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  1. I agree. Even though the search token is being treated as a Reaver it is still a search token (deep in its greedy heart).
  2. Sadgit

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    I recently had Serena as a Watchman/Wildlander in a party playing Mist of Bilehall/The Chains that Rust using RAMV. She was the most mobile hero that I have ever experienced. Fleet of Foot gives her an amazing 12 movement points per round without spending an action. Nimble was used to avoid all Melee attacks and increase mobility even more. Quick Recovery for increased mobility and heal, often used on other heroes, additional condition removal. Trailblazer for party wide mobility buff especially at the start of a encounter. Unity for party-wide fatigue recovery. After she aquired some armor she was viable and a LOT of fun to play, easily getting faraway objectives and search tokens . However, I agree that RAMV is most likely the optimal environment for her, as clever positioning can prevent her being focused down and the mobility is much better on the big standard maps compared to the smaller RtL maps. Just me two cents on her.
  3. Sadgit

    Secret Room Search Markers

    The tokens that you find in secret rooms are Challenge tokens and are not considered to be Search tokens (although a search action is needed to reveal them).
  4. Leoric's Hero ability is applied after dice are rolled but still in step 2 of the attack. That is before any modifications from surge abilities are applied to the attack result in step 3.
  5. Sadgit

    Question on Search Items

    No, that is correct. Even flipped search cards are worth gold during the next campaign phase.
  6. Sadgit

    Question on Search Items

    Search card are indeed single use. It is correct that both used search cards and unequipped Item cards are flipped to the back. However, search cards are usually never flipped to the front (only Ulma Grimstone can do that using her Heroic Feat) whereas Item card are flipped to the front when they are equipped at the start of the turn. Rules, p10: Some Search cards may be used for a one-time effect (as listed on the card). After using a Search card, the player flips the card facedown and keeps it in his play area. Unfortunately, I cannot find a more specific paragraph in the rules on this.
  7. Sadgit

    Request ROL Quest Vault Compatibility

    Delphi, myself and others spend significant amounts of time converting quests of the Shadow Rune campaign to RtL style quests using Valkyrie. I can assure you that it is a significant effort to get even one encounter into a shape that is technically sound, interesting, challenging and fun to play. We are talking about 5-10 hours+ to get one encounter done.
  8. Thanks for posting these. The art that you use is top notch. May I ask where you got these from? Some specific comments: Are these act 1 or 2 items? Ring of Health and Regeneration: "On a previous turn" needs to be specified as it could ne interpreted as "any of your previous turns in this encounter". "Received" should be replaced by "suffered" Peacekeeper: "You cannot be Terrified" is standard language here. I am currently developing a community driven expansion that will have roughly the contents of a official mini expansion. We have most of the stuff completed and are doing play-tests at the moment. I wonder if you would be interested in joining this project and provide some item cards to be added to the expansion. Could you explain your reasons for adding the new rather complex rules for weapons?
  9. CRRG Version 1.13. (01/2019) corrected several "Related Topics" with wrong "Modify results of rolls" keywords modified position of bullets on action in entry Familiars corrected side quest assignment for BotW and SotS corrected formatting in entry Acts corrected mechanism for cards drawn in the Upgrade stage of The Delve in entry Stages modified entry Crumbling Terrain modified entry Steps of Combat/Declare weapon and target added entries Bone Wand, Boneborn Bow and Soulbound Sword to section 2.3
  10. There are several forks that I am currently using: https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap/ This includes all official components. https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap2.0/ This includes custom heroes and classes, and a couple of corrections. It will the the official fork for play-by-forum games as soon as our community expansion is released. https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap-WoW/ Is outdated (but still includes all map tiles).
  11. It's much easier to use software such as Illustrator or InDesign for these tasks. Photoshop is not good at that.
  12. Sadgit

    Monster retaliate question

    Can you specify which game component you are referring to? What do you mean by "Wrath"? As far as I now, "retaliate" is no Descent game term. This is a mechanic present in Gloomhaven, though.
  13. I will add these points to the CRRG. Your view is correct. When monsters engage heroes they try to move into an adjacent space regardless of Reach (or Extend).