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    Giledhil reacted to Maui. in CASSIAN SAID I HAD TO- Welcome K-2S0!   
    someone who wants to stop, rotate, coordinate, and mod shots
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Odanan in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Yet, 3 years later... ^^
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Smikies02 in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Yet, 3 years later... ^^
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    Giledhil got a reaction from ClassicalMoser in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Yet, 3 years later... ^^
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    Giledhil got a reaction from evanger in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Yet, 3 years later... ^^
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Pa Weasley in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Yet, 3 years later... ^^
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    Giledhil reacted to JJ48 in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker   
    Did Kevin J. Anderson write that plot?
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    Giledhil reacted to ClassicalMoser in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    Hera will have a new subtitle (Phoenix Leader) and a variation of Tycho's ability, probably limited in number of stress tokens but possibly adding maneuver flexibility. Good for both the A-Wing and the B-Wing, and she may well appear in both (double-sided ship token with different ships?)
    Also note the box art.
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    Giledhil reacted to BVRCH in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    RE: the card packs content;

    Hotshots and Aces - will have new cards for the original 5 factions.
    Fully Loaded - will make upgrades from the Republic and CIS packs available to others
    Never Tell Me The Odds  - will have new obstacles and scenarios
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    Giledhil reacted to BVRCH in WAVE 6 [image heavy]   
    So we're getting some resistance TV ships! Plus the Hounds Tooth ...and card packs are real!

    [EDIT] - Card packs (not included in Wave 6) contents;
    Hotshots and Aces - will have new cards for the original 5 factions.
    Fully Loaded - will make upgrades from the Republic and CIS packs available to others
    Never Tell Me The Odds  - will have new obstacles and scenarios
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    Giledhil reacted to Darth Meanie in EPIC!!!!!!!   
    A B-Wing as a heavy ship buster?
    X-Wings as space superiority fighters?
    A U-Wing as support??
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    Giledhil got a reaction from ClassicalMoser in The new B-wing is B-eautiful   
    Play Epic.

    Edit : seems like you will need 2 of those new B-wings 

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    Giledhil reacted to drail14me in Why don’t we see many RZ-1 A-Wings?   
    There, fixed it!
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    Giledhil reacted to SavouryRain in New Points Update #2   
    They increased the cost of phantoms AND juke. Well, juke is now officially pretty useless at 7.
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    Giledhil reacted to drail14me in New Points Update #2   
    NO LOVE FOR RZ-1 A-WINGS!!!!!!!
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    Giledhil reacted to ficklegreendice in Advice? Wullffwarro 7-dice nuke list   
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    Giledhil reacted to JBFancourt in Opinion: FFG Dropped the Ball on the B-Wing (Thematically)   
    I would love to see a double cannon slot option. 
    Also, this is nearly identical to the problem the Tie Defenders had in 1e. They fixed it with the TIE/D Title which was eclipsed by the X7 title. 
    I’d love to see the TIE/D title return to 2.0 and be used by both the B and Defender. Thematically, most of the points @ClassicalMoser made about the Bwing ion cannons is also true of defenders. 
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    Giledhil reacted to theBitterFig in This Scene Reimagined   
    Folks who put this together did something technically impressive.
    But it feels kinda off to me.  I think the clash of eras gets at me, but the knockdowns, the force throws, all the sabers through the walls and stuff.  There just seems something so wrong about Vader punching Obi-Wan.  I know a lot of great choreographed combat sometimes tosses folks around like this (just rewatched Avatar: TLA and LOK: amazing fight choreography), but it just doesn't seem to fit.  My favorite duel in Star Wars is Luke/Vader RotJ, so that forms my ideal.  Story-beats have to come before action-beats in truly great Lightsaber combat.
    Well, at least it's not any time Yoda lifts a lightsaber.  Yoda with a lightsaber is what I'd consider the worst idea in Star Wars history.
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    Giledhil reacted to ClassicalMoser in How come this wasn't the ion mechanic for 2nd edition?   
    Because then it doesn't matter what you roll; you'll always be successful. That's kind of against the spirit of 2.0 and NPE in the sense that it removes counterplay/agency from the other player.
    Electro-Proton bomb is limited, gives you an extra turn, can't be recharged, takes two slots, and will likely be quite expensive. It's a very powerful effect that comes at a steep cost (or several steep costs). Of course they don't want to make Ion cannons that hard to get.
    I think the way they did ion was well-thought-out and works quite nicely.
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    Giledhil reacted to NukeWash in Rebel Pilots - Help me brainstorm!   
    I would really, really love to see Rogue Squadron: 

    Wedge -- Rogue Leader -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: After you perform an attack that hits, you may perform a red reinforce action

    Luke -- Rogue 2 -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 5, Force 3: After you perform a blue maneuver, you may spend one force to give a friendly ship within range 0-3 a focus token

    Tycho Celchu -- Alderaan Avenger -- X-Wing and A-Wing Pilot -- Init 6: While you have three or less stress tokens, you may perform red actions and maneuvers

    "Hobbie" -- Reckless Renegade -- X-Wing and Y-Wing Pilot -- Init 4, 2 Charges (Recurring): If you are damaged, you may spend one charge to re-roll an attack or defense die

    Kasan Moor -- Imperial Defector -- X-Wing Pilot -- Init 5: After you perform an action, you may perform a red barrel roll or boost action

    Wes Janson -- Wily Pilot -- X-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 4: At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may gain one strain token and one stress token. If you do, roll one additional attack die while attacking this round

    Dak -- Loyal Gunner -- Gunner, 2 Charges: After you spend a focus or force token, you may spend one charge to gain a matching token

    Crix Madine -- Rebel Saboteur -- Y-Wing Pilot OR Gunner -- Init 3: Friendly ships at range 0-1 may spend a focus token to change a blank result to a hit result while attacking
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    Giledhil reacted to Hippie Moosen in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    I think you're right up to a point.
    Luke's biggest feats in the first film were at least partially setup, but largely he was a bit of a Garry Stu, the male equivalent to Marry Sue. There's some throwaway lines about bulls eyeing womp rats, but we don't see him pilot anything until he's in his X-wing. He's somehow able to avoid being shot to death on the Death Star, despite the army of troopers aboard. The audience let's it go though because him and his friends, even the princess who everyone assumed would be just another damsel in distress, all work together very competently to get out of their dangerous situations. Luke doesn't just whip out his saber and cut down ever trooper in his way. He's actually not that good with a sword at this point and as such never even attempts to use it in a fight. The sequels however, benefited tremendously from the simple passage of time. Clearly month's, to a full year have passed between films by the time we see Luke pulling off lifting his saber with his mind. That's plenty of time to allow for the audience to say, "ok I guess he kept practicing after Ben died, and picked up some neat tricks. It looks like Ben's ghost even talks to him sometimes, so that might be part of it too." When the 3rd movie came out, there was an even greater gap of time between films, which is confirmed to be about 3 years in universe. When we see Luke hand-wave away 2 guards, the audience just fills in the blanks again, and decides he must have spent at least some of those years training with Yoda. That simple passage of time rescues Luke from full on Marry Sue status, just by leaving what exactly he was up to ambiguous and keeping his powers grounded in what we've seen in previous films. Vader can choke people to death, all Luke can do with no real training is lift his laser sword. Ben can mind trick people, and after several years of working on it, so can Luke.
    Rey, just kinda has powers right off the bat, though. No mentor to introduce the concepts to her, and less time training than Luke. There's never that moment where we see her struggle to figure this stuff out, she just kinda does it. When she does get her training, it's basically impossible to know how long she was there, but it couldn't have been long at all seeing as the entire time we're seeing her with Luke, we are also cutting back to the chase, and that's ignoring that Skywalker has no real interest in teaching her anything. There's no feeling of time passing between 7 and 8 either, so we can't just assume she's spent a few months trying to figure out how her powers work. It doesn't matter that she get's trained at all though, because she was doing awesome stuff with the force with literally 0 training, so they needed to explain how. I think the biggest reason for the backlash and Marry Sue accusations, is that terrible throwaway explanation from Snoke.
    She's as strong as she needs to be to match the villain, basically because the Force decided that's how it's gonna be now. Ignore that it's never ever been like that in the past. The Force is now a self balancing thing that makes Jedi when a strong Sith lord rises and vice versa. That just feels so unsatisfying, when we see Luke struggle and even fail before coming into his own at the start of ROTJ. Rey's just already there because she is the special, and the plot says so. Luke was the special too, but he didn't just wake up one day with the power to mind trick people, or raise a ship from the swamp. There was effort put into getting to that point. When Luke pulls off his one and only force related feat in EP 4, it's with his mentors ghost walking him through it, while doing something that he's already fairly skilled at normally. It takes time to get to lifting stuff, and knocking people out with a gesture. 
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    Giledhil reacted to DerRitter in Opinion: FFG Dropped the Ball on the B-Wing (Thematically)   
    Back on topic.
    I liked the Linked Batteries cannon upgrade from 1.0, it was tailor-made for the B-wing, unfortunately B's weren't competitive when it appeared.
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    Giledhil reacted to Maui. in This Scene Reimagined   
    By itself, it's a pretty cool fight scene. There's some awesome stuff in there. But it really just doesn't work as part of that particular movie. It feels too different in too many ways.
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    Giledhil reacted to FlyingToaster in This Scene Reimagined   
    I kind of like it, but not really. 
    The biggest aspect of the OT saber fights I really liked was the character interaction. The original version of this fight is all about Obi-wan and Vader talking to each other, with a little bit of sword swinging. It's interesting, it has characterisation, and it develops things.
    This loses the interesting character stuff, burying it under fancy tricks.
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