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  1. Rebels Season 4

    Indeed it is- a bit over the top in a place or two, but generally good...there were two awesome Thrawn moments, but I won't spoil it for you all. Just go watch it.
  2. Armada trade thread

    Successful trade with @CenterPoint! New AA card has arrived safely...mostly due to the piece of "Pasta-Roni" cardboard that he put in the envelope to keep it from bending
  3. Rebels Season 4

    It's back at last! Time for some more Thrawn...and His Majesty makes a guest appearance too! This is gonna be fun.
  4. Mario Kart: Double Dash Mafia | Signups begin!

    Busy...Observer's, please!
  5. Will Raid ruin Armada?

    What I see is a way to take down carrier fleets if you can get the jump on them with Raid tokens set to squadron...doesn't sound so bad to me, as a player who's gotten tabled by squadrons more times than I care to remember.
  6. Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)

    Yes, my copy was also scribbled on by some notorious Rebels. Perhaps their notes will help us track them down...
  7. Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)

    On another topic... I was reading the Imperial Handbook recently and found a nice copy of the Imperial Naval Code. Perhaps some of us could do with a reminder: IMPERIAL NAVAL CODE I will honor the Empire in my thoughts and actions. I will obey my superiors. I will never shirk from my duties. I will maintain impeccable standards of conduct and appearance. I will use Imperial resources responsibly. I will complete every mission without hesitation, ambiguity, or mercy. I will recognize that the Empire is greater than myself and be willing to die in its service. I will call out those who do not live up to the standards of the Naval Code.
  8. Episode IX - What would YOU do?

    So I'm not the only one who noticed Tallie the A-Wing if only she was a loyal Imperial, then I would be interested
  9. The Aftermath Books

    The X-Wing books were pretty good, and Timothy Zahn's 5 Thrawn books too (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, Specter of the Past, Vision of the Future). Oh how I wish for Legends stories to be movies sometimes...
  10. The Aftermath Books

    Lost Stars has some good characters, but some of the scenes seem a bit too romance-novel ish...worth a read, but not a perfect book.
  11. Does Armada need Lucrehulk?

    Especially since Acclamators were featured in Empire At War, and Venators in the "Forces of Corruption" sequel...
  12. Ships We Still Need

    Fixed that for you
  13. ISD avenger list. Critique please.

    I'll second that. DON'T bring objectives like Planetary Ion Cannon or Minefields without something to move the tokens with. Otherwise, you will find your own mines thrown right in the BTVenger's path...(besides, Lambdas may not be cheap, but they are the best relays in game)
  14. Unknown Chimaera Commander

    I totally agree. Especially in "Specter of the Past" and "Vision of the Future" (The Hand Of Thrawn books), Pellaeon is shown to be an interesting and intelligent character who is able to move on from just being the foil to Thrawn. It would be a shame to never have him appear in game (and it bugs me that he doesn't make it into the movies). In many ways, I'm beginning to wish we had gotten movies of Timothy Zahn's novels and the X-Wing series as a live-action TV show instead of these new somewhat innovative but still frustrating new canon movies.