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    Giledhil reacted to 5050Saint in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    I think it stands to reason that if something was decent in the incredibly broke atmosphere of 1st Edition and it has only been made better in Second Edition that plenty of this commentary seems warranted.
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    Giledhil reacted to Jarval in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    These feel A Bit Good in the environment of the 2nd Edition action economy.  Very flexible Attack criteria as well, this can happily go on a bunch of ships!
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    Giledhil reacted to RStan in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    You're asking the wrong question. It should be "Why does Q7 even exist?"
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Freeptop in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    Why the **** is that guy limited to Republic, and not accessible to scum and rebels?...
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    Why the **** is that guy limited to Republic, and not accessible to scum and rebels?...
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    Giledhil reacted to S4ul0 in Is Whisper bad now?   
    No, I think "bad" is the same as "more balanced after the update". 
    Maybe there are too many players that don't want to play this type of "bad" pilots.
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    Giledhil got a reaction from Dwing in Ithorian Herd Ship freighter   
    This looks fantastic !
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    Giledhil reacted to Dwing in Ithorian Herd Ship freighter   
    This is my design of an Ithorian freighter/personal ship, based on the idea of the Ithorian Herd ships. This guy is working for the Rebels, smuggling stuff like tibanna gas canisters in the forest on his ship. The pilot himself sits high on top of it all and can enjoy the view of the forest and the stars above. Due to Ithorians being generally very peaceful, this ship is lightly armored with a pair of lasers that can swivel around the ship. Furthermore the ship has a docking bay for smaller fighters with a shield barrier normally used in much lager ships.
    I see this ship filling a "healer role" in a list, more than something that deals a lot of damage. and I have an idea of a funky way of UFO flying, where you can put your move dials down, using any side of the base, as the ship technically don't have a front, you always have to put your turret indicator to the side that you use though. Then it will probably be a red action to turn the turret. But I will see if I ever get that tested.

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    Giledhil reacted to Wolfshead in Hammerhead Corvette, Tabletop Scale   
    Here it is.

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    Giledhil reacted to Cr0aker in Two Words X-Wing Players: Swarms Fun   
    My lovelies

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    Giledhil reacted to S4ul0 in Two Words X-Wing Players: Swarms Fun   
    Sorry, I'm not statistician and I haven't Sense so the decisions of my opponents are limited but random at some point.
    There are critical decision in a game where you make a bet and hope to take advantage.
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    Giledhil reacted to Hippie Moosen in The Rise of Skywalker Criticism Thread *SPOILERS*   
    Personally I feel like the cracks start to show right in the opening crawl of episode 7. That crawl pretty much guarantees that there won't be a satisfying explanation of how the universe got to where it is now which is pretty important considering what this movie is trying to follow.
    That's not to say I don't see where you're coming from. The stuff with Rey alone on Jaku is actually quite compelling, as is the early stuff with Finn and Poe, Kylo's raid, the escape from the Star Destroyer and all that. Once the Falcon shows up though, it does turn into plot convenience the movie. Everyone and everything just kinda show up exactly when they need to for the plot to keep moving. 
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    Giledhil reacted to AceDogbert in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
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    Giledhil reacted to Cloaker in Simultaneous Card Pack Release of Generic Upgrade Cards With The Waves They Debut In   
    FFG: As an OT faction player, this wave is pretty demoralizing. I'm still going to buy more TIE Brutes than I should. But after some 4+ years of play, this whole chase card aspect is starting to wear thin. Money is tighter then it has ever been for your players across the world. Without in person play, people are dropping out of the game and selling collections in droves online. 
    Change the paradigm. Give us loyal players a bit of considerate accommodation. Give us players the same access, at the same time, to game components our factions can benefit from without having to buy out of faction models. It isn't that hard. 
    Making players wait a whole other wave for cards that are easily printed and cheaply produced at this point, after proving it is easily implemented with Hotshots & Aces and the other card packs, is just asininely insensitive. 
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    Giledhil reacted to Kyle Ren in The Consolidated Discord Announcements Thread   
    another update, this time from Brian Keilen
    Points update will happen on Monday
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    Giledhil reacted to Azrapse in EA’s Star Wars Squadrons Game Achievements and Early Mission Reveal !!   
    In my informed but still personal opinion, that is informed from playing the X-wing games in VR (don't ask how):
    Cockpit visibility is overrated: You have your sensor that tells you with a quick glance where is everything, including your current target. Sure looking around is cool, but it's not any big advantage. TIEs will have no disadvantage in this respect. Distractions are real. See 5 things moving around you and you will lose your focus. HOTAS, and joysticks in general, are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated: Of all the controlling methods I have tried, including thumbsticks in gamepads, and even mouse+keyboard, the joystick is the least precise, and most cumbersome of them all. Joystick owners try to convince themselves otherwise, because they are cool and because it's what real-world fighters have. But for a game such as this, they are plainly an expensive toy. The fact that they have given a function to the throttle in this game to give you extra maneuverability when positioned in the sweetspot is just a gimmick to give that useless piece of hardware a use at all. Real pros control their speed with the power settings, anyway. (I expect incoming fire from joystick-heads. I don't care). "Gaming laptop" is an oxymoron: A gaming computer needs 3 things - powerful GPU, good cooling, upgradeability. Laptops suck at all those three things. You may as well wish for a formula 1 car that has big trunk, it's easy to park, and consumes little gas. Regarding the shields on TIEs, they will probably make them just sturdier. But they could have also gone the path of making them jus having tighter hitboxes, while Rebels have shield but bigger hitboxes.
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    Giledhil reacted to dunhop in The Poe Principle & Soontir Should be 69 Points   
    I feel like the best fixes are usual the easiest. I have spent many hours testing and trying out variations only to scrap most of them because they were too complicated or ineffective.
    Force can be changed to spend a force point to re-roll 1 die. Keep all the other mechanics around it. Gives better variance, but is no longer a regenerating calculate.
    Tractor beams can be changed to you have to spend the tractor token to move an opponents ship. Have to choose between positioning or defense penalty.
    Jamming beams should continue to the next round if not used in the round they were given. I've only used the jamming beam once in a clutch play, but watching your jam tokens go to waste is disheartening.
    Overall I feel the designers have been doing a great job and I love what they have been doing for this game. I'm excited to see what is coming out next and how the Hyperspace meta will continue to evolve. Hoping to get back to my local store with my friends so we can destroy each other's tiny plastic ships and laugh about all the corny Star Wars jokes we can come up with.
    I know this has little to do with the rest of the conversations y'all are having, but I wanted to throw my two cents in. 
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    Giledhil reacted to Boom Owl in The Poe Principle & Soontir Should be 69 Points   
    Hate to break it you. Guri is similar to Soontir in terms of acting like a Force User in disguise. And that bendy barrel roll? Its essentially a double reposition. Especially crazy with Passive Sensors or Burners or both. Adv sensors isnt Guri’s only problem. Though I agree of the force aces shes slightly closer to Poe than some of the others. Especially due to her vulnerability at r2-3, like Fenn Rau. Thats counterplay.
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    Giledhil reacted to Boom Owl in The Poe Principle & Soontir Should be 69 Points   
    Some rambling responses to the masses
    This point cycle was defined by basically zero changes to the costs of the prior meta staples. Aces basically did not change at all.  Already have all the data we need from pre-pt change Extended.  There is no "secret" swarm or generic list made possible by the previous point reductions that can compete consistently with the Undercosted Aces. Closest thing is CIS Swarm, the rest of the card pool is largely irrelevant.  Hyperspace is a different beast in that FFG out right banned many of the problematic aces. Which made it more fun, even though they forgot to remove Slave 1 for some weird reason.  One cool bonus from Hyperspace was that Burnerless Vader actually kinda proved to be excellent.  You can see how far just his pilot ability, passive sensors, and stacks of passive mods can take him. I know this from considerable testing in Hyper. Vader even with just Passives is a monster, though not very good for Extended without burners I agree. I maintain that Vader's base costs is in fact a problem though. 67 pts and 3 pts cheaper than Poe? It makes no sense given what we know about Force Charges at this stage. Minor Fixes is all we have had for Aces since 2.0 Started Its time for a real change and for them to actually shake things up.  We have almost 2 years of evidence that Passive Mod Stacked i5/i6 Aces are dramatically more powerful than the rest of the card pool. Including every good Swarm list that has shown up.  Nothing compares besides a few blips with Quad Phantoms, Leia Beef, and occasionally CIS Swarms supported by Ensanre hanging around in various forms.  Comparisons of the Broken Aces to the Well Costed Aces Matter and are Relevant Looking at what Poe does and how the entire card pool deals with him on the table there are some lessons to be learned.  As far as specific components in other factions it boils down to something really simple... Does the faction have other undercosted i5/i6 aces to pair with the Ace in question If Poe was in Empire I would probably be sitting here thinking Poe was undercosted as well Mainly because of how much packing 655 or 665 into a list changes its shape when each of the Aces is an undercosted passive mobile beast.  When your guaranteed to have 2 i5/i6 ships in the mid game and at least 1 in the end game the entire shape of the game warps around that.  Thats made possible by how cheap power aces generally are. Boba is a good comparison point as well...even though he has received multiple price increases He can carry Fenn Rau around as luggage basically across formats.  He would do the same if Poe was playable in Scum.  I am not suggesting Fenn should see a cost increase, though a 1-2 pt change wouldnt bother me.  Im suggesting that Boba is still very obviously undercosted when you look at what you get for 85 pts compared to Poes 72.  Comparisons to Poe give hints at the direction of cost changes to consider. Everything I listed as needing increases is priced strangely enough that it calls into question Poe's cost.  I dont think the conclusion should be to reduce Poe's price to compete with these things. That won't under an circumstance actually work. He will still be worse mechanically than equivalent options.  I still wouldnt take poe at 62 pts if i can take Empire or Republic instead at current costs.  He would have to be priced like Soontir for me to begin to consider him as a valid choice, basically cheap enough that BB8 or Proton Torps essentially becomes "free".  Aces are 2.0's biggest problem. Increasing their cost where they are out of line with what makes Poe feel "fine" would drive things in a fresh new direction. 
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    Giledhil reacted to Kleeg005 in The Poe Principle & Soontir Should be 69 Points   
    You know, it's funny.  It somehow never "feelsbad" to lose a 70+ point Redline.  You absolutely expect to lose Redline, every time.  Duchess just doesn't *hurt* when she eventually pops.  Grand Inquisitor or Luke always, *always* make up their points before they go, and they can hang around forever under the right circumstances.  If you play halfway decently, you will never lose Soontir, or Vader, or any Jedi; and if you do, you've never sold one of them cheap.  But somehow Poe, no matter the circumstances of his loss, always feelsbad.  I keep trying him, and keep losing him, and keep giving up.  And then coming back and trying him again.  He doesn't in any way feel like an Ace, no matter that he's costed like one. 
    And perhaps part of the equation is his wingmates?  All other factions have multiple Aces or other power pieces to run with their badasses - the Resistance doesn't.  Not really.  (Neither does the CIS, but that's another thread.)  The RZ-2 is really good.  Leia-Cova is really good.  But somehow they don't feel good enough to make up for that easy loss of the Poe.  Other factions can say, "Oh, you somehow managed to kill Ace-X?  That's okay, I've still got Ace-Y and Ace-Z."  Or, "Ah-ha!  You had to commit so heavily to killing Ace-Y that you've exposed yourself to the entirety of my list otherwise, and poof!  You're dogmeat!"  Of course, I'm mostly referring to Imperials and First Order, respectively, in this analysis.  Rebels fit as kind of a blend of those two arguments (and Scum effectively has only three pilots in the faction).  The Resistance somehow just can't bring this kind of pressure.  A-Wings just can't quite get there in terms of threat, and T-70's are just a little too costly to reach the necessary mass.
    And I will say this: try Guri without Advanced Sensors sometime.  She's not easymode any more.  She's not undercosted.  She's also not nearly as much fun.  And Sun Fac?  Have you tried Sun Fac lately?  Ouch.  But again, that's another thread.
    I think the greatest difficulty in pricing any Ace substantially upwards is that there are so many really good swarm models out there right now.  The balancing act is getting to be very, very delicate.  There are already instances of swarms that are so good that they can (almost) easily counter Aces.  If Aces get further priced up, can they compete ever with these swarms?  Contrarily, what happens if swarm pieces are priced up?  Can that necessarily smaller swarm still compete with the Aces at all?  Or beef?  
    So here's a thought exercise: what happens if there is a listbuilding restriction that says, "You may only ever have one i6 in a list, and no more than two of i5/i6 in any combination in a list."?  Suddenly, and Ace feels like an Ace, a solitary repository of amazeballs surrounded by lesser beings.  That sounds good to me.  Thematic.  Appropriate.  And maybe even balanced?
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    Giledhil reacted to Cpt ObVus in Thoughts on how to improve the A-wing in 2.0   
    I’m curious... and don’t get me wrong, I like A-Wings too, and want to see them be good and strong... but why do people need the A-Wing to function as a homogenous swarm before they’ll think it’s good enough? The game’s loaded with ships that are good, balanced, and fun, but for one reason or another, are not meant to stand alone and win. I like Y-Wings a lot. Should I expect 5 Gold Squadron Vets to be a winning list? No. Does that mean the Y-Wing sucks? Not remotely. They just have certain weaknesses that typically require the help of other fighters of a different type.
    The RZ-1 seems to be a pretty good little ship. At 7 points over an Academy Pilot TIE/ln, it might be 1-2 points high, and it really could use some i5/i6 pilots (really, where is Tycho?), but it’s already a pretty decent ship. The low initiative Phoenix pilots are great blockers, as is Arvel, and Jake is exactly the sort of high-utility mid-initiative guy the Rebels seem to be built on.
    Why is a 5 or 6 ship “nothing but A-Wings” list necessary or desirable?
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    Giledhil reacted to svelok in Thoughts on how to improve the A-wing in 2.0   
    this thread is like watching 1.0 happen in fast forward
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    Giledhil got a reaction from ForceSensitive in STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!   
    Let's see : 

    - We got 2 "Episodes". The two of them being horrible for different reasons - the first one is a failed and unfunctional remake, the second is a huge steaming pile of ****.

    But what they have in common is, mostly, that they aim to invalidate the sucess of the Rebel Alliance and OT heroes; having failed to create new characters that will naturally overtake the ancient, they have to destroy them and/or their achievements (or at least they feel they have to).

    The military victories of the Rebel Alliance -> useless, there's something even more powerful and evil a few years later.
    The restauration of the Galatic Republic? -> Gone in a blink.
    Leia's efforts to build this new republic -> nope, she's a space guerilla leader again.
    The Emperor is dead, at the cost of Anakin's sacrifice ? Useless, he's replaced by a new super vilain of the Dark Side that came out of nowhere.
    Luke's achievements and his destiny to "transmit what he had learn" -> #notmyluke
    (and of course, some big fails on the Lore, like hyperspace, that seems now to be a magic wand for fixing broken scenarios...)

    -Then we have this new "wholistic" canon. I can see the interest and the goal of having only one canon, including all the works in the SW universe and binding them in a comprehensible and logical package.
    But, of course, that approach means you should be really careful with some products, like kids shows (because they have their own restrictions, in character and story telling, etc.) or comic books, for example.
    Because with that wholistic approach, everything done in those productions become an element of the general SW lore.

    Of course, they weren't careful at all. So we got Princesses that magically turn into starhip pilots (Leia blowing up TIE fighters in an antique fighter that predates the Clone War, seriously?... ), space whales, helisabers (yay, I loooove these!), Sabine the Empress of Mary Sues, a pack of morons without space gear in a TIE fighter cockpit, etc.

    That's showing respect to the OT, either its characters, its lore, or the story it tells.
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    Giledhil got a reaction from gryffindorhouse in Showcase: Sheathipede-class Shuttle   
    My sheatipede / Bothan liaison ship from clan Ilya.



    Edit : how do I insert the images correctly, please ? ^^ Only one of the img tags seem to work
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    Giledhil reacted to theBitterFig in Any Good Soontir Alt Art Cards?   
    Good Alt Arts?  Naw.  Here's one of the worst.

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