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  1. It is my understanding that the Pierce 2 from Internal Rot cannot be applied to an attack that hexes a monster for the first time. This is different from the ability of the Shadow Soul. The triggering condition of Internal Rot is "Each of your attacks [...] targeting a hexed monster]. Targeting happens in step 1 of the attack ("Declare target"). Hexes are applied in step 4 (Enfeebling Hex) or step 3 (Plague Cloud) or outside of an attack (Viral Hex). Thus, Pierce 2 is not applied to monsters without a hex token even if those monsters are hexed in later steps of the attack. The triggering condition of the Shadow Soul's ability is "Each time a monster [...] suffers [Heart] from an attack ...". Suffering damage happens in step 5 of the attack ("Deal damage"). If the Shadow Soul is placed with Soul Bound as soon as the attack is confirmed to not miss, this happens in step 2 (Roll dice), step 3 (Check range) and in rare chases (monsters with Shadow or special quest rules) in step 4 (Spend surges). In all these cases this is before step 5. Thus, the condition is fulfilled when the ability is activated and the Shadow Soul's ability affects the attack in which it is placed.
  2. No that I know off. But there are Photoshop templates for almost all cards in the BGG file section.
  3. Thanks for your continuous support, guys! CRRG Version 1.12. (10/2018) modified entry Abilities, last bullet for clarity corrected entry No Rest for the Wicked modified entry Agent corrected entry Vampiric Blood corrected typo in entry Feral Frenzy
  4. The attack is immediately terminated when the attacker is defeated. 1. Monster dead in step 2, no damage to hero 2. Monster dead in step 4, no damage to hero 3. Not different from the other cases. The Blood Ape would move, perform an attack up to the step it dies. If it dies before damage is dealt, the heroes do not suffer any damage.
  5. Check out this spreadsheet by any2cards. Note the tabs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/05z8d80l1kxxb44/D2e Expansion Info.xlsx?dl=0
  6. I agree that this is contradictory. I vaguely remember that the Vampiric Blood paragraph in the CRRG is based on a uFAQ, but I cannot find it anymore. It might as well be a typo or an older uFAQ that was revised later on. I am going to change that in the next version. Thanks for bringing this up.
  7. Thanks, will make it into the October version of the CRRG.
  8. Yes, this is possible.
  9. Your are right, of course. Dan to decide if he wants that small benefit if Elaria attacks with melee weapons against Stealthy targets.
  10. Here are my suggested changes for the remaining heroes: Saka and Kuto A: "Each of your attacks has SURGE: X HEART, where X is equal to the number of other heroes adjacent to the target." F: "Choose an empty space within 3 spaces of your figure. Then perform an attack or a search action as if you occupied that space. Did I get the Hero ability right? Or do you want to add a separate SURGE: 1 HEART abilty for each other hero adjacent to the target? As it is the hero ability might be a bit too strong. Mirala Goodtide A: "When receiving gold for search cards during the campaign phase, each faceup search card is worth an additional 5 gold." F: "Use when you defeat a master monster. Draw a search card." I agree with Zaltyre's comment above and modified the card accordingly. Jaena of Sharuun A: "If you are not adjacent to any other hero, each attack that targets you must roll 3 additional range beyond the normally required amount or the attack is a miss." F: "When a monster enter a space withing two spaces of your figure, you may remove your figure from the map and place a hero token in your space. At the start of your next turn, place your figure in any empty space within 2 spaces of your hero token." Wording changed for consistency with Stealthy and Tomble's feat. Elaria A: "Each of your attacks gains +2 Range." F: "Action: Perform an attack with a ranged weapon and choose 1 targeted monster. The attack gains SURE SURGE: Defeat the chosen monster. You cannot choose lieutenants, agents, unique monsters or monsters with special rules in the quest description." As range is irrelevant for melee attacks the Hero ability can be shortened. Wording changed for consistency with Stealthy and Tomble's feat. I changed the feat to prevent that multiple targets can be defeated in multiple target attacks. Annen the Trailblazer A: "Each time another hero enters your space, that hero gains 1 movement point." F: "Action: Each other hero may move up to 2 spaces. During this movement the number of spaces between you and the other hero may not be increased." Incooperated the uFAQ on the Geomancer's Gravity Spike skill that is somewhat similar.
  11. Rune Mastery is one of those older cards that do not include explicit timing conditions. You need to refer to the FAQs (or the CRRG) to get these cards right. Luckily, there are only very few of them. Staff of Shadows / Rune Mastery The FAQ clarified that both cards have the same timing condition. Thus, it is s game of chicken: The overlord can wait until Rune Mastery is used before activating the Staff of Shadows. The hero player can wait until Staff of Shadows is used before using Rune Mastery. In your situation, just ask your hero player after rolling dice if he wants to do something else in the "roll dice" step. If he does not, continue to step 3 and the window for using Rune Mastery is closed.
  12. I really like those ideas. Some suggestions for the text on hero abilities and feats to get more consistency with the official cards: Kala A: "Action: Choose any empty space within 3 spaces of your figure. Remove your figure from the map and place it in the chosen space." F: Place a hero token on the base of a monster in your line of sight. Each time immediately after the monster with your hero token moves 1 space, you may move your figure 1 space. Remove your hero token if you are not in line of sight of the monster or at the start of your next turn. Gyruk Kinslayer A: "When you suffer any amount of fatigue, you may choose to spend some or all of that amount as movement points from your movement point pool instead." F: Use when you perform an attack with a melee weapon before dice are rolled. This attack gains heart equal to your might value. Telvan And Orcbane A: "At the start of your turn, you gain 4 movement points." F: Use when a monster enters a space adjacent to you. Test Awareness, if you pass, all adjacent monsters are stunned. Then you may move up to your speed. Needed to change the sequence a bit to clarify which monsters are stunned. Maliki The Claw A: "Each time your are attacked by a monster adjacent to you, you may choose to replace 1 gray defense die with a red attack die. The monster immediately suffers Heart equal to the amount of Heart rolled on the red attack die." F: "Use at the start of your turn to recover 4 fatigue. Each other hero within 3 spaces of you recovers 2 fatigue." Harthan Axe Caster A: "Each of your attacks gains: Surge: +2 Heart." F: "Use during your turn to perform an attack with an equipped melee weapon as if it were a ranged weapon. This attack is in addition to your 2 actions on your turn." Kael Son Of Gurin A: "Each time you perform a rest action, you immediately recover all fatigue instead at the end of your turn." F: "Use during your turn. Until the start of your next turn, each hero adjacent to you adds 1 gray defense die to his defense pool." Maybe a native speaker can look into the wording for the hero ability. Spiritspeaker Elga A: "Each time you perform an attack that is not a miss, you or a hero adjacent to you may recover 1 Heart." F: "Use when you or a hero adjacent to you would suffer Heart equal to his Health from an attack, before being knocked out. You or the hero adjacent to you suffer no Heart from the attack." Cirdin A: "Each time a hero performs an attribute test, before dice are rolled, you may suffer 1 fatigue to subtract 1 Shield from the result." F: "Action: Test Willpower. If you pass, choose a monster in your line of sight. You may immediately perform 1 move action and and 1 attack action with that monster as if it were a hero. You cannot choose lieutenants, agents, unique monsters or monsters with special rules in the quest description." "Named monster" seems to be ambiguous. Not sure how to shorten and clarify this. Runemaker Tara A: "Before performing an attack, you may spend X fatigue to convert up to X range to Heart, or up to X Heart to range after rolling dice." F: "Action: Choose an adjacent space that shares an edge with your space to define a direction. Trace a straight path of 10 spaces in that direction. Perform an attack with a Magic weapon that ignores range and line of sight. All figures on the traced path are affected by the attack. This attack cannot be affected by Blast. As Sorcery works differently I think it is better to drop this term here. Great idea but difficult to implement with the "counting spaces" routine of the Descent rule set. Here is my try. Not completely happy with it, though. Maybe someone else can have another look to iron out any loopholes?
  13. Thank you for sharing these. I really like the variety those heroes represent and hope to find the time to test them. The quickest option to give them a more official look is this neat little tool: http://dataflux.nl/descent/hero/
  14. Yes. The immobilized condition is discarded at the end of the hero's turn. If not dealt with in any other way, hero A stays immobilized until the end of his next turn which would be in the next round.
  15. This is indeed a mistake in the CRRG. Monsters never get movement points from No Rest from the Wicked, they are allowed to move 1 space directly after the hero spends the movement point gained from suffering fatigue. Thanks for pointing it out, it will be corrected in the next version. I agree with Delphi and Zaltyre on how NRFTW works and that moving off the map requires movement points. If you are interested in a more detailed discussion on "moving off the map" and related questions look into this thread.