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  1. That's supposed to be Mad Carthos. The best art for Landrec I could find is here:
  2. Release Notes----------------CRRG Version 1.14. (08/2019)modified entry Sneakymodified entry Entrance and Exitadded uFAQ to Burrowupdated images for Nimble and Reinforcemodified entry Andira Runehandadded Pest Control to available side quests in table 3.1added details for Embers of Dread in section 3added uFAQ for All-Knowingadded uFAQ for Tideadded Lost Legends classes to entry Classes and table 3.1.modified entry Monsters/Monster traits with higher quality images
  3. Yes, when playing the cooperative Road to Peril you MUST use the staff at the first opportunity.
  4. 1) All encounters that have Peril decks without a Deadly Peril card should automatically end due to quest mechanics shortly after the last Minor/Major Peril card is drawn. 2) Yes, reroll abilities can be used as usual. All relics that usually require decisions of the overlord have been modified for RtP. You can find the details on p.11 of the rules and quest guide. For Staff of Shadows the modified ability is: Thus, only if a blinded hero would defeat a monster, Staff of Shadows would be used.
  5. I just sent the following questions to FFG support:
  6. Thanks a lot for posting the full text of your question. It is indeed very strange that Nathan did not comment on the possibility to use All-Knowing multiple times during a turn. Your question clearly should have led to Nathan addressing this. He did not. I can only assume that FFG intends to allow multiple uses of All-Knowing a turn. It is my opinion that this puts All-Knowing into "game-breaking" territory. I will house-rule that card in any game that I play.
  7. Yes, the mechanic just results in randomized open groups. The monster deck should be reshuffled between encounters.
  8. The timing problems of the Elementalist are resolved.
  9. I had an extended Kingdom Death: Monster session with my weekly gaming group yesterday night. Such drama .
  10. I do not agree with you here. I think that: 1. All-Knowing is supposed to exhaust when used. 2. All-Knowing is supposed to be limited to once per turn. Adding "other" by the uFAQ ensures that. 3. All-Knowing is supposed to target only skills that have been exhausted. Everything else would be stupidly overpowered. Your interpretation would allow many broken combos. For example a Lorekeeper with 5 Stamina (common for a mage) and standard Prayer of Healing + Divine Fury build would allow heroes to recover 5 red dice worth of damage AND add 5 yellow die to the attack pool of a hero every single turn for 1 rest action. Add Cleansing Touch and you can remove up to 4 conditions. Bottled Courage would still allow 5 additional attacks per turn. With Stamina Potions it's even more crazy. This is clearly not intended. Maybe it would help if you post the question that you sent to Nathan. @kbalazsa: Who can sleep with so many great games to play
  11. Nathan's answer is clarifying that All-Knowing is not supposed to target itself. Why should a player target All-Knowing if not to refresh it?
  12. I have not been thinking properly. Nathan's answer on All-Knowing does make sense only if All-Knowing would be exhausted when used. This is not the case. At least not from the text of the card provided by FFG. I guess, he simply forgot to mention it.
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