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  1. I feel like Chewie with just Han gunner and falcon title is probably already pretty good at that, before you add in even the rest. Thinking of, I think I'd like R2 and 3P0 to have a double crew card instead of an R2 crew, but a separtae 3p0 for if you want R2 in Luke. Hmmm I might be overcomplicating things there XD
  2. To be honest, if you could get the falcon with Chewie pilot, Leia, R2 and 3P0 crew, with Luke and Han, toss in Han's special mods like engine upgrade and it be about 200 points, I'd be down with that :3 Maybe a special prebuilt falcon card that does that for pickup games.
  3. Yeah came to realise that, shuttles turret symbol threw me off. Looking forward to having full rules, slots and points.
  4. Docked shuttle shouldn't be able to fire off Han, shuttle mentions front arc primary and turret upgrade, Han mentions mobile primary.
  5. There are a variety of protocol and astromechs scooting about in the back ground. The only one hating on droids in part 4 was wuher and the jawas, to everyone else they were mostly invisible. Also as far as racism goes, they had no issues with Garindan during his snitching and the one time we really see it is the prison block guy hating on Chewie.
  6. I second the DLT, thing seems to be amazing in every way, range 1-4, cheaper, and statisticaly nearly equal to the HH in average hits(HH ofcourse has potential for more). Though the 11 points you are paying mostly for your DLT to have one more hit point , which honestly seems fine :3 Ofcourse if Armour is rampant, you gonna want some sweet HH to knock them down a peg. Can't wait to start marching these guys about
  7. Oh that does sound interesting, also, how can you be too late to join x-wing? :3
  8. Sadly coming from 40K all my old haunts will probably not be entirely OK with me bringing this game in :3 The online shop where I get X-Wing is still undecided wether or not he's gonna stock Legion, but I'm hoping this game explodes in popularity and it gets a ton of following. The gaming cafe near me, might be a good place to try, but terrain will be hard to bring over there beyond core set barricades I think.
  9. Yeah come to think of it, 2 core sets might only be a thing you need if you want to bulk up on both factions, might be the cheapest way to get a solid start in both, if you only want a solitary faction single core then upgrade packs for your preferred side. But this is all just anticipation, we will know so much more about these things once they start announcing and previewing more of wave 1 stuff. I just figure that much like X-wing, mistakes shall be made :3
  10. Uhm no 2 copies would already get you there For example building this with what I've seen fromt he demo videos/previews Vader 200 CHoke, Throw, Reflexes 30 5 Trooper +dlt 79 5 trooper +dlt 79 5 Trooper + HH 12 89 5 Trooper + HH12 89 2 Speeders +90 2 Speeders +90 Already puts you at 746 points, and you still have a variety of upgrades available or to enhance with purchased special forces/ heavies. Might even be able to avoid a 2nd core entirely depending on the extra boxes they release Single core squad gets you a 500pt squad and the 2nd one has diminishing returns due to not being able to double up vader. I think I'll probably just start playing 500pts with friends witha single core, then buy standalones, depending on how the prices work out, 2nd core might still be a good price in the end. to get another 300 ish points going.
  11. It's 0-3 Special Forces and 0-2 Heavy(Snowspeeders and At-STs were mentioned, but no actual confirmations on what they are like) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9INF-tOEUA&t=3700s Added timestamp for ease of checking.
  12. Colzet flips one random face down assigned damage card face up. I'll show you the dark side works when the target suffers a critical damage and then the damage card on the condition card is dealt. I wouldn't think Colzet's ability will trigger Ren's condition. Or am I missing something? Colzet is a cool pilot and I found him particularly useful with FCS against the Ghost in a recent game. He's a B pilot that your opponent will probably ignore... at first. I think he means assigning them blinded pilot, then flipping it back up, way to neuter a single ship like say...Dengar :3
  13. Board seems to be pretty sizeable. Was watching AngryJoeShow demo it on their twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow/v/36481118 Taking a look at that should be able to give an idea of it's size. Be warned, sensitive viewers might have issues with the mounds of rules errors that they never catch on to or the ones they do. Has me looking forward though, just would have loved to see them get through a single turn without wrong rules -.-
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