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  1. The evade change was really just a new rule to account for the Onager’s extreme range. It’s somewhat helpful for MSU. Really I think raising the squadron cap was the death of MSU. The lift to 50% squadrons gave a much needed boost to an under represented aspect of the game, but not allowing Salvo to be used on squadrons was probably a bit heavy handed. Rules wise I think we just need some point adjustments. Leia is too cheap for what she does, and Sloane could use a buff.
  2. The discarded upgrade card counts toward the point total of the destroyed ship. You can find this rule under Scoring on page 9 of the RRG.
  3. The determine course step is when you are measuring with the maneuver tool and deciding how you will move. You declare G8 before they start measuring with the maneuver tool.
  4. You can. The assaulting team chooses first if they will spend one, then the defending team chooses. It’s also listed on page 22 of the manual.
  5. Only one player per team can use an ally token each round. This is found on page 22 of the Rebellion in the Rim manual, under Strategic Effects.
  6. I reveal a Concentrate Fire dial on my ISD. I use Beck to resolve Repair as if I spent a token, so I get 2 engineering points and bring a shield back up. I take a repair raid token. Then I attack, and I use Beck + my ConFire dial to add a die and reroll a die. I take a ConFire raid token.
  7. Here are the highlights. The following is not everything in there, but most of the big things. Card Errata Admiral Raddus: Set aside ship can only deploy from flagship, can deploy D1-2. Hyperspace Migration: You can only score every other round. Rules Errata Exogorth attacks: attack steps are always done by the opposing player of the defending squadron Task Force Setup Area: Obstacles are placed D3 from player edges, D1 from non-player edges Rebellion in the Rim stuff (I'm being lazy) Extreme Range: Evades cancel 2 dice at extreme range FAQ: If an effect changes an opponents dial, you get to know what the dial was set to first. Clarifications Surprise Attack: Huge ships must deploy touching the station and back edge. If there is no legal spot, they must touch station and as close to the back edge as possible. Capture VIP: If the VIP ship goes off the edge, the token is dropped in the play area before it is destroyed as close as possible to its final position. Various: If an obstacle must move, but there is no legal spot for it, it doesn't move. (Can be rotated) IG-88B must attack any escorts he is engaged with first. If he is engaged with any escorts after that, he cannot attack anyone else. Aspiration, Pryce, Bail: If something removes the card (like Vader) the effect is lost. Commander Beck: You can spend a dial with her ability.
  8. Correct. If Gunnery Teams is equipped to a ship, each squadron or enemy ship attacked by that ship can only be targeted once from that hull zone during its activation.
  9. The “first squadron during your activation” is still mandatory. The clarification just notes it doesn’t have to be one of your two standard attacks. Namely, it clarifies it can be used during ordnance pods. So you can use both attacks on a ship and use LTT on a single squad during the Ordnance Pods attack, but you can’t flak for one of your attacks and then use LTT for your Ordnance Pods attack, as you already have attacked a squadron.
  10. As long as it follows rules for moving, which include not overlapping ships. So if it is already overlapping a ship, you can't rotate it.
  11. This was just updated with the most recent errata. Obstacles must be at least distance 3 from the player edges and at least distance 1 from non player edges.
  12. It’s officially resolved! IG88B must target escorts he is engaged with first. If there are any remaining that he is engaged with after attacking all escorts, he can’t attack anyone else.
  13. 3 totally intact... but outside the learning scenario, none of my VSDs have hit the table.
  14. There are only three ways to resolve a command. You can spend a dial, spend a token, or spend a dial+token. Since these are the only ways to resolve a command, you cannot stack additional command tokens, even if something allows you to have more than one of the same type of token.
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