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  1. Ok then. I'm sure they do have night chat, though. Since they don't have day chat, it's possible that CNinja is right about JJ's "helpfulness". However, there's no real proof yet and we're just shooting in the dark. That being said, I think if we see any more noob advice thrown around we might have reason to be suspicious.
  2. Come to think of it, I like your way better
  3. I'll go to bed and check back in the morning...I'll worry about this later.
  4. Read my username.
  5. Don't mind me while I plug for my local group... Alamo City Fleet Command is one of the leading miniatures groups in San Antonio, TX. If you ever happen to come our way, stop by our Facebook page and see about getting in a game. Okay, done advertising.
  6. @Onidsen, you've been a bit quiet. Your thoughts on this setup and where we should go from here?
  7. Welcome @EbonHawk! I hope you enjoy the game. Meanwhile...good to know there won't be a roleblocker to deal with. I'll check back later as things develop.
  8. ##role confirmed
  9. After all, Thrawn was Legends until we fans basically revolted about him not being included...
  10. I would really like to see the Corvus (Inferno Squad's Raider corvette, as seen in the new Battlefront) added, if they're going to add more special ships... Maybe an Iron Fist VSD pack to bring Warlord Zsnji into Armada? But then again, it would probably never happen because he's now in Legends.
  11. Sounds much less stressful. Count me in!
  12. On my particular fleet, or me as a player? I can tell you that popping flotillas and carriers isn't that hard for me, but I have a lot of trouble with aces if they're played correctly, and as for large ships, it depends on the game. Honestly, I'm probably not going to use this fleet. It seems like it might be more trouble than it's worth.
  13. I could totally see Thrawn and Picard talking about Federation strategy and how it relates to fine art and literature....
  14. And that's that... I wish @Drasnighta hadn't killed me early on, because @Norell was then able to thoroughly obliterate us Red Keys. Anyway- can we PLEASE have a less complex setup this next game?
  15. I agree, seeing as the last time I tried a build like this I got about 1 shot with Kallus in the entire game. Anyway, I definitely want to reinforce the ISD's hull with some Defensive Retrofit- not sure yet. If this list isn't quite ready for squadronless, what would you recommend to add as a few delaying squadrons?