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  1. In the last couple of weeks we have received several requests to preview the new coop mode that will be included in the upcoming community expansion Sands of the Past. Here it is now. For details see my post on BGG.
  2. Sadgit

    Tahlia Feat question

    I agree that both interpretations are possible. However, I think that it is A simply because the wording on CK Tahlia was which clearly indicated that the first triggering condition is independent from adjacency. Assuming that the mechanics did not change, Tahlia can indeed attack a monster not adjacent to her if she has a ranged or reach weapon equipped.
  3. Sadgit

    Master Thorn

    I think that both abilities can be used in a single attack. You have to use 2 free surges, of course. The Thorn player first decides to use a surge to teleport 2 spaces and then decides to teleport another 2 spaces. As you pointed out, 2 identical surge abilities may be triggered without any problem. Otherwise the Berserker's Chipped Axe wounldn't make much sense.
  4. @watercolor dragon: I am using Adobe software (InDesign, Illustrator and PS) for all images and booklets. The cover page was created in Illustrator using a Descent logo with transparent background and two layers of text (windlass font) on top of each other to get the outlines right. What format do you need the layered image in? Link to logo
  5. Alright campaign it is. Will correct that and provide links for A4 and A4 with bleed. EDIT: Added links in previous post.
  6. A4 is really good for printing (at least in Europe). I did the CRRG also in this format. A4 at 300 dpi resolution should give 2480 x 3508 px. At the moment your old cover page has exactly this dimension. However, all other pages have different dimensions. Most have 2551 x 3295 px which cannot be resized to A4 without distortion. If you are going to redo the page format at some point I would suggest to use A4 for all pages. If you want to help people to get this printed professionally you need to add so-called "bleeds" of 3 mm to the top, bottom and outer edge (this is the edge that points away from the spine of the printed book). These bleed areas need to contain the background image only, no text or other important stuff. They will be cut away after printing to prevent white edges in the final product. The final dimensions should be: A4 w/o bleeds 210 x 297 mm (2480 x 3508 @ 300 dpi) A4 with bleeds 213 x 303 mm (2516 x 3579 @ 300 dpi) Let me know if I can help you here.
  7. Thanks for the update! Unfortunately I haven't had the time to try this. However, to support you a bit, I recreated your cover page to look more like the official booklets. As you used 2551x3295 px for all other pages I did the cover in the same dimensions. Let me know if something needs to be changed. Link to image A4 Link to image A4 with bleeds
  8. Sadgit

    Lost Legends Deck

    We are all excited. However, I do not really get what you want to communicate with the last two posts. I get the impression that you think you dug up some hints that point to a new expansion with new heroes in the making. That's great. However, I think that your posts would attract more attention if you would lay out your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way.
  9. Sadgit

    -Rule Questions-

    I have to disagree here. When a figure has damage tokens equal to its Health on its card, it is immediately defeated and removed from the map as a consequence. Thus, the monster that attacked Andira is no longer within 3 spaces of her and her Hero ability cannot trigger.
  10. I am happy to announce Sands of the Past - an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition. A couple of months ago, myself and several members of the community set out to develop a community expansion with roughly the content and (most importantly) the quality of a small box official expansion. Although some components of SotP are still at a play-testing stage, the new Road to Peril coop mode that will be included in SotP expansion has already sparked a thread on BGG. I therefore decided to share some details on SotP in a series of previews. For details see my announcement post on BGG.
  11. Sadgit


    Recently there has been an extended discussion on exhausted items over at BGG. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2155078/exhausting-items-and-implications/ Judging from the (hopefully official) FFG answer that we got on Death Siphon none of the abilities on Unity can be used if the card is exhausted.
  12. Not yet Sorry, to keep you waiting but we really want to create a high quality expansion. We need to iterate a couple of things and playtest some more. Thanks for your patience. P.S: Erik posted a second preview on the second hero and class included in SotP at BGG.
  13. One of our goals was to provide an expansion with components that can be obtained for approximately the price of an official small expansion. Reaper minis are a good option here. All 5 monster minis together cost around 10 EUR.
  14. You are right. These details are not explicitly included in the rule book. Fortunately they have been clarified in uFAQs and FAQs: Emphasis by me. Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/11091079#11091079 Clarification of "during your turn". Source: official FAQ 1.6
  15. Nope. Usually heroes may spend movement points only in step 3.II .(Perform hero actions) of their turn. There are some abilities that give figures movement points in other players turns (e.g. Syndrael's Heroic feat). If a figure may be moved or receives movement points during another player’s turn , the figure may be moved before the active player resumes his turn or not at all.
  16. Yes. Kickstarter would be great but of course not possible due to copyright. We will provide detailed instructions and templates for printing all components either professionally (e.g. through printerstudio) or at home. Figures for heroes and monsters will be from Reaper to keep the costs low.
  17. Conditions are applied when damage is dealt. Jane's Hero ability allows her to suffer fatigue when damage is suffered which happens only after damage is dealt and conditions are applied. Thus, Jaime's Hero ability cannot prevent conditions. Regardless, the use of surges cannot be changed as soon this step in the attack sequence is resolved.
  18. I agree. There in no indication that bards can voluntarily remove their tokens from class card. I think this is good as any additional flexibility would strengthen a very good class even more.
  19. Dear any2cards, could you please add this work to the index of useful links? Thanks!
  20. I agree. Even though the search token is being treated as a Reaver it is still a search token (deep in its greedy heart).
  21. Sadgit

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    I recently had Serena as a Watchman/Wildlander in a party playing Mist of Bilehall/The Chains that Rust using RAMV. She was the most mobile hero that I have ever experienced. Fleet of Foot gives her an amazing 12 movement points per round without spending an action. Nimble was used to avoid all Melee attacks and increase mobility even more. Quick Recovery for increased mobility and heal, often used on other heroes, additional condition removal. Trailblazer for party wide mobility buff especially at the start of a encounter. Unity for party-wide fatigue recovery. After she aquired some armor she was viable and a LOT of fun to play, easily getting faraway objectives and search tokens . However, I agree that RAMV is most likely the optimal environment for her, as clever positioning can prevent her being focused down and the mobility is much better on the big standard maps compared to the smaller RtL maps. Just me two cents on her.
  22. Sadgit

    Secret Room Search Markers

    The tokens that you find in secret rooms are Challenge tokens and are not considered to be Search tokens (although a search action is needed to reveal them).
  23. Sadgit

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Recently, Delphi and I started a project to adapt the regular The Shadow Rune campaign to be playable without the need of an overlord. We will be using the fantastic Valkyrie software under development by BGG user BruceLGL to provide a look and feel very similar to the official Road to Legend app. To showcase what it will look like and evaluate how many people are interested in this, we adapted the introduction quest First Blood. Give it a try, but beware, Mauler and his Goblins learned a few new tricks! We think it is quite fun to play. Here are some screenshots: Features: step-by-step exploration of maps new quest-dependent activation instructions for monsters groups quest mechanics similar to the regular campaign but adapted to Road to Legend play-style. travel and campaign phases at the start and at the end of each quest reward system based on gold and number of available Shop Item cards uses the Road to Legend rule set, no additional rules other than provided within the quest itself Download: http://descent-community.org/index.php/the-shadow-rune-project/ Installation: install the official Road to Legend app download and unpack the current Valkyrie release from here start Valkyrie from the folder you unpacked it to select "Import Road to Legend content", click on the Descent button when import done select Start Quest and download First Blood (it will be saved in your windows user directory (%appdata%\Valkyrie\) Start the quest Support Requests: Obviously, this is a big project that cannot be completed by two people alone. We will need a lot of help from you guys to get this done. We need people to with ideas how to adapt each quest for app-play and put those ideas into our quest design template available for our download page. We need people to create the quest.ini files based on the quest design templates (using the Valkyrie Quest Editor GUI or very simple code). We need people to play test quests providing detailed feedback on bugs and balancing. If this sparks enough interest, we will continue to get a full campaign adapted. Contribute and make this project happen!
  24. Leoric's Hero ability is applied after dice are rolled but still in step 2 of the attack. That is before any modifications from surge abilities are applied to the attack result in step 3.