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  1. I was also wondering ... the name "Epic Fail" implies that the attacks misses which it does not. As it is it seems to be underpowered for a level 3 OL card. It essentially causes the loss of an action and not being able to equip the weapon in the next turn (only if the attacking hero himself picks it up). If another hero picks it up and trades it back to the original owner it's just 1 action loss.
  2. Why don't you roll back the attack to step 2? The only problem (at least in this example) would be that the hero players know that a Dark Might is on the OL's hand even if he does decide to not play it in the end. However, as soon as reroll abilities (always used in step 2) enter the stage, roll backs are problematic.
  3. Check out this post for specifics on the RtL shop: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/33353605#33353605 Also from another post by BruceLGL: source: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/33353605#33353605
  4. Both Dark Might and Heavy Cloak must be played in step 2 of the attack before surges are assigned to abilities in step 4. It is completely legal to play Dark Might after Heavy Coat was used to add another surge to the attack results. Only after this step is completed and range is checked (step 3) the player may decide what ability to use with any remaining surges.
  5. I just realized that Arvel Worldwalker as a trickster has Arcane Fusion for free after accumulating skills worth 3 or more XP: 1. Use Heroic feat at end of an encounter to get Arcane Fusion. 2. Use Arcane Fusion at the start of the next encounter to fuse a weapon 3. Use Heroic feat to change Arcane Fusion to something else, according to the text on Arcane Fusion the fused weapon will stay fused. 😵
  6. Thanks for your kind words. As always it's a great pleasure to interact with this fantastic community and provide support. It is indeed very likely that this is the last version of the CRRG. Maybe I will add some minor "community errata" later on, but I would like to keep those at a minimum.
  7. Release Notes----------------CRRG Version 1.15. (11/2019) FFG is no longer supporting the game and additional uFAQs seem to be unlikely. Unfortunately, several of the cards introduced in Lost Legends suffer from ambiguities and timing issues. I decided to suggest minimal modifications for problematic cards to resolve these issues. Suggestions of this kind will be called "Community errata" in the CRRG. Note, that the purpose here is resolving rule issues only not re-balancing. added community errata for Nature's Fury added community errata for Sun and Sea added community errata to entry All-Knowing added community errata for Blight Extraction. added community errata for Unholy Bond added rule to keep hero tokens on Class cards when transitioning from one encounter to another to entry Encounters added rule that all hero tokens are returned to their supplies in the cleanup step in entry Campaigns/Campaign phase added errata to quest Taskmaster (TCtR) (GER only) modified entry Quick Recovery replaced all images of cards by the fantastic higher-resolution versions created by any2cards.
  8. Actually my comment is based on this photo: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/4803040/drenos. As my Descent collection is in German, I do not have access to the physical card.
  9. Just found an error on the "Sun and Sea" class card. The elemental symbol is actually correct on the original card. The errata should correct "exhuast" only.
  10. Open groups are chosen during setup and the OL must reveal the monster groups at that time. When a figure enters a space on the Goblin Cave, the OL may choose one of this open groups to be placed.
  11. Just pointing out problems. Yep, your version would do it.
  12. While a hero is defeated it is not on the map and therefore not within 3 spaces from anything.
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