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  1. Nice things to notice here : - Epic ships will be tough ! 20 Hull / 8 Shield with 2 Regen/turn ? - 2 actions !! - 2 different initiative values (Move and Fire, I guess) Hype level to maximum !
  2. Two. One 90*90 for standart play, and one 120*90 for bigger games (mostly 300pts in 2v2 - we found that 150pts per player makes it fast enough to be fun, but not too small -). Both are custom mats printed on plastic cloth, that we set on a magnetic surface (ship bases are magnetized also).
  3. Yet, 3 years later... ^^
  4. Play Epic. Edit : seems like you will need 2 of those new B-wings
  5. I really hoped with the reedition of the B-wing, they would do something to add some flavour to this classic ship... but no. I think our only hope is FFG finally realizing cannons need to be priced depending on your primary weapon value, if you want those 3 attack ships to use them. In the meantime, B-wings are just beautiful, but boring game-wise.
  6. This game needs a rule to force players to take at least 1/3 of their squad points in non-unique pilots.
  7. Not so sure about the ywing. The new turret they put on the cockpit is just awful.
  8. That thing is a ******* heresy.
  9. Tycho (or at least any other named rebel pilot with I5 on an A-wing...).
  10. ^This, definitely. or even a dual-slot cannon, that they could share with the IGs. B-wing feels ... bland. But in the other hand, it IS nice that conversion kits contents are the real deal, not some watered down version of the rereleases.
  11. Hi, by any chance, did someone here disassemble an old T70's S-foils? (the non-moving foils type) Edit : just figured it out, and without breaking the model, yay !
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