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  1. Ah, I missed that bit in the rules for Shadowfall Mountain. We need to ask FFG to clarify this.
  2. Based on these rules and an uFAQ on the LotW quest At the Forge, I think that it is possible to choose shadow dragons in this situation. In this quest the monster section reads: "Hybrid sentinels, 2 open groups. Valyndra. Any shadow dragon figure that moved off the map in Encounter 1 [...]" Here is the uFAQ on that: Q: In "At the Forge" encounter 2, can Shadow Dragons be chosen as one of the open group, regardless of whether any dragon escaped encounter 1? Can Reinforce be played on Shadow Dragons if they are not chosen as an Open Group (because they are stated in the "Monster" section of that quest? A: Yes, you could choose shadow dragons as an open group if none of them moved off the map, but no, Reinforce could not be used in this case, since the overlord only receives shadow dragons as a monster group if he wins the encounter.
  3. I agree that Nature's Bounty can be used twice in a round using Sahla's Heroic feat. These are good questions and I cannot give a definite answer. We know from an uFAQ that Sahla can actually benefit from passive abilities on chosen Skill cards such as Iron Will which would increase Sahla's stamina by 1 until the end of her turn. However, I could only speculate about the effect of an exhausted Inner Balance. Time to put a support question to FFG. Maybe post a draft here first, to let the community close any loopholes and get a definite answer from FFG how to deal with Sahla's feat in this respect.
  4. Why? Can you elaborate? I agree.
  5. I think Dungeoneer in combination with Sahla Heroic feat works like this: 1. Dungeoneer is not exhausted Sahla may choose to exhaust it and gain all benefits including the free attack. He was the one exhausting the card, therefore the "you may perform" on the card is referring to him. 2. Dungeoneer was exhausted in another hero's turn Sahla cannot make use of the free attack, as he is not the "you" in "you may perform the attack", it is the hero that exhausted the card.
  6. This entry in the CRRG is based on the following uFAQ. Question: 2.11.2. Can Sahla use his hero ability several times in one turn? And is "Then, choose 1 figure within 3 spaces of you to gain that condition." step obligatory? Also does his heroic feat allow to use already exhausted skill cards of another hero (can I consider that it gives him a virtual skill card copy of another hero's card?)? Answer by Kara: No, Sahla can only use his ability once at the start of his turn. Yes, the “Then, choose 1 figure within 3 spaces of you to gain that condition” is obligatory. “A player cannot use an exhausted card until it is refreshed” (p 8, Rules of Play) so no, Sahla could not use an exhausted hero skill. Other uFAQs confirmed that Sahla does not get a virtual copy of the chosen Skill card. Thus, if an exhausted Skill card is chosen it does not refresh in step 1.II. of Sahla's turn.
  7. You can use that card only when you declare a rest action. You need to pay 1 fatigue to exhaust it. Rest actions recover fatigue at the end on the round. If Herbal Lore or Inner Balance is more effective depends on the situation. I would not say that one is superior compare to the other. The stat increase can be vital. It's an option that you do not have with Herbal Lore.
  8. Heroes do not need to perform a move action to gain or use movement points from other sources such as suffering fatigue. Here is the corresponding bit from the rule book, page 8.
  9. Any time a figure or other object changes its position from one space to another space on the map, it is considered to have moved in a general sense. This includes movement with movement points, "Move up to your space", "Move X spaces", and "Remove and place" effects. This general definition of movement is relevant for Syndrael. Reference:
  10. Nothing to read here.
  11. @Zotiskarr: Thanks for your input and welcome to this great game. My question is connected to the turn sequence: 1. Start of Turn 2. Equip Items 3. Perform Actions 4. End of Turn I am looking for a reference that unambiguously confirms that movement points (regardless of the source) may not be spent in step 1. To get this right you have to know that heroes can suffer fatigue to gain movement points only "during your turn" and that the term "during your turn" has been confirmed by FFG to refer to step 3 only. This uFAQ (emphasis mine) answers the question when movement points from fatigue may be spent. As those can only be gained in step 3 , the answer is referring to that step alone. It confirms that in step 3 the following is possible: 3. Perform actions Suffer fatigue and spend movement point(s) ("before your actions") Action #1 Suffer fatigue and spend movement point(s) ("during your actions") Action #2 Suffer fatigue and spend movement point(s) ("after your actions") It is not very clear if the "during your actions" in the uFAQ refers to after action 1 (as implied above) or during a move action (which can be interrupted to suffer fatigue and gain movement points). But either way it would still be in step 3. So unfortunately this uFAQ does not refer to movement points gained in step 1 of the turn. As I said in the OP, those movement points may also be spent only in step 3. So if you are going to take Okaluk, you should spend movement points from his Hero ability only in step 3. I am just looking for an official FFG reference for that to include in the CRRG. There might be a misconception here. The Speed of a figure defines how many movement points it receives when it performs a move action. As every action, move actions can only be performed in step 3 of the turn. Thus, converting Speed to movement points can take place only in step 3. Syndrael's Heroic feat granting a move action outside of a hero's turn is the only exception that comes to my mind at the moment.
  12. I thought that this question had been clarified by Nathan in this very thread . Is there anything still unclear about the stance that FFG is taking in this regard?
  13. Nowadays, usually you have to wait months to get a response. Sometimes you never get one. Unfortunately, customer service is not what it used to be.
  14. Yes, it's in appendix 2.4 Overlord cards entry Airborne and Contaminated
  15. Release NotesCRRG Version 1.8. (09/10/2017) modified preface to include Trials of Frostgate content modified entry Experience points to include Trials of Frostgate content added entry Acts and corresponding cross-references added uFAQ to entry Laughin Buldar (CK) added uFAQ and modified entry Dual Strike modified entry Movement/Movement points modified entry Kobolds added entry Small Beginnings added entry Spawner modified the figure on Plague Cloud in appendix 3.4 modified entry Astarra modified entry Window Tarha modified entry Oath of Honor modified RtL box in entry Steps of Combat concerning attacks on multiple monsters added uFAQ to entry Thaiden Mistspeak added errata to Ignoble Sacrifice (GER only) corrected TOC corrected layout and some typos