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  1. Found it in the offical FAQ. Raythen is using a Special Action (not Investigate) to reveal objective tokens. If he reveals the green token, the closest hero draws a search card. The FAQs do not even mention Investigate. I am content with this solution.
  2. I see, I was thinking that investigate could only be used for search tokens not for objective tokens. The quest does not even specify that heroes reveal objective tokens with search actions ... Could Raythen investigate a challenge token, too?
  3. Can somebody explain this answer (apparently) by Justin? Q: In Honor Among Thieves E2, does Raythen's Investigate apply when he checks an objective token that is revealed to be a search token? A: Yes. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/12990717#12990717 Investigate is a special action of Raythen (ally) that targets a search token. An objective token in this quest is revealed by using an action (not a special investigate action). After the objective token is revealed to be green, it is discarded. Where comes Investigate into play here? Ability text: Investigate: If this ally is adjacent to or in a space containing a search token, the hero closest to this ally (of the heroes' choice) is treated as if he performed a search action. That hero may reveal the search token and draw a Search card as normal.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the cards you mention can be played. Rather than listing all the (future) overlord cards that could be played on a charmed hero, I decided to specify conditions that prohibit the use of certain cards. Those are cards that "target a hero" (because the charmed hero is a monster) or depend on a "monster activation" (charming does not result in an activation). Do I need to rephrase this to make this more apparent?
  5. Dark Charm is the OL card that causes most confusion in the community when it comes to associated rules. Thus, I am trying to summarize all the stuff around including FAQ, uFAQ, etc.into one condensed set of (hopefully) clear rules. Please give me some feedback on what I might have missed and how readability can be further improved. Thanks! Here we go: Dark Charm, Dark Host, Out of Darkness and Treacherous Shadows General considerations Dark Charm, Dark Host, Out of Darkness and Treacherous Shadows share similar mechanics. Heroes under the effect of one of those cards are called charmed heroes. Charming a hero does not cause the hero to be activated. The effect of the card used to charm the hero has to be resolved immediately. For the duration of the effect the hero is considered to be a monster and no longer a hero for most purposes. Overlord player and hero player can interact with the charmed hero in different ways as specified below. Overlord player Overlord cards: Overlord cards and plot cards that target a hero cannot be played on a charmed hero. Overlord cards that refer to a monster activation cannot be used. Movement: A charmed hero follows the same movement rules as monsters: He cannot move through spaces with hero figures, but he can move through spaces with monster figures. Combat: If the Overlord forces the charmed hero to attack, he may spend SURGES on surge abilities of the charmed hero. The Overlord cannot force the charmed hero to equip or unequip items or use search cards. The Overlord cannot force the charmed hero to spend FATIGUE or exhaust cards. The Overlord cannot force the charmed hero to use abilities which include an element of choice (indicated by a "may", "use this card to" etc.). Passive effects of abilities that do not include an element of choice are still in effect. Special cases: Runic Knowledge can still be used during an attack of a charmed hero as in this case the overlord is not forcing the hero to suffer fatigue. Instead, he is spending a SURGE on an ability that happens to cause the hero to suffer 1 FATIGUE. A charmed Reanimate does not benefit from Vampiric Blood. Hero player Combat: A charmed hero forced to attack himself may use effects to re-roll his attack dice to possibly reduce the damage. Then, the charmed hero rolls his defense dice. He can also use most items, abilities, feats and class skills modifying defense results (e.g. granting additional defense dice of adding SHIELDS to defense rolls) as long as these do not specify that they can only be used by a Hero (e.g. Glory of Battle). The attack is resolved as usual. Special cases: The hero ability of a charmed Leoric is still active, possibly reducing his own attack by one HEART.
  6. Personally, I am not sure, what type of resource would be best. Although Zaltyre's approach using separate documents for difficult topics helps a lot, having many different places to look up rules is not optimal in my opinion. For me my "dream resource" should include rules of all expansions + published FAQs + unofficial FAQs added to the corresponding sections. I think FAQ and uFAQ should not be included as questions and answers but the "spirit" of the answer should be integrated into the text itself. Maybe in form of a separate text box or something similar. I guess the following two options would appeal most to me: Option 1: PDF document Advantages: printable, gives you one complete and up-to-date rulebook at your gaming tableDisadvantages: difficult to keep up to date no crowd-editing possible will be a fairly long document, not necessarily easy to search Option 2: Online Resource (Wiki etc.) Advantages: hypertext structure keeps it well-structured and clean easy to add/modify content made for crowd-editing with the right tags and search engine easy to search Disadvantages: players need to have a laptop or other mobile device at the gaming table to look up rules What do you think? Could the community put such a thing into existence? What are the main problems whith this? Would there be enough people willing to contribute? Or do you feel it is just not our job? Also, please add to advantages or disadvantages section or propose another option. @any2cards: I would love to hear your opinion on your dream resource! Maybe after you "recovered" a bit
  7. I think, most people here agree that FFG has done a "suboptimal" job when trying to provide rule updates and clarifications in the past. The ruleset was not easy at the beginning of the 2nd edition and it got even more complicated when more and more expansions got published. People like Zaltyre and others here and at BGG did try to fill this gap by creating great resources for some of the most difficult concepts of Descent (LOS, movement, etc.). Still, a comprehensive up-to-date FAQ that addresses many problems that Descent players have to deal with almost every day is still missing. I am not too sure if in the future FFG will allocate the necessary resources to provide an updated ruleset that will satisfy the needs of the community. To some extend, we might be on our own here. I would like to ask you guys, what a good updated rule resource should look like. Is it a pdf document or an online resource? Is it an errata/FAQ as published for X-Wing, or a resource that includes all the basic rules (e.g. as given in the rulebooks of the core set) along with explanations of corresponding problems, special cases, unofficial FAQs etc? Is it a "living" resource or a static one with regular updates. In short, what is the Descent rules resource of your dreams? And do you see any possibility to make your dream reality?
  8. Fantastic work! Thank you very much for this!
  9. Great idea. Keep in mind that you have to diffentiate between the official FAQs and the unofficial FAQs (consisting of the collected answers from FGG on specific questions asked by players). Some groups might want to go with the offical FAQ only. I have been working to collect/update the uFAQ here. I added/modifyed more than 100 FAQs during the last several months. It still is far from complete. I think the wiki is great, however the all-on-one-page approach also has its benefits, because searching might be a little bit easier here. I encourage everybody to participate and add to the Wiki and/or the corresponding thread at BGG. Actually, these (and other) community efforts would make FFGs work a lot easier. Most of the stuff is already there and referenced to the original emails (in most cases). So it would be quite easy to put it all together and put it into a single official pdf or "living" webpage. Come on, FFG!
  10. @Felin: It is late here and maybe I do not get your point, but I think the "question" I asked might be different from yours. Staying with your example, I was asking: "What are the chances of hitting a monster at range 6 and roll a surge". The result is 17% (side 6 of a blue die). With range 5 to 3 it is still 17% as side 2 is the only side with another surge. Therefore, if I ask "What are the chances of hitting a monster at range 2 and roll a surge" the result is 33% (side 2 or 6.). My tool displays these values. Maybe you can try to explain what you think is wrong again? @Zaltyre: Yeah, I though matrices are the way to go. But school is 20 years away ... and I never was really good at maths. @AndrewMM: I like to take a look, but cells are locked atm. Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys!
  11. Yes, the "code" I used is really crappy. It is some advanced excel equations. The VB macros are mostly for the front end. I do not have a background in any programing language and never used VB before. So I just googled a lot and used what worked. I am not sure if I can help you with anything other than graphics for the front end. But I am happy to stumble along if you take me I think, that the best way to do this project properly is to create a website with the calculator that is optimized for input and display on mobile devices. There is a good example for Imperial Assault here. Maybe we should talk to this guy first.
  12. Will look into it, but need some time to recover from this last job ... took a lot longer than anticipated.
  13. In the current German version of the game, Grisban is identical to the English version. Must have been a strange mishap by the translators. Is there a list with other translation "errors"? So far I am aware of these: 1. Shadow Rune Questbook p.2 - "endcaps belong to tile they are attached to" - not corrected in German FAQ or last German version 2. Goblin Witchers - monster ability changed - corrected in German FAQ and current German reprint 3. Grisban - hero feat changed - corrected in German FAQ and current German reprint
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