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  1. Giledhil

    Rebel Tie/ln Fighter

    That thing is a ******* heresy.
  2. Giledhil

    Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?

    Tycho (or at least any other named rebel pilot with I5 on an A-wing...).
  3. Giledhil

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    ^This, definitely. or even a dual-slot cannon, that they could share with the IGs. B-wing feels ... bland. But in the other hand, it IS nice that conversion kits contents are the real deal, not some watered down version of the rereleases.
  4. Giledhil

    Showcase: T-70 X-Wing

    Hi, by any chance, did someone here disassemble an old T70's S-foils? (the non-moving foils type) Edit : just figured it out, and without breaking the model, yay !
  5. Giledhil

    Just realized that Silencers lost their Mod slot...

    It's kinda nice that the Silencer lost its Mod slot. The thing doesn't really need an AGI4 option, with its 4hull/2shields, it already can take a beating. Plus it takes away the pre-move double repositioning + standart action possibility (except for Supernatural Kylo), making it a special trick for the TIE/In only.
  6. Giledhil

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Pivot wings card seems to make the game crash (immediately when starting the match). Sorry, no screenshot.
  7. Giledhil

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    TIEs are supposed to be nimble but agile. How do you explain they don't get at least as much possibilities to turn around as the X-wing does? That doesn't make any sense. The thing already has only 3HP and no shields, they deserve to be less predictable than only K-turns.
  8. Giledhil

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    I never said it should. I meant that the T65 is a counterpart to the TIE /ln in that basic Core experience and should as such, have gained some new manoeuver as well (a 3 sloop, for example).
  9. Giledhil

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Still searching for those z95 in my Core Set.
  10. Giledhil

    Luke Skywalker as a points fortress in Hyperspace

    Or Outmanoeuver. Init 6 + BR + 2 Boosts per game, I think you can make some use of that card. It's an expensive EpT, but you'd still have a 10 pts bid.
  11. Giledhil

    I agree with every point/slot change except for Proton Torpedoes

    Or maybe Intiative itself should be repriced.
  12. Giledhil

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    What I cannot understand is why the TIE/ln, unlike its T65 counterpart, didn't get a new red move. With a sloop to turn your swarm over more easily, I'm sure LNs would be more appealing.
  13. "I have you now". Preferably when rolling full hits on unmodded dice.
  14. Giledhil

    Adv. Sensors : article or points list mistake ?

    Sure thing; but I don't think FFG is opened to change the price gap between aces and low-init on all ships anytime soon.