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    RZ-1 A-wing

    I don't think so; they are already too pricey, there's really little chance adding the price of 2 EpTs on top of it helps.
  2. Variance is the spread within data numbers. It applies to random events, but not to player decisions.
  3. Well, it's true for low health / high agility swarms; but variance tends to affect less the "biffy" swarms (such as TIE bombers, T65s, etc.).
  4. Don't know about the primary weapon, but I'd like a ship ability that allows the ship to use "primary weapon" talents (such as Predator, Crack Shot, etc.) with Cannons.
  5. If N is the number of points allowed for a match, N+1 il a perfect amount for Defender Vader.
  6. Hi, has anyone disassembled one of the new B-wing models ? Thanks.
  7. Nope, you aren't. You have on one hand a non-conditionnal double tap with the VTG, and in the other one a conditionnal one. Which means you won't modify any of your shots and you have to spend a TL to get the double tap effect. So you'll have to buy either a High init pilot or another upgrade (passive sensors) to be assured to get your double tap. So if you want to compare, it's 13pts for VTG+dorsal versus 8pts for ailerons+AB+Passive. And the 8pts option gets its actions restricted and dice mods denied. Not sure that's unfair.
  8. I still don't get why cannon costs aren't dependent from the primary weapon value. That's basically been the problem with cannons since v1. And that's also the reason why they had to add special rules (double-taping defenders, now B-wings, Aggressors..) to make them interesting for 3 red-dice ships.
  9. Whuuut ?? SSD killers for ever ❤️
  10. Hopefully we'll get some info on the "Stabilized s-foils" card for the B-wing !
  11. Yesterday night I played a Gozanti with Blood Crow title, point-defense battery and Agent Kallus. Really nasty.
  12. Nice things to notice here : - Epic ships will be tough ! 20 Hull / 8 Shield with 2 Regen/turn ? - 2 actions !! - 2 different initiative values (Move and Fire, I guess) Hype level to maximum !
  13. Two. One 90*90 for standart play, and one 120*90 for bigger games (mostly 300pts in 2v2 - we found that 150pts per player makes it fast enough to be fun, but not too small -). Both are custom mats printed on plastic cloth, that we set on a magnetic surface (ship bases are magnetized also).
  14. Yet, 3 years later... ^^
  15. Play Epic. Edit : seems like you will need 2 of those new B-wings
  16. I really hoped with the reedition of the B-wing, they would do something to add some flavour to this classic ship... but no. I think our only hope is FFG finally realizing cannons need to be priced depending on your primary weapon value, if you want those 3 attack ships to use them. In the meantime, B-wings are just beautiful, but boring game-wise.
  17. This game needs a rule to force players to take at least 1/3 of their squad points in non-unique pilots.
  18. Not so sure about the ywing. The new turret they put on the cockpit is just awful.
  19. That thing is a ******* heresy.
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