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  1. ##role confirmed
  2. I want something like an "Outbound Flight" project story. If any of y'all remember, Outbound Flight was a mission to leave the known galaxy and colonize the Unknown Regions. What also would be really neat is a Star Wars take on something like Star Trek Voyager, that is, a starship crew (would be really cool if it was an ISD) find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the galaxy and has to explore to find their way home. This would let them bring in the Chiss and maybe even some Legends stuff like the Yevetha and the Yuuzhan Vong, and it sounds like a fun movie...
  3. Anyone feel that the "force wolves" thing from a few episodes back is kinda hokey/cheesy? It sounds to me a bit like they introduced Thrawn and then realized he was too good, so they had to make up these force-sensitive powerful beings who inexplicably like the Rebels...
  4. Well I finally have time because of Thanksgiving break...sign me up!
  5. Can I have the Vindicator and the Dreadnaught now, please? Imperials have been waiting for general-purpose heavy cruisers for too long...
  6. I'm tempted to think that Howlrunner or Dengar would be needed with a ball that big...that being said, this looks like something I would run. Sounds interesting!
  7. It's not FFG, (it's Ares Games) but you could get into Wings of Glory WWI miniatures pretty cheaply if you want to. A starter pack is $20-30 and the full rulebook is about the same. Planes are then $10-20, except for the really big planes, which are like $50-70. It's a neat little game, really pretty casual to play, and the planes are nicely painted. There's also the more expensive Sails of Glory, which is probably where my money goes next, about 1700s-1800s warships. It's more like Armada in cost, w/ a core set for $60-80 and expansions in the $15-20 range, and the rules are more complicated. The nice thing is that it has extensive rules for playing by yourself, which is good for someone like me who can't always run across town to a game shop.
  8. Good to see that I'm not the only one thinking this. True. Honestly, no-names just give me the opportunity to make up my own characters Yes! I would like to have characters like Sloane and Ciena Ree from the New Canon, and maybe even EU people like Pellaeon. Give me more Imperial characters please FFG!
  9. Like it! It's kind of like the Quasar in armament and hull except heavier and not squadron focused at all. Nice that it's also able to equip the double-slot cards from the Quasar and Hammerhead packs. Now I really want a Vindicator because they look really nice too.
  10. This. I want this now. Can I have one? Please? All joking aside though, I really would like a small-medium size Imperial ship that lacks the flaws which make me not want to field the others, specifically: Raider: glass cannon with a tendency to fly itself out of the fight, very tricky ship to deal with. GSD: good ship but really only used because of Demo, so over-situationalized VSD: I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the VSD, but my tablet keeps trying to autocorrect VSD to BAD, and I think it has a point. The VSD-1 gets about one shot in round 5 if you're lucky, while the VSD-2 is only becoming playable b/c of DCaps. Plus, it requires a massive point sink to make into a competitive ship... Arquitens: Not a bad ship, but requiring either large numbers or superb deployment to function well. Quasar: I like it, but it's just a carrier. It can't hold up to any serious fighting. Interdictor: I don't have one so IDK I want a medium-weight brawler ship that can provide fire support for my ISD without me having to worry about it popping or flying itself away or whiffing repeatedly from long range. I think the suggestions of the Vindicator and Dreadnaught cruisers are good fits for this class, and I'd also add the Acclamator class frigate/transport. In Empire at War, it fulfils this exact role quite well... Rant over now.
  11. So I realize I have completely disappeared from the game...turns out I just have too much to do right now. Too many projects. If it helps you all, I'm a vanilla town, no flavor. I'll try to join y'all next game...
  12. What I'll probably do is buy a core set and some stormtroopers, then play it like a small-unit tactics game with Star Wars figures. Honestly, I was really hoping for a low-cost commander, something like an "Imperial Field Officer" mini that would be cheap to buy and cheap to use in a list. I would have liked to see something comparable to the field commander in Empire at War, I.e. an officer and some storyteller guards.... oh well. Guess they'll make us wait on that. I did notice that the overpriced dice pack has also arrived, so we have that to look forward too.
  13. So I totally can't afford any of this... but I still love it. This game is gonna be awesome, even if it's just me with a few squads of Stormtroopers.
  14. Really not a lot going on here... The scummiest things so far are this whole attention to detail thing with the Hutts (flavor, so I'm not that worried), or the role-confirm thing. Here's a quick list in case it helps anyone: ## group Me, GNiPs, Vis, Cninja, Pod ____ group Toad, Cal, Mads, Truthiness Thoughts? Ideas? I don't see anything worth voting yet.
  15. ##role confirmed