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    Voidez reacted to Ispher in Lucky overlod win in The Wyrm Turns. Was it legal?   
    An amazing battle of wits won against gullible and greedy heroes by the evil overlord who played his role perfectly. The great Vizzini would have been proud!
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    Voidez reacted to Zaltyre in Spending surges during attacks   
    What you're describing as the attack "failing" is the attack not dealing any damage. However, this is different from "missing" (such as by rolling an X or insufficient range). Dealing no damage (shields greater than or equal to hearts) is NOT a miss.
    When you miss, you can't spend surges (except to turn the attack from a miss into a hit, such as by "+1 range"). In your case, you can absolutely spend surges. You may have a surge ability that will add hearts to the attack, and make it deal damage at the end.
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    Voidez reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) is a comprehensive resource for all Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rules. In its current form it features:
    Rules from the base game and all released expansion boxes (except the print-on-demand expansions) Rules for Road to Legend including The Delve in separate text boxes Official Errata and FAQ published by FFG (oFAQ, version 1.6) and approximately 400 unoffical FAQs (uFAQs) to specific player questions integrated into the text. Visual examples for “Movement”, “Line of Sight” and “Special Situations in Combat” Tables with overviews on the content of Descent expansions An index with hyperlinks and page numbers When I started this project (in an over-enthusiastic and fairly naive way), I never imagined the time and effort it would cost. I also never imagined what I would learn on the way. And I definitely never imagined the help and the encouragement I would receive from friendly, dedicated and generally fantastic people who I would get to know. I cannot thank you guys and gals enough for this. For me personally, this project is as much about the journey and the things that I experienced on the way, as it is about the final product. And, in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.

    Download: http://crrg.descent-community.org
    I am planning to update and improve the CRRG. I need the help of the community for this. Please use this thread to report errors, typos and additional uFAQs not yet included in the CRRG. Other comments are highly appreciated as well.  
    Many thanks to Zaltyre, any2cards and Atom4geVampire for their continuous support.
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    Voidez reacted to Sadgit in Road to Legend Campaign / Delve general / balance questions   
    @ any2cards: For attacks affecting multiple figures in RtL the player may actually choose which of the affected figures receives the full damage. In a Blast attack e.g. the targeted monster does not necessarily receive the full damage.  
    Here is the relevant rule from the RtL pdf (bolded by me):
    "When a hero performs an attack that targets or affects multiple monsters,
    the monsters gain an additional advantage during the “Deal Damage”
    step. Choose 1 monster to which you will deal damage first and resolve
    the step as normal. Then halve the Heart results (rounded up), and apply
    that value to each of the additional monsters, before applying Shields."
    My group has been playing it wrong, too, until I was forced to carefully read the paragraph again for the CRRG.
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    Voidez reacted to FrogTrigger in New RTL Campaign: Seeds of Corruption (REQUIRES SoN!)   
    I think a lot of people miss the mark with the Delve, it was never met to be an enthralling campaign with vivid pictures painted in our minds through their descriptive narrative.. it was meant to be something that had high replay ability that could keep us busy between campaign releases. I think it accomplishes that well with its randomness.
    But I agree with you that FFG continues to impress with their app moves, this is a great decision. They also just released a new scenario for Mansions of Madness 2E that is $5 for a 2-3 hour estimated time commitment. That is incredible value. Well done FFG, well done. I keep looking at other games I want to try but with FFG hitting it out of the park with all their current games it's hard to stray to far
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    Voidez reacted to JimCrim in New RTL Campaign: Seeds of Corruption (REQUIRES SoN!)   
    I think Delve is perfect for what it is... feel like dungeon crawling with some friends who can't commit to 10 sessions for a campaign? When you feel like smashing some monsters and play a single session it's perfect.  I dig the narrative of the campaign as well, but Delve opens the experience up for more casual sessions.  
    How about the last 48 hours for FFG app users?  another MoM scenario and a free Descent campaign.  Very sweet.  
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    Voidez reacted to Sadgit in The Delve - Rules Issues   
    Long version here:
    Do the heroes get all of their fatigue back? If not, when, if ever?
    Do the heroes get all of their health back? If not, when if ever?
    Do the heroes get their heroic feats back? If not, when, if ever?
    Do the heroes keep all conditions or are they discarded?
    We can safely assume that fatigue, health, heroic feat and conditions are not restored/discarded in the upgrade stage of The Delve. Evidence 1: In normal mode, the app explicitly tells the player to restore 3 HP and remove one condition between stages, which would be pointless if all is restores automatically. Evidence 2: When transitioning into Act II, players are explicitly told to flip their Hero sheets. Do skill cards that are exhausted when going through the portal get reset?
    According to the rules, exhausted cards refresh only at the beginning of each players turn. They do not automatically refresh between stages (or encounters; core rules p.18). Although not explicitly stated in the core rule book, we can assume that Skills refresh after a quest, as players are instructed to perform the General Setup step (core rules p. 20). Do familiars that are still on the board before entering the portal, get placed for free at the start of the next quest (i.e. do they stay in play)?
    No, as RtL rules state "Nothing remains on the map in between stages, including familiars and special class tokens. The only exception relates to Challara, whose familiar, “Brightblaze,” is placed adjacent to her when the heroes are placed on the map of a new stage." (RtL, p13) Do the heroes keep all tokens such as Valor, Insight, etc. or are they discarded?
    Although not explicitly stated in the rules, we can assume that all class tokens stay on Hero sheets. They represent components with are not "on the map" and therefore should not be discarded. This includes song tokens of the Bard class.  
    Do the heroes keep all search cards or are they discarded with the deck refreshed?
    Search cards remain as they are until transition to Act II: "Additionally, the heroes return facedown Search cards to the deck and shuffle it." (RtL, p13)
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    Voidez reacted to Zaltyre in Speed and Armor   
    Do you mean aside from the fact that the justification for the ruling is nowhere in the rules up to this point? Or that in this thread alone we have 4 or 5 equally valid alternate explanations, none of which end up being relevant?
    I'm glad we have an answer, and even more glad we have a guiding principle for answering similar questions in the future- but this case was anything but clear cut.
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    Voidez reacted to Sadgit in The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) Project   
    The CRRG v1.0 has been released.
    Get it here.
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    Voidez reacted to Sadgit in The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) Project   
    The CRRG Project
    First of all, this is HavocDreams here. I decided to consolidate my FFG and BBG accounts and will be posting under my nick Sadgit in both communities from now on.
    A couple of days ago, when I have been asking what kind of rules resource for Descent we really want, two main types were discussed: an online resource and a (printable) PDF document. User Psymia already started designing templates and adding to the Descent Wiki that exists and I hope that with the help of others this will grow into a great online resource for all rule questions.
    I decided to start working on a PDF document that I call “Community Rules Reference Guide” (CRRG). The aim of this project is to create a comprehensive resource that unites the rules from the base game, all published expansions, official FAQs, unofficial FAQs, and Errata. Rather than replacing the “Rules of Play” book of the base game when it comes to learning how to play, it is meant to act as a reference for specific and difficult problems which are encountered during a game. It will include relevant keywords of the Descent rule set in alphabetical order followed by sections dealing with rules on specific game components such as cards and quests. Errata and rulings derived from FAQs and uFAQs will be integrated into the text of corresponding sections itself.
    As you might have realized, this is a very ambitious project which will take some time to complete. It will also strongly depend on the support that I will get from you guys/gals – hence the word Community in its title. I have already been in contact with Zaltyre and he confirmed his support. I would like to use this thread in the future to ask for help on specific topics (see below), ask for opinions, discussions and keep you updated on the progress.
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    Voidez reacted to Chaoticus in Broken Group- Thoughts?   
    Man, these combos are outright evil. Monster should be put on the list of endangered species at this point. At least, your combos require a number of XP to work, so the monsters stand some chance in the first encounters.
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    Voidez reacted to Silidus in First time player, Road to Legend or Standard Game?   
    When someone alludes to a better game, but refuses to divulge its title, I automatically assume its an amazing game with some incredibly intricate and interesting mechanics wrapped in a deeply embarrassing theme. 8}
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    Voidez reacted to HavocDreams in Descent Damage Calculator   
    Hey guys, I put together an interactive Excel tool that calculates Damage and Surge probabilities for a set of dice (4 max. atm). It also allows the user to put in additional modifications such as surge modifiers from weapons, skills, etc as well as fixed modifiers that sometimes come with hero abilities, skills, traps, familiars etc.

    Using it you can easily compare different weapons and determine the odds to hit an enemy at a certain range. No typing needed - all input via buttons.

    Here is what it looks like:

    It comes with a short user reference in the first tab of the Excel sheet and the calculator itself on the second tab.

    Get it from here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/138365/sadgits-descent-damage-calc

    Suggestions, bug reports, etc. are greatly appreciated!
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    Voidez reacted to tomkat364 in Surge usage   
    I believe that is not correct.  An attack that affects multiple targets is still only one attack, with surges spent a single time but applied to all targets.  So in your above scenario, Leoric would declare the surge usage (+2 damage and +2 pierce) when doing the attack, and then the total results would be applied to each monster after their defense roll.  
    I could also be wrong, but I'm fairly certain this was confirmed for me in the past by the big dogs on here.
    Also, technically all three enemies should roll their defense dice simultaneously when Leoric rolls his attack dice.  Thus, maximum effect of the surges can be figured based on the known defense results.  This can be difficult to do with dice constraints, and would rarely make a big difference, but that's how it should be with RAW.
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    Voidez got a reaction from Vitezslav in List of good heroes/class combinations for Campaigns   
    I believe SoM will work on ko heroes
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    Voidez got a reaction from InfinityBlack14 in List of good heroes/class combinations for Campaigns   
    I believe SoM will work on ko heroes
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    Voidez reacted to any2cards in Turning search items to gold in town   
    In RTL, you do not get gold for Search items.  You get gold awarded for searching during a quest, and for your overall success of the quest.
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    Voidez got a reaction from Chaoticus in List of good heroes/class combinations for Campaigns   
    I believe SoM will work on ko heroes
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    Voidez reacted to Indalecio in Fan-based content - Legal interdiction   
    It looks like since Asmodee aquired FFG, the policy around the use of company property for the intent of making fan-based tools or applications has been severily restricted. From what I could gather, not even the use of cards scan is allowed anymore. It used to be that such practice would be allowed at the price of lower picture resolution, to prevent people from getting high-res printed cards without the need to get the expansions. At least this is the reason being given, but it remains very controvertial in my opinion.

    What I find controvertial is the fact sales are normally not affected by content leaking on the internet, for trivial things like rules or cards. Instead, it is a general trend I have been observing, that players would find that material on the internet (say a set of class cards from an expansion), find it interesting, and then buy the expansion just for that. I don't really believe in players fully proxy-ing games to play them, given the level of effort such thing would represent. I don't either think many players out there enjoy playing a game with vastly sub-par components made on the fly just to avoid the cost of buying a copy of the core game. I also believe most board gamers with our level of investment care about game publishers, or their FLGS and don't hesitate to purchase a game or an expansion for a product line they love.

    People normally make fan-based content based on one or several of the following reasons:
    1- New quests, new heroes, new items, new teams. Templates are easily found on the geek, free for people to photoshop out a few cards for their own personal use. FFG does not currently provide templates - although one could argue you can easily remove the text off a card and use the rest as a template - . The Quest Vault is, as everybody knows, but a shadow of what it could have become with the support of FFG.
    2- Wikis, cards lists, card scans. These are primarly used for reference, mainly to illustrate rules questions, strategy guides (which are highly valued by the community, but FFG does not post such articles bar for X-Wing or some of the Star Wars games) and balance discussions. FFG currently doesn't allow the use of cards, nor does provide any API or even raw text reference of what the cards say. Heck, they are not even considering printing updated card text content based on errata information. You need to compile this information yourself.
    3- Applications, or advanced tools (can be just an Excel sheet), to keep track of things. FFG really does leave this task to the players as for how to organize their campaigns, therefore such tools naturally emerged from the community to automate some of the quite tedious steps of campaign handling. It's also about speeding up the preparation time before actual play, to be honest.
    Below is an email I got from FFG's legal department. I post it to showcase the actual phrasing in it.

    I´m a bit concerned by this, because it showcases a decision not to let the fans expand on the game on any level whatsoever. It's hard to keep the community tight with strict restrictions like these. I'm guessing this has no impact on existing fan-based content that has already been released, but I have to say not being able to distribute game-aids or tools to the dedicated hardcore fanbase of that game feels a little harsh and almost punitive. The users of these tools are not only the player base of that game, but also people that are so dedicated to the game so they are actively searching for this kind of material, which is normally free. What damage this does to the company is still unclear to me.

    What is your view regarding legal property in conjunction with the use of fan-based content?
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    Voidez got a reaction from Supertoe in Thinking of buying, any expansions I should get?   
    Overlord player can select mosters from those packs if there is a free monster group in quest.
    I think, that best deal is nerekhall and labyrinth of ruin 4 classes, 4 heroes, new monsters, and fullfledged campaigns.
    i will buy them first when i'm decide to expand my descent collection.
    small expansions is good, but... worth it only if you want something specific.
    H&M packs are nice, and good if you will play with the app.
    lieutenants worth it of you has OCD and want to use miniatures instead of tokens, or already know why you'll want them.
    even in app they only can spawn adjutant version with perils, and so I myself won't buy them.
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    Voidez reacted to Elrath' in Expansions painted   
    I finally painted all the expansion figures. Zyla was a difficult one to paint since the wings were in the way and I couldn't get the colors right.
    As before, I painted the base with the color of the character stripe.

    If others have painted their Runebound figures, I'd like to see photos of those.
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    Voidez reacted to Nagash1959 in I will now ramble on for a while about Runebound 3rd edition   
    Having spent most of the last two days with nothing better to do than recover from an injury and mess around with my board games, I have been getting pretty familiar with Runeboud 3rd edition, a game that I have waited years to get. It seemed odd to me that the only game that wasn't available for the Runebound setting was....Runebound. So lets dig in and take a look, shall we?
    Presentation/component quality/the overall look: Well, it's Fantasy Flight so no one should be surprised that the game is pretty. Over the years they've mastered the art of...art. The box cover itself is a nice sweeping landscape shot, similar to Rune Age. The artwork as a whole feels consistent and looks to me like it was all one artist (I know it wasnt a single artist, but they all worked hard to make it feel that way) The pieces all look great, with layouts that, to me, work well with the system. There is not a lot to memorize or cross reference or track separately. Keeping the stats this way gives more room for the wonderful artwork and enhances the overall quality. I think it's worth mentioning that there isn't a whole lot of cheesecake on display, which I think is a plus. Closest I guess would be the Fey Sorceress, but she's still seconds away from killing me...No big issues with the plastic figures. Mold lines are minimal with good details. Some minor bending that would be easily fixed. Anyone planning on painting them up shouldnt face too much prep time. Seriously though, why does Laurel have a bow in one hand and a dagger in the other? I never understood when people do that on a model, it looks silly to me. The game map itself is gorgeous, I love the little towns and strongholds and whatnot being named and unique. Nothing is just copy/paste to save time. The built in turn tracker blends in well with the art.

    Any complaints? Oh yes. The dice. I'm sorry but having to put stickers on the dice is just silly to me. It's nice that they use artwork lifted right from the board for consistency, I get it...but having stickers that feel more like post-it notes makes me lack confidence in their long term durability. I'd much rather have gotten dice with an embedded symbol if it would feel more durable in the long run. While I have no proof that they will degrade, it was an instant concern I had while assembling them. I'm expecting dice packs to be released in the near future because playing Pass The Dice will get annoying.

    Rules Clarity: So how are the rules, learning wise? Well, FFG has recently moved into a two book format for a lot of games. a "Learn to Play" guide and a "Rules Reference guide". It's a format I didn't really like so much at first but an growing to accept the more I see it. By now it's the norm I guess. Reading the rules is, for the record, a breeze for 95% of the game. The Learn to Play guide might be the best one I've seen so far, especially after the (imo) terrible job that was Armada's LtP. The Setup section covers what to do very well, and after a single read I didn't feel any lingering questions up until the Questing portion. I feel like Questing could have been written more clearly, as it's possible to read Exploring as needing to chose the desired outcome before rolling or after, and doesn't do a good job clarifying if you *have* to complete the quest. The Example area does help, but I'm not a fan of needing the example to answer something that should be spelled out in a rules set. The Rules Reference guide is a nice tool for backing up the LtP. There are no real "surprises" with it. One thing I often watch out for here is the "Teaching it wrong" issue, where to get a simple concept across the instructions will leave out important bits. That doesnt happen so much here. I like that.

    Game Mechanics: OK, here's one of the big ones to talk about. A lot has already be said on the changes by other folks but here's my take. Player turns are a fairly open, driven by their choice of how to spend their actions. True, they will often be limited in choice by where they are, but they still have options available to them. This contrasts with 2nd edition which has a stricter pattern players had to follow. Ultimately, there isn't a whole lot different in what you actually do, just what the game actually calls it. In the end, you're still a few spaces away from your starting point and picked a fight with a Beastman. The action point system does allow you the opportunity to move farther this edtion if you really need to book it across the map, which is nice. 

    Encounters has changed quite a bit. Old style had different challenge levels, while 3rd ed has challenge types instead. This lets you play towards your strengths. If you just aren't all that good with the combat system you can still compete in the game and get improvements via social and exploration encounters. But you can still run into combat with those options occasionally. Defeating the encounter means taking the card as a trophy. The gem on the game board is flipped face down and cannot be used until refreshed by the turn tracker. A nice change in the system from older editions, where the gem itself was collected and used for XP. Only some gems were ever refiled, and it was not generally all that helpful, especially if you had locked yourself out of challenge levels with health upgrades. 

    Events have been altered, and Quests are a new concept. Events are a "Choose A or B" set up, mostly found in the social events. Generally they sum up as gain money or trophies. Quests (from the Exporation encounters) have a lot of variety and may be my favorite new feature. You go to a specified spot on the map, then follow the instructions for how to complete the quest, with multiple options for completion. Rewards vary greatly. Some quests have pretty pointless options that I don't see people ever choosing....like Storm of Magic where I have a reward option of taking 2 damage.....yay?

    And finally Combat. Man this sure is different. Players familiar with 2nd ed knew the old system. Everyone had a Ranged, Melee and Magic stat, and combat went through each round defending against the values. Heroes could choose to attack in one of those phases to inflict damage instead. This made specializing in one type reasonable, since you could only attack once. You could also hire allies to take hits for you or attack in other stages of combat. With two allies it would be possible to be attacking in all three phases. It was a nice system that worked well in 2nd ed....and it's gone. The combat mechanics in 3rd ed are brand spanking new. Each character starts with three discs unique to then. Each disc is double sided, with different symbol options on each side. There is a generic set of tokens that all monsters use. These tokens all get flipped, then spent in a back and forth manor between the hero and another player controlling the monster. Let me be clear about this.........I friggin love this. 2nd ed had a great combat system, but it lacked player interaction unless it was PvP combat. You resolved the fight entirely in a bubble, with only dice rolling mattering. There was minimal choices to be made. Now in 3rd, every single combat is a PvP experience filled with choices. Your own play style can show through in how you control a monster. There isn't a "wrong" way to do it, just what you feel is most effective. Now a player can actively hinder another hero by doing their best in combat without it costing them any of their own turn. It really addresses my personal hangup with 2nd ed, a lack of player interaction. In the second half of the game, the monsters gain an additional token to expand on their damage potential and surge options...but nothing else. I feel like they missed an opportunity to add in a line on monsters that gave them a new ability, more health or some other change between acts. Because of the change i systems, a character doesnt focus as narrowly as they would have in 2nd ed. There are no "Ranged" characters per say, and while you might naturally have good physical damage options, you might find yourself with magic damage equipment and be a mix of the two as a result. This works well, but you're not bound to it. You can always ditch the gear for new stuff.

    Lastly, lets talk about the Skill deck. So, Stamina is completely gone. no exhaustion markers in the game. Very strange thing for a Runebound game to not have my little cardboard swishes. Instead we now have a deck of skill cards, which act as out Stat test system, character advancement system and resource management system all in one. Each character has a hand size, and those cards can be discarded to use any Exert ability you have. You can spend trophies to learn a skill in your hand and turn it into a permanent ability. Or if you need to test against one of the three stats in the game, you draw cards from the skill deck equal to your skill value and look for the success icon on some of the cards. Gone are the days of skill types, such as Swimming or Nature. Now it's Body, Mind, and Spirit. While some might feel this is an omission I don't see it as a big deal. 

    Challenge and Penalty: So is the game difficult? How hard does it come down on players for failing? Once again let's take a look at previous editions to make some comparisons. 2nd ed. Runebound was pretty brutal. Getting knocked out even once was a major setback for a player, especially from the midgame point on. The loss of all your gold and a pricey item, along with a trip back to town was a bad setback. Since everyone was in a race to the finishline you'd be hard pressed to catch back up, gain good equipment again, and get back out there.Whats the penalty in 3rd ed? You fall down. You need to spend actions to heal, but as long as you have a point of health you can get back up and be on your way. No loss of gear or gold. To be honest it's a little on the light side, but it lets players push their luck if they want to. I could go for them being a little tougher, maybe discarding your hand or a trophy. So what does it all lead up to? Fighting the Big Bad of the scenario of course. One way or another you'll be fighting the Boss and trying to take him out. Here is where the real difficulty comes in. Lose a fight to the game boss and you're out. Perma-death. Done, Son! If you get cocky or desperate and make a go at it too soon, without the resources needed you can get eliminated entirely in one fell swoop. It's very "All or Nothing". 

    So....Is it Good?: Heck yes. I've waited years to be able to get my hands on a copy of Runebound (it went OoP before I got my own copy, so I only played my friends) and this edition addresses the major issue I had with the game, lack of player interaction. I enjoy the new combat system because it goes a long way towards fixing my issue of player combat. Everything else I consider minor tweeks. Nothing major enough to create a lasting impact in me. I liked the old combat system, I liked having Exhaustion, I liked having Ally cards....but they're icing on a cake and I don't mind switching flavors. It's still cake!

    Solo play is an issue I feel I should bring up. 2nd ed was easy to play as a solo game if you can't get a group together but still wanted to experience Runebound. Just set up and go really. I've seen the point made that you can do it with 3rd edition but to me, that's a lie...at least for now. The only way I see solo play for 3rd ed as possible is with a third party app to decide for the monsters. I'm sure one will pop up, hopefully it will be bug free and work well....but something will still be lost without face to face interaction and the ability to learn your opponent and play the bluff game with the tokens. Given that the solo market for board games, especially ones with price tags over $50, is an important aspect to consider I think it was a sacrifice they made willingly here. As for why it's constrained down to 4 players instead of 6, my guess is only because the encounter decks would run out entirely and people would just be twiddling their thumbs. 

    I can see how long term players might not like this edition. If they didn't feel the same about player interaction that I did then they likely won't enjoy the change to combat as much as I do. Its a fair response for an overhauled mechanic. I take no issues with those who prefer to stick to the older edition, and of course they can still play the copy they have with no regards to this edition at all. For me though, this is the game that shows FFG has learned how to improve games as they grow. This is a game that I'm happy to add to my collection, and look forward to expansions to see what else they add. If you've never played 2nd ed Runebound, or agreed with my issues about 2nd ed I feel you'll like 3rd edition as much as I do. 

    Sorry about any spelling/grammar issues here, i'm on some painkillers ATM. 

    Good luck, good gaming and good day.

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    Voidez reacted to SoyGreen in Suggestion - Quest Picker   
    Love the app - really well done - thanks FFG for breathing new life into this game.
    One suggestion that I would REALLY love to have would be a quest picker.
    There are nights we want to get in and play one quest - not need to start a campaign. Or maybe I want to introduce a few people to the game... I would love a one off to do this. Additionally - maybe I played a really awesome quest and want to run through it again with another buddy... I can think of several reasons this would be fantastic.
    There is also the chance - I never get to see some of them as they are displayed randomly... I could play the campaign 10 times and not see them all.
    Please consider a Quest Picker!
    Also - one other idea would be to have the chance to pick a couple monster groups that would be in that quest...
    Would be fun to choose the quest - and maybe there are 6 monster groups that would be spawned through the course of the quest - maybe the option to choose 3 monsters... just an idea.
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    Voidez reacted to SoyGreen in Suggestion - Quest Picker   
    Also - I think it would be pertinent to maybe only have the side quests as playable in the quest picker.
    This would just enhance the over all bonus of getting that next Hero Monster pack. If you and your buddies pick up the new pack - you can crack it open and have an encounter with those monster groups right away... not hoping to have to wait for the quest to randomly show up in the course of a campaign.
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