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  1. Dice For Brains is an excellent one, great teaching moments!
  2. Yeah Kyla was right about that, since we now have the rules; this thread is now moot... but hey look at us little guys back then
  3. Eagerly awaiting your next update about the game and how it is running! Planning my own type of campaign based upon this style of prep-work and seriously enjoying it! Looking forward to more awesome tips!
  4. So much useful info and a new way of looking at campaign building, please let us know how the first session went!
  5. Thank you all so much for responding to my question, I actually ended up going the route that Kyla posted, and it has worked out wonderfully! I'll be sure to post later what the armor and stats look like.
  6. Hey guys,sorry if this is somewhere else, if it is let me know an I'll start posting there; but I'm looking for advice; so I have a PC who eventually would like to acquire a set of Mandalorian Armor; so I'm trying to find a fair way of correctly stating the armor, while remaining true to the power of Beskar'gam. My PC sent me a a website of some Mandalorian Armor being having stats, but I'm unsure of the system used for it... here is the link to the website that was sent to me. http://rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6mandalorianarmour.html&name=Mandalorian%20Battle%20Armour Thanks guys for your help!
  7. Thanks so much you guys!!! I have a received a lot of useful information; now I need to get Keeping the Peace and several other supplement books. I really like the idea of the Enchani build tree, that looked very impressive. Thanks Again! And this community is really awesome!
  8. So, I have read these posts, and they all have their merits, so here is an entirely separate question, though I think it might fall under this post. How would I help build a Monk like character?
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