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  1. I’d offer a counter-point. There is a lot of context missing. Did his planning literally take 5-7 minutes? Did you time it or did it just seem like it took forever? Also the ships your opponent flew may need more time to plan, especially when the going gets tough. What were the maneuvers they took? Your opponent was flying the Ghost with Chopper, was the Phantom docked? Was he just running away the whole time or was he engaging your ships? The reason this is relevant is that one of Chopper’s tactics is to block, deal stress and keep that ship from attacking. Blocking takes time plan. You have determine where your ship can go and where the opposing ships can go and then be at a spot that they can’t avoid you. And if the Phantom is still docked, now you have to plan for two possible moves. Moving the Ghost and deploying the Phantom. And he flew two Large ships which takes more planning so as to not to run into yourself or rocks, not much room on the board with two Large ships and rocks. If it took more than 5 minutes and all he did was execute a straight one maneuver when no ships were any where near his ships, that would be stalling. If they are making intricate plays with even the slightest chance to win, then its not. Just my two cents.
  2. I would say you had already started a round. Selecting maneuvers on the dials is done during the Planning phase. Locking them in only signifies the end of the planning phase. Because you were already moving your dials the round started. PLANNING PHASE (Rules Ref pg. 15) During the Planning phase, each player secretly chooses a maneuver for each of his ships. To choose a maneuver, the player rotates the faceplate of the ship’s maneuver dial until the window shows only the desired maneuver. Then he assigns the maneuver by placing the dial facedown in the play area next to the matching ship. The phase ends when each ship has a dial assigned to it and neither player wishes to change one of his chosen maneuvers. ROUND (Rules Ref pg. 16) A single game round consists of four phases resolved in the following order: Planning phase, Activation phase, Combat phase, End phase. The first round begins after setup is completed.
  3. Just to be sure I understand, does Boba only trigger if it is the ship he is on that scores the Crit?
  4. Mostly replying to this. If I saw a white Tie on the mat and not a black Tie, that could be confusing.
  5. I think it would be confusing. And their movement dials are different. I'd see a "Tie", not a "Tie/fo", and think that it can't do an S-turn. The Z-95 is the exact same ship.
  6. Based on that, I'd say you have to declare the template for Bombadier as well. I fully agree with this anology. It speciffically sets presidence on how a bomb is to be dropped when there are choices. Thanks. Figured as much, but always need to stretch those boundries.
  7. Ok, seems reasonable. The opposing view point I might see is that is similar to measuring range when attacking. You can measure multiple times to decide distance to enemy ships to gain the best advantage. The wording for BR & Decloak say to declare what you are doing first, Boost says choose which template to use. Bombardier doesn't say either of those things. We would have to use inference. Not trying to start a big dust up, just want to dissect the rule for understanding.
  8. Card says you “may” use the straight 2. Would you have to chose which template to use before you lay it down. Or could you lay down the 1 straight then decide nope I want to use the 2 straight template, pick up the 1 template and use the 2 template? What rule would dictate chosing before using?
  9. yes it says exactly that. Lower the agility by one for each token it receives. Nowhere does it state that you apply this modification only to the end of the Combat phase. The card described the effect of the Tractor Beam Token. So when you assign the token during the Combat phase, lower the AG by 1. This effect lasts until the token is removed. Actually it does. The use of the word "during" means that the modifaction only applies in the combat phase. The end phase is not "during" the combat phase.
  10. Qpublik

    Manuver Templates

    These do. And they really nice. Just got a set and would recomend them. Curled Paw Creatives https://www.etsy.com/shop/CurledPawCreatives
  11. Wow, even 7 dice! And I have some of those combos. I will definitely try something out this weekend in my store championship. Probably the Miranda & Jan combo. Thanks for all the info. It really helps out a newer player.
  12. I was torn between posting in the squad list section or this one. It really seems to cover both, what are good ship combos and what abilities allow you to circumvent the standard rule of attack dice. Eventually I just chose this section.
  13. I know a few ship/card combinations can roll 5 attack dice. But are there any ships/card combinations that can roll 6 attack dice? Excluding huge epic ships.
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