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  1. Please read RRG. "story quests" block, to be precise. It has clear answer to this question.
  2. would love ice, desert, jungle and some island (think carribean or pacific) map. only problem: current expansions won't be compatible outside of items, heroes and skills
  3. Bought organizer made from high density fiberboard. Which allow me to reduce preparations to nothing, and we are using zip locks for keeping hero cards in between sessions. But I have only base game and LOW. With other expansions I would need like two more organizers to keep boxed expansion, which may become clunky. We'll see, when I get there.
  4. Some time ago, I have bought core box of star wars imperial assault. After playing both Descent and swia, I found, that I like some changes: switch of activation order between heroes and overlord, movement of the large monster, and that heroes always have four activations, even with fewer players number. First change is already implemented in RTL. Second can't be implemented without modification of monster card. And third... Firstly, I don't think that Descent has make great job to balance game for different number of players. Sometimes, adding new monster would be pretty insignificant (one goblin archer and fourth hero) sometimes it is pretty huge. So first question, why they choose to use old scaling system ? Second : how I can homerule four activations with any number of heroes and which amount of health will be enough to compensate missing heroes ?
  5. @Dervish I haven't found standart aoe damage as so powerful: when it's halved for all targets, except one it became pretty weak and worth only against weak monsters, like spideys, goblins, and imps. IMO , better way to deal with something fatter will be a single and powerful attack. And for weak monsters, straight damage (tempest, for example) will be better. That's why i'm think, that beast Master will be better in field of samashing monsters, than berserker. But it's just our style.
  6. I think, the best way to clean up Descent rules mess is to print the new, rewritten rulebook and a rule reference guide. As already done with almost every ffg game (SW:IA, for example) (standardized card wording would be plus) But there is one problem: I believe, this will be implemented only with third edition.
  7. geomancer and necromancer make great tanks with their familliars, beastmaster too. also beastmaster would gain alot of additional dices from ajastent wolf, so he must be pretty powerfull too (haven't played with him) TH still have insane damage output, and you want health potions and stamina potions, mostly, so manipulation of search deck is kinda nice. and searching tokens for free and from distance makes him great.
  8. bug in the delve i have only core set and lair of the wyrm. delve tells me to place map tiles 96, 91, 78, 93
  9. thank you for clarification. sometimes i hate incostistency of descent rules, it's wording, and incostistent responses...
  10. Strange. Either this was changed in some other FAQ or we have been playing this wrong >Can you spend surges on a ranged "miss" to recover fatigue or activate other abilities? Adam wrote: If this is referring to not rolling enough range, then yes you can spend the surge.
  11. Step 2 dice roll ... Step 4 spend surges But I don,t know exactly how you would spend them if one surge gives blast property to attack. IMO, Step2: rolled 2 surges step 4: I add blast to attack Every figure hit by blast, roll defence, and I choose how to spend other surge. Otherwise , every figure possibly affected by blast should roll defence on step 2, which would be extra cumbersome
  12. I believe SoM will work on ko heroes https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/180449-other-ways-to-revive-heroes/
  13. Careful with your wishes. Because they could just name it "Descent 3rd edition" and remove support of Ol completely.
  14. Costs of development is covered by increase in profit from sells of real-life boxes with descent expansions. That's why app was made free and big campaign monetisation method was changed. So it's perfectly OK to give content for "free" if you know how you will monetize your generosity
  15. 1) I think that you can. Trigger of advance is defeating of Monster with meele attack 2) no, you can't Q: What is the order of the skill advance from knight? Do attack then move, move then attack or move interrupt attack and proceed? A: Move, then attack. Check advance page on same wiki for link
  16. Overlord player can select mosters from those packs if there is a free monster group in quest. I think, that best deal is nerekhall and labyrinth of ruin 4 classes, 4 heroes, new monsters, and fullfledged campaigns. i will buy them first when i'm decide to expand my descent collection. small expansions is good, but... worth it only if you want something specific. H&M packs are nice, and good if you will play with the app. lieutenants worth it of you has OCD and want to use miniatures instead of tokens, or already know why you'll want them. even in app they only can spawn adjutant version with perils, and so I myself won't buy them.
  17. Not exactly . Whole phrase after an arrow is action. So if it tell monster to move and do something,or attack and run away, then this would count as single action And yes. If monster has selected target that it can't attack after single move, and no other actions applicable (e.g. baghrest selected hero with minimal will, whom stand in 8 spaces, he moved once and then there is action > use howl on at least 3 heroes , but only two is in howl's range ) then baghrest will skip all inapplicable action and try to resolve next action. If there is no actions in list, he will start from the beginning. And it's possible for monsters to move twice and do nothing. No problems with difficulty there because monster will compensate with special rule at the top of activation card For example three baghrest have moved this turn toward one hero. Heroes have killed one, and hurt other. At next activation they used howl twice in a row each on 3 heroes. Which could lead to situation when heroes would suffer 4 fatugue each
  18. I suggest buying core and playing king of all goblins campaign. After that you could decide do you want new side quests, monsters, etc.
  19. 1) yes. RTL rules, page 13 appendix 2 2) it select closest hero, who is in Los. So yes, if first action instruct monster to attack nearest hero and he has Los to that hero, he should attack
  20. except you are cherry-picking from rules so this part refers to situations, wheh two options to execute same action are present. i.e.: two heroes to attack (syndrael and avric from Darwin_dog's example) or selecting target from two heroes with same [book] value on the field from example and doesn't nullify rules from engage. and again, example on page 8. second zombie can engade and attack grisban, but still moves toward leoric. in any case, you always can homerule something, if you feel that it would improve your experience.
  21. I believe, you are. let's check engage example on page 8: zombie #2 can't engage hero with highest [book] (Leoric) so by your logic, he should be excluded from target pool, and zombie #2 should engage Grisban, who are in 3 spaces. but from that example we can conclude, that zombie #2 still moves toward target with highest [book] on field. also, by your logic, if zombie can't engage any hero (everyone is farther than 4 spaces), it will stay on place. also, could you point or quote which paragraph you are reffering?
  22. >Starting and ending space are same distance from target Roll Blue die. 1-3 stay on place, 4-6 move Also defence dies make great scatter to decide, direction of Ettin throw
  23. nope. can't. RTL rulebook. p. 12
  24. Budapest, on 23 Aug 2016 - 08:10 AM, said: so my point is: actions are skipped, if they are can't be resolved e.g. > Deathcry > Deathcry < skipped, because once per round > attack but special effect is not an action, but some benefit for monster, which bend normal rules of play (I think of them as analogue to OL cards, which can give monster additional movement or attack) so Death Cry: Choose 1 hero within 3 spaces of this monster. That hero tests will. If he fails, he is Doomed or suffers 1 damge, your choice. Limit once per round. would be activated second time through special action as benefit to the monsters. of course my point on this issue could me incorrect, and so best course of actions is submitting this question to support. p.s. checked wraiths with RTL app. there is activation where two death cries placed together at the beginning of activation? I think, it's a bug.
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