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  1. I chose Crow Hags on Main Road and Giants on Crossroads. Heroes decided to go to the east to avoid obstacles and scorched fields. I used Giants to block the path and sweep-stun. Crow Hags to harass from behind and prevent a lot of healing. Elite Crow Hag's Death Omen was great to further slow down the heroes with immobilize, stun and poison conditions as at that point heroes had no means to remove conditions. I moved Valyndra's Shadow directly to the villagers. Won this easily.
  2. Unfortunately, there is no online tool available to track progress in RtL campaigns. Maybe you can work with screenshots.
  3. Stones are not considered to be heroes (or even figures) but obstacles for purposes other than in RtL activation instructions. Familiars treated as heroes/figures (such as the reanimate or the wolf) are treated as heroes for the purpose of attacks, Monster actions, Hero abilities and feats, hero skills, abilities of items, relics, Search cards, and Overlord cards. They are not treated as heroes for the purpose of ally skills, quest rules, Plot cards, travel events, Rumor cards and all other game effects unless noted otherwise. For more detailed information check the CRRG, page 17.
  4. Yes, side quests and alternative quest layouts from expansions added after the start of a RTL campaign may be used during the campaign. Yes, when you start an new campaign, you start from 0, new heroes, no skills, starting gear only, etc.
  5. Up to the group limit. In your case 1 elite monster.
  6. Sounds interesting. Can you send me your write up?
  7. Even without his feat Mok is one of the best heroes available. Nerfing him a little in RtL does not feel too wrong to me
  8. Lazily copy-pasted from the CRRG: Retreat Retreat is a term used to describe movement of figures in Road to Legend. When retreating, a figure spends all of its remaining movement points to move as far away from the closest enemy figure as possible. If a figure has no movement points, it does not retreat. Retreating does not cause the figure to perform a move action to gain movement points. During the movement, the figure can decrease distance to the closest enemy figure if by doing so the end result allows it to be farther away.
  9. I know, we had this discussion before: Do you consider a stand-up or revive action to be an healing ability? I added "effect" to make sure that those actions are included. In addition, I have chosen the phrase "whose primary consequence is related to healing" to exclude things like the prophet's Soothing Insight, which cannot be used to heal a knocked out hero. EDIT: What about this (for Revive): If a hero is revived, his player performs the following steps in sequence: Roll two red power dice and recover damage equal to the HEARTS rolled, recover FATIGUE equal to the SURGES rolled. Replace hero token with the corresponding hero figure. If another figure occupies the space containing the hero token, the player places his figure in the closest empty space to his hero token of that hero player's choice. The player is allowed to choose a space on the other side of an elevation line. For effects that trigger in step 1 (with triggers such as "when a hero recovers HEART"), spaces are counted to the hero token (rather than to the space the hero figure is placed in step 2).
  10. @Charmy Mmmh, I think there might be a misunderstanding here. Zaltyre is referring to abilities (e.g. Mok's Hero ability) that trigger when a hero recovers HEART by something else. Let's say hero A is knocked out, hero B has an ability that triggers when a hero recovers HEART, and hero C has an ability that triggers when a hero recovers FATIGUE. If hero A stands up and recovers HEARTS and FATIGUE, spaces for abilities of hero B and hero C would be counted to the hero A token.
  11. Draft for a bullet that will be added to CRRG entries Revive, Stand Up and Defeated. Any suggestions to improve clarity?
  12. Great, your comment made me remember were I read the relevant uFAQ on knocked-out heroes. It is actually a very interesting old thread by Zaltyre, Ominlash, Charmy and others Here is the relevant part: Together with Darwins Dog's quote and this uFAQ, it seems to be pretty clear: A knocked-out hero is considered to be on the map as soon as a healing ability affects him/her. Then the hero recovers hearts, then the hero figure is placed on the map. Thus, for Mok's Hero ability spaces are indeed counted to the space with the hero token, regardless where the figure is placed afterwards. Problem solved and will be included in the next CRRG version. Thanks, mates!
  13. Yep. However, then this is a remarkable exception. Usually spaces cannot be counted to figures not on the map. The only other exception is if the hero (token) is targeted by an heal ability. This is not the case here as Mok is either healing himself or recovering fatigue himself.
  14. This is certainly true for tokens of heroes that receive the heal. Do you think it is also true in this situation? After all, Mok recovers Health (or Fatigue) depending on the position of a hero token of another hero? I vaguely remember something from FFG that could be applied to this situation, but can' find it anymore ...
  15. The rulebook states that when a hero is revived, "The knocked out hero rolls two red power dice, recovers damage equal to the [Heart] rolled, recovers fatigue equal to the [Fatigue] rolled, and then replaces his hero token with his figure." Let's say a monster is standing on top of the knocked out hero. The hero would be placed in an adjacent empty space, hero's choice. Enter Elder Mok's Hero ability. The rulebook quote above states that the trigger for Elder Mok's ability (a hero within 3 spaces recovers Heart or Fatigue) would happen before placement of the revived hero. I am pretty sure that you would still count spaces to the space in which the hero is placed, not the space of the hero token. The hero is not on the map before that time point, after all. Does someone have a uFAQ on that?