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  1. According to our understand, the time token moves up one each round, but the Rebel loyalty token only moves down the line (from 14 downward) when you achieve an objective??? It should move each time we gain the loyalty of a new system! A lot of the Tier1 objectives are too "all or nothing" to get and are only worth 1 point to boot! We slogged through a 6 hour game and only saw the Rebel loyalty move down to 12. Are you serious? You'd have to survive 10 rounds or so without the Empire finding you to have a shot at winning. We were discovered in only 5 and had few options by then on where we could move with the mission card, so we were screwed.
  2. Some examples that come up (how did this not come up in play testing???) Han Solo is assigned the "Strike Force" mission where he pulls in ground units to any imperial-occupied planet, then combat resolves. Sounds simple. Rebel General selects a planet that has 4 TIE Fighters, an Imperial Star Destroyer, 2 AT-ST and 3 Storm Troopers on it. Questions fly: 1. If the Imperial player did not (or could not) oppose the Mission (they were out of leaders that had the necessary mission's icon), then the landing succeeds, but now that you move onto combat, should or should not the Imperial player, as part of the Combat mechanic, get to add a Leader that has space and/or ground tactic values? The mission is now bleeding into combat as if it were an activation. 2. Complicate matters further, if the Imperial player gets to place a combat leader, if the Rebels have units in an adjacent system, why wouldn't they be able to draw those units into the combat as well? What we resolved is: 1. No additional rebel forces can be drawn in as this is unique to System Activation and moving of forces takes place before combat. 2. If you just focus on the combat rules, even though the mission went unopposed by the Empire, they now get to place a leader on the planet to lead the ground forces and draw ground tactic cards. Thematically, I have a problem with #2. It was supposed to be a "strike force". We've already ignored transport-wise how those units got there, so how does the Empire get to magically react to this at all and send in a leader to support??? This is just one example. We had many similar ones that pushed our play time to 6 hours tonight. EDIT: Another example: How does it make sense that space combat goes first (ok), but you can LOSE space combat and still land troops for ground combat? If my defending space forces destroyed the enemy, how did they get to land those troops??? Another puzzler: How does it make sense that I, as a Rebel, can turn the loyalty of a planet to Rebel-loyal and if the system is still "subjugated" they get to leave troops on it and TIE fighters above it? On the flipside, if Han had done his ground strike on a planet that had 2 Storm Troopers and 2 TIE fighters and he won, how does it make sense that this planet is still Empire-loyal and the TIE fighters get to stay in orbit? It should at LEAST be neutral-subjugated, which drops down how much build that planet is worth during the Refresh phase.
  3. The best thing FFG ever did with X-wing was make that 3-part YouTube video that covered the game basics with some examples along the way. The current Rebellion Learn to Play is too disjointed and, well, outright confusing. Two hours later, we still haven't even finished a round because everything is confusing. We've watched a few demo play videos from dice tower and others, but they are focused on playing the game without explaining the what or why. Sorry to those "ultra-elite" that got it all from the start, but for our dedicated group of long-time board gamers, whoever wrote these 2 manuals (Learn to Play and Rules Reference) should be drug out into the street and shot. The info might be technically accurate, but it is poorly presented and confuses as much as it tries to explain, mostly from too much "that will be covered later" use that has you scratching your head at how this all comes together. The end result is that 2 people have actually cancelled their orders for the game and walked away tonight disappointed after being excited to try it. We even had a "Star Wars Party" where we watched the Force Awakens over dinner then dove into the game. 3 hours later, we disbanded without much joy and called it a night.
  4. In short, some (not all) people seem to buy into a game not so much to play the game and get very good at it, but just to collect stuff and demand more and newer all the time. If they bought into chess, they'd be wanting machine-gun enhanced pawns and turbo-laser bishops because the old version of those pieces were just not good enough any more. What??? Learn to PLAY chess and get good at it the way it is? No way, I want enhancements so I can short-cut around all the learning stuff...gimme an expansion that I can buy and get an instant edge over those losers who just play the existing game. Gosh, those old-school players are so lame... Really?
  5. I may be unpopular on this, but I ***like*** that Armada has only had 2 Waves and the 3rd may be small and careful. Good! I like the game and don't want to see it get turned up on end just so FFG can sell more plastic next quarter and again 6 months after that. Let's enjoy what we have, I already lament that ships like the Victory and TIE fighter squadrons are rarely played after Wave2 brought the ISD and Villians, for example. Quit making a game fun, then killing the fun parts by making them underpowered compared to newer stuff. That's what made me quit X-Wing. I liked (gasp) dogfighting. Flying for arc while avoiding the other guy's shots. Nope, not now. Everyone just flies space cows with 360-degree "I'm guaranteed to hit you at least once, maybe twice, with each ship per round" upgrade cards. X-Wings are nearly worthless since the newer T-70 models released, the list goes on. If you're gonna do that kind of crap, then take the older ships in on trade that you've made 70% or more obsolete. So, call me a grumpy old man, but when the ADD kiddies get pissed because they don't hear news and changes every other week or at least half as often for Armada as they do X-wing and others...I say "stfu, that's a GOOD thing, leave a good game alone for now and just play." Why is everyone unhappy unless they're spending money?
  6. Question: What sheets have worked for you for storing Ship-sized cards in FFG sleeves? Ultra Pro has a 6-pocket sheet, but the width says 2 1/2". The card itself is slightly over that, and the sleeve makes the width 2 3/4" on the nose. The next "size" is a 4-pocket sheet, but the pockets are for 3 /12" x 5". Yuck. Nothing in between? Am I reading this all wrong? Kudos to FFG for designing a bastard-sized card and/or not securing some partnership commitments from a few of the big names. 6-slot: http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php?products_id=1299 4-slot: http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php?products_id=1300
  7. The good news is that Clon lost tonight on Vassal...although not with his famous list...he was playing 2 ISD + Demolishver vs 1 ISD + Demolisher + second Glad.
  8. Seems to me that player bases in X-Wing and Armada have become WAAAAY too obnoxious at how often and deep they expect the company to stop what their doing and stroke their ego. It's a common trait, sadly, in the internet age. Patience is so 1980's..."GIMME AN UPDATE EVERY WEEK OR I WILL ***** AND MOAN ONLINE IN FORUMS AND ON FACEBOOK GROUPS!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!"
  9. I have two lists, 1 of each faction. I'd like to hear which YOU would take to a tournament, why, and how you would fly it. Also welcome tweaks you would make in terms of upgrades or squadrons... (No, I don't have big $$$ to spend on Imp ships, I just have the 2 Victory's). Imperial List - 400 Points http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=16934 Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85) - Flagship Darth Vader (36) Warlord (8) Intel Officer (7) Gunnery Team (7) NK-7 Ion Cannons (10) X17 Turbolasers Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85) Wing Commander Gunnery Team Expanded Hangar Bay X17 Turbolasers Squadron Wing 1 Bossk (23) Howl Runner (16) TIE Fighter Squadron (8) x3 Squadron Wing 2 Dengar (20) Major Rhymer (16) TIE Interceptor Squadron (11) x3 Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Minefields Rebel List - 397 Points http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=16845 MC80 Command Cruiser (106) - Flagship Admiral Ackbar (38) Home One (7) Intel Officer (7) Electronic Countermeasures (7) Leading Shots (4) X17 Turbolasers (6) MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) Foresight (8) Intel Officer (7) Ordinance Experts (4) Electronic Countermeasures (7) Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) X17 Turbolasers (6) Bomb Squadron Wing Nym (21) "Dutch" Vander (16) Y-Wing Squadron (10) Escort Squadron Wing Wedge Antilles (19) X-Wing Squadron (13) Jan Ors (19) Roamer Dash Rendar (24) Advanced Gunnery Hyperspace Assault Minefields
  10. Adjust as you wish. The list, as posted, is already at 99 points. Crack (1) vs. Comm/Juke (5).
  11. Wanna tick off aces and TLT spammers alike? Enjoy... Decimator Captain Oicunn (PS4) - Dauntless title, Gunner, Palpatine, Anti-Pursuit Laser, Crackshot TIE Fighter Wampa (PS4) TIE Fighter/FO Omega Leader (PS8) - Stealth Device, Crackshot I swear, half will table-flip and the rest will just curse how cheap it is (funny coming from someone with 3 TLT ships). Oicunn runs in front, Wampa and OL shoot from behind. Play notes: Stack your asteroids all to one side, keeping them 1 space apart. Put OL on the outside edge, then Wampa and finally Deci on the inside. Later, when you all turn hard (deci 2 turn, wampa 1, OL 3), you'll be formed up with Deci in the front. Run up the edge of the board closest to the asteroids, full speed (4 5 5) towards your first victim and gobble them up by round 2 or 3. I prefer to munch on a stresshog or Miranda, but low PS ships are tasty snacks as well. When you must turn, do 2-speed hard turns in circles around the rock if enemy is closeby. Use TIE's to K or similar for shots once formation breaks. Re-form behind Deci once clear of rocks again, but keep hugging the rocks if enemy gets close to make their maneuvering for rear/easy shot harder. The TIE's do most of the work, deci is there as a threat and for Palp support. When aces end up within Oicunn's movement range, stomp on them. Soontir Fel disappears in one round if he carelessly gets within range1 of a deci with at least 1 TIE having a supporting shot. Between Palpatine, gunner, and potentially 2 crack shots if OL is joining in, most aces get melted if they get too close, not even mentioning Oicunn belly-flopping on them if they put themselves in such a position. When headhunter or A-wings try to block you, make them pay with a hit and then shots from the TIE's. Remember that if someone gets in range1 of deci, it has a 4-die shot, plus gunner, possibly palp and possibly target lock.
  12. Revised list, per your feedback so far...400 points on the nose http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=16105 Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (flag) Admiral Motti Relentless Engineering Captain Gunnery Team Electronic Countermeasures X17 Turbolasers Leading Shots (this ship hangs back a bit and shoots from a distance, speed 1 primarily, keep Bossk for fighter defense) Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer Avenger Weapons Liason Gunnery Team X17 Turbolasers Leading Shots (this ship gets in close to get those black dice rolls, with 3 interceptors and IG88 for cover) 4 TIE Interceptors IG88 Bossk Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Superior Positions What about switching to Intel Officer on both ISD's and switching to 2 TIE Fighter & 2 TIE Interceptor squadrons instead to make room?
  13. Thank you to both, very valuable and appreciated input. Any others?
  14. I'm brand-spankin' new to Armada, played X-Wing for a while and now expanding. As in I've played a couple Armada games on Vassal and look forward to the first event at my nearby store. I wonder if folks have thoughts about this 2 SD build...400 points on the nose http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/fleet_builder.php?faction=e Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (flag) Admiral Motti Relentless Quad Laser Turrets Engineering Captain Advanced Projectors Gunnery Team Leading Shots X17 Turbolasers (this ship hangs back a bit and shoots from a distance, speed 1 primarily, keep Bossk for fighter defense) Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer Avenger Quad Laser Turrets Weapons Liason Point-Defense Reroute Ordinance Experts Leading Shots X17 Turbolasers (this ship gets in close to get those black dice rolls, with 3 interceptors and IG88 for cover) 3 TIE Interceptors IG88 Bossk Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Superior Positions
  15. I was in a tournament today where the (respected) veteran seemed to take a REALLY long time each round to select his dials. I can understand being careful and thinking moves ahead and all, but when it drags to 5+ minutes each time, it starts to feel excessive and/or someone is trying to draw out the clock to preserve their early point lead. As I am the newbie of only a few months, what is the call here? Live with it? I hesitate to say anything at the risk of coming off unsporting or otherwise hostile, but you know how you just sometimes say "yeah, this is a bit excessive" in your gut? I felt that every round after the 2nd. Thanks in advance for feedback.
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