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  1. I cannot validate this post at the moment. But there is hope. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/30672908#30672908
  2. Sadgit

    Can cards abilities stack?

    Yes. Even if your defense results are changed before or after rolling dice, you still rolled a blank and Iron-Bound Ring triggers. Imagine your defense results of a virtual pool of shields from different sources. A shield rolled on a die is just one of those sources.
  3. Thanks for listing these mistakes. They will be corrected in the next version of the CRRG. On The Delve: Actually, I have not done testing myself, just included what others have reported in various forums for this mechnanism. There could be well be something wrong in the CRRG here. It would be great if someone could confirm/correct the data.
  4. Congratulations, Rugal! The quality and design of components is top notch. Fantastic work. I am keen on testing your expansion as soon as play-testing of the community expansion we are currently working on is finished. A request: Could you upload a version on the rule/quest book with bleeds (3 mm/edge)? Some typos and suggestions: Anni Heroic feat, typo last word "you" You need to define "target" better. Is it just attacks or target in a more general sense, as sometimes used e.g. for monster abilities. Eneal Hero ability: You need to better define that the action from the hero token, does not count against the standard 2 action limit. Heroic Feat: Change to "Action: Roll 2 power dice of different colors. Each hero within 3 spaces recovers [Heart] equal to the [Heart] rolled and fatigue equal to the [Surge] rolled."
  5. Sadgit

    "Missing" Hybrids classes

    Just for completeness: Morthai also desgined a version of the missing hybrid classes. These are available from here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1712747/missing-hybrid-classes
  6. Sadgit

    New expansion wanted

    Psymia already signaled that he would be happy to host any high-quality community based expansion at http://descent-community.org/
  7. Sadgit

    What test is this?

    No idea. Seems to be a misprint in your version.
  8. Sadgit

    Noob question - Tomble cannot be hit??

    Heroic feats can be used only once per encounter.
  9. Sadgit

    What test is this?

    It's a knowledge test.
  10. Sadgit

    Call of the Ravens

    Zaltyre, I think you do still have the old version of the OL summary card in mind. On the current version step 1.I. is "Draw 1 Overlord card and start of turn abilities.". Thus, you can chose when to draw an OL card in this step, even after reforcing monsters, playing Dark Charm, or other start of turn abities and effects.
  11. Sadgit

    New expansion wanted

    Yes, the blinded condition is part of the fan-based expansion I and four other well-known community members are currently working on. Thanks for your feedback, we are currently playtesting some and developing other components. Will modify the new condition if we feel it is not balanced.
  12. Sadgit

    Character Progression

    Yes. The heroes are tired after a full campaign. Let them rest in peace. And get out those freshmen still eager to kill (and get killed).
  13. Sadgit

    New expansion wanted

    Great. PM sent.
  14. Sadgit

    New expansion wanted

    If Zaltyre agrees, I think it would be really good if someone into the lore could go through the introduction texts of the Weapon of War quests add a bit more to the desert theme that we are aiming for. We also need some shorter fluff text for the backsides of the hero sheets.
  15. Sadgit

    New expansion wanted

    My feeling is the classes (especially the mage class) will still change quite a bit during play-testing. So no teasers here at this point. The expansion will have a desert theme. However, as we are not including an new map tiles, theme will be a bit limited. At the moment we are focussing mainly on the mechanisc aspects of the expansion and I think that no-one of us is really deep into Terrinoth lore. So, yes, we could need some help in this department. @leewroy Here you go: