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  1. Jonus ? Redline ? Palob ? ...
  2. Giledhil

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    I sense as much power creep as a good hint on what's going to happen with january repricing. Rebel A-wings are going to be cheaper, obviously. And we can reasonably hope for that second ept also.
  3. Giledhil

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    This. A-wings are cheap, I will keep them that way by avoiding too situational upgrades (like Pattern on a ship that fires with its butt).
  4. Giledhil

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    Plus you can block one enemy and still shoot the other one that gets past you with a rear shot.
  5. Giledhil

    Question about new ships and conversion kit

    Fang needs afterburner in the pack to be able to field the Quick Builds.
  6. Giledhil

    If you could only change points on 3 cards...

    2nd Edition or Extended? 'cos if it's Extended, I would want to burn Jonus into oblivion. Then Jakku gunrunner and Palob, I think. But your list seems pretty good for Hyperspace.
  7. Giledhil

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    My bad, I was comparing with the A-wing chassis, not Jake's ability. Anyway, Jake's ability still is conditionnal, when Force point is just an automatic gain, in any situation. NB : note I'm not saying Inquisitor isn't overcosted, but the point difference has some sense IMO.
  8. Giledhil

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    Force is better than a linked red boost. It is basically a free Calculate action, that you get even if blocked, stressed, or gone through a rock. So I think FFG is, for once, quite right on the price of a Force point. However, TAPs may be a little bit overcosted.
  9. Giledhil

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    The real problem with formation flying with TIE /lns is the K-turns IMO. With an added sloop, you could have the classic "block" attack, then some good solutions to turn around with a little bit of flexibility. I don't understand why the dial stayed the same; especially when the /ln is supposed to be a nimble ship, and nearly every other fighter ship (T65s, A-wings, etc.) got something else than K-turns.
  10. Giledhil

    Inferno Squad Experience?

    I like to play the 4 of them together. Same initiative is really a good thing, especially when flying pretty close to each other (to benefit from Del or Iden's abilities). Gideon and Del are really synergistic with Seyn; the plan is : fire on something within Seyn's bullseye (don't forget to add Marksmanship on this guy) first; then enjoy using his buddys' abilities. Of course, your opponent is going to want Seyn dead before he shoots; that's why you have Iden close to him.
  11. Giledhil

    2.0 Battle of Endor Format??

    Don't forget to remove dead pilots/crew. Good bye Porkins, Garven, Dutch, all R1 characters, etc.
  12. Giledhil

    Points are up

    RZ2 at 32 pts, and 2 talent slots for the PS 3+ pilots. Nice way to spit on the Rebel players' face, FFG !
  13. Giledhil

    Missing/skipped product numbers - truncated Wave 2?

    Hope that's our classic fighters. Tie bombers, interceptors, Awings and Bwings better join the rerelease schedule soon.
  14. Giledhil

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    'cos all you dream about in an 1v1 competitive game is to start with a huge efficiency difference between your pieces and your opponent's. So fun.
  15. Giledhil

    Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing

    They need a price drop, both for basic cost and also on the gap between generics and top pilots ('cos their abilities definitely arent top ones). Also, Tech slot would be nice.
  16. Giledhil

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    I'd really like to see the OT factions of SW to have their standard fighters operationnal. So A-Wing, B-Wing, TIE Bomber and TIE Interceptor would be fine.
  17. Giledhil

    More cannons required

    Screw new cannons. Just give us a discount in cannons prices for 3 dice primary ships, so we can use the one we already got.
  18. Giledhil

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Should have named it "A-wing news", maybe.
  19. Giledhil

    Squadron Packs

    I don't know. Even in the (horrible) TV show, T85 has for now been a New Republic only ship.
  20. Giledhil

    Separatists CAN USE TIE/ln and T-65's

  21. Giledhil

    ARC-170 in two factions

    That's exactly my point. In a few years there will be only "2nd edition" format, and I think then some ships will be kept out and not rereleased (or at lesat not for every factions that had access to them). I won't be surprised if ARC stays Republic only then (and sad if Z95 is scum only for now on...).
  22. Giledhil

    ARC-170 in two factions

    I'm not sure ARC-170 is really gonna be in 2 factions, except for casual matches. The "2nd edition" game mode is going to become the standart mode for tournaments soon, with more content added. If FFG never rereleases some ships, like Rebel ARC (and I firmly belive they won't), those will slowly totally go out of the game. And that's not necessarily a problem, since less content per faction (but more factions, so with time an overall bigger content for the game) is less likely to create future problematic interactions for game balance.
  23. Giledhil

    Happy Friday - Let's talk B-Wings

    Yup. A cannon that competes with 3 dice primary would be OP on 2-dice primary ships for the same price. So the first step to fix cannons should be pricing them differently according to the primary weapon value of the ship.
  24. Giledhil

    worst ship in the game - E-Wing

    Keep in mind that proton torps are likely to get a little points increase also. Anyway, I think they should be somewhere between 51 and 55 pts.
  25. Giledhil

    T-70 article.

    Just like 1.0 before TLT, you mean? Ok, those arc-dodgers had stacked defenses also; but those T70 have 7 health instead.