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  1. You can use two of the same tokens, you just can't resolve two of the same commands. For example... Say you have Chimera with IFF and Wulff on it. You can spend a ConFire token to trigger IFF and then use the Wulff ConFire token on an attack. You have only resolved the Concentrate Fire command once. You cannot, however, use the ConFire token on the first attack and the Wulff token on the second. That would be two resolutions of Concentrate Fire. The RRG only outlines using a token, dial, or dial+token. So no supercharging commands.
  2. While it leaves open the question of when the Dcaps effect officially ends, the interaction between Dcaps and Fire Lanes is quite clear. As you pointed out, Dcaps states "while attacking a ship." Fire Lanes states that you are "targeting that objective token." So since during the Fire Lanes check at the end of the round you are not attacking a ship, you can't use your blue dice at long range.
  3. There isn't much activity where I'm from, so I drive 3 hours to game with the Atlanta Armada group. I try to make it down for tournaments once every month or two. The Regionals is there as well, so same drive. I have the bonus of my in-laws living down there, so my wife doesn't mind too much.
  4. The Screed Interdictor / Demo / Goz fleet was @CommanderDave's fleet. It's a lot of fun to play. We seem to be glossing over what @Grumbleduke mentioned. Squads can't use upgrade cards, so Contain is always useful against bombers. There are also 4 cards in the damage deck that force you to discard a defense token, so it's good for that if nothing else.
  5. As noted earlier, you are correct. Here are the relevant portions of the RRG: So the redirect is spent during the Spend Defense Tokens step, and at that time, the defender chooses the hull zone. I’m on mobile, so it’s giving issue with uploading the next part. But it shows that in the attack, resolve damage comes after the Spend Defense Tokens step. The first part of resolve damage is apply critical if available.
  6. You can still add the Ackbar dice. Once the pool is gathered and rolled, the attack has begun, and all add dice effects apply. That said, if the effect requires you add a die of a color already in your pool, you can’t add that die.
  7. Yup! The list for the first round is @CommanderDave‘s Florida Regionals list. It was my first time flying it against anyone, but thanks to all Dave’s write ups, I had some idea of what to do with it. I had a lot of fun with it!
  8. To be pedantic, as soon as a product for any game drops, that game is getting closer to an entire year with no new product being released. So we're just like everyone else.
  9. You were right the first go around. If both players are tabled, you ignore all else. It is simply second player wins with MOV 0. "[Each tournament round ends in one of the following ways:] At the end of a game round, all of both players' ships that are not flotillas are destroyed. The second player is the winner, but his or her Margin of Victory is 0." The "not flotillas" part is included only because flotillas don't count toward keeping you on the table. Whether there are flotillas or not on the table, if you have no other ships left, your opponent wins and scores a full 400 points.
  10. Woo-hoo. I was correct on all accounts, and Grumbleduke did the heavy lifting. Thanks for posting references. Edit: Missed seeing the scoring on point 1. That one should just be 6-5 MOV 0 to the 2nd Player.
  11. 1-3: player 2 wins with an MOV of 0. In mutual tablings, you ignore all else. It is simple 6-5 MOV 0 to 2nd player. 4: Player 2 gets 400, player 1 300, so MOV 100 to player 2. 5: Player 2 gets 400, player 1 gets 300+120=420. Since Player 2 got the table, player 2 wins with MOV of 0. Later I can edit to include references, but I’m pretty certain those are correct.
  12. The FAQ I want would likely impact very little at Worlds. There are just a lot of small rules questions that aren't properly clarified or have been answered outside of the FAQ. I want all that updated and put in. No big nerfs, no surprising changes. Just a rules questions quality of life update.
  13. If you look at the entry right above "Choose Objective" it helps explain it. First, you determine initiative. Compare fleet costs. The player with the lowest fleet cost gets to choose if they want to be first player or second player. Once that is decided, move on to the "Choose Objective" portion. Whichever player was chosen to be first player now has to pick from the second player's objective set. So the first player will always pick the objective, but the person with initiative isn't always first player.
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