC. Was going to use Thane, opinions?
  3. Interesting, so if they ever do a Wraith squadron, that's the likely choice - without the jaffa cake bits
  4. Collected mine today from here, I'd pre ordered, but they were showing some available if you're in UK https://www.gameslore.com/acatalog/Games_Star_Wars_X_Wing_270.html
  5. If you're in UK these have got some, I collected mine today https://www.gameslore.com/acatalog/Games_Star_Wars_X_Wing_270.html
  6. We had a multiplayer gamewhere the planned 100 point lists had to be upped to 150 in a hurry. I had the CR75 with me, so TO said use it as a flying brick, forget the actions etc. Did that and aimed it at the nearest concentration of enemy ships, never rammed anything but opponents spent a lot of time shooting the CR75 down and my smaller ships (K, couple of Z's and Biggs, iirc, got a free few turns.
  7. I've used Biggs a couple of times now, with T65's and a K wing ( 100 point games) I was surprised how useful he was. The K only survived because Biggs took the hits. Did think of trying him with R3.
  8. Tycho? Were you using A wings as well as T65#s and Y wings? Nice to hear the T 65's doing well
  9. There is no meta, only meat. Eat bacon. There is no bacon, only bacon smell. There is bacon, it's under the grill now here
  10. Wasn't Wes the other known ex imp pilot/? Tycho was met with deep suspicion for a long time
  11. Don't forget the Alliance overhaul changes the firing spec, think it's 3 dice forwards and tail gunner can change a dice
  12. I bought 2 Arc's, not played them yetseem to have similar dials to K and Y wing, so trying them out on paper as combos.
  13. I#d pre ordered 2 Arc's, collected them this week
  14. I enjoy building and painting models, so yes, I'dve still bought them, perhaps expected a small price drop
  15. Will be a bit disappointed if it's the 3000, just because of its size...I'm in the middle of painting Mel's version, and being so slim compared to the likes of the Ghost & Falcon, it doesn't have much Epic 'presence' on the table despite being only a little longer than those ships...I think it would be fine as another large ship, but does scum need another ? If it comes, then I think plenty of illicit and system upgrades [ie cards, not just slots] would make sense, as it's not really a combat vessel - it's about time the game had a proper ECM platform to negate all those focus/TL shenanigans I'd like to see lando's Lady Luck, and Talon Karrde's Wild Karrde, but don't forget Booster terrik and hios casin Star destroyer, Errant Venture
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