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  1. There's still a winner and a loser and the loser can be jumped on mov. It's not a perfect system by any means but it blows Ids out of the water
  2. If cancerchat was shown to the public there would be an epidemic so large it would probably end the world.
  3. Could it just be that 3xKs just arent as much fun for people to fly anymore so people just aren't flying them. They were never a super dominant list against the entire meta soit's not like with paratanni where people flew it just because it was powerful. so all the people that put in the work with triple k wings just moved on to other things because they got bored.
  4. If there was a secret illumikrayti. They certainly would go to extreme measures to keep people from talking about it. I wouldn't want to be the person who brought it up on an Internet forum. If you catch my drift
  5. Congrats on the Top 8. It was a pleasure playing you in that game! Great write up my friend -Chase
  6. If you wanna win play Attanni. If people want to copy Heaver's squad let them because none will be as good as him
  7. The Carolina Krayts recorded every round after round 3
  8. Swick

    Hypothetical Question

    An A Wing with Heras pilot ability would be amazing
  9. Swick

    Tie Striker 'fix'

    What's everybody's take on 5 Strikers? I've flown this: “Pure Sabacc” + Trick Shot + Adaptive Ailerons + Lightweight Frame (24) 4x Imperial Trainee + Adaptive Ailerons + Lightweight Frame (19) It was fun, but I'm thinking about this (99 points, because it doesn't go to 100): “Pure Sabacc” + Swarm Leader + Adaptive Ailerons + Lightweight Frame (27) 4x Imperial Trainee + Adaptive Ailerons + Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (18) I've flown them in loose formation, with Pure Sabbac a bit behind for protection. Are they better if flown in traditional swarm formations or loose formations, in the experience of those who've flown them for more than one game? I've had great success with using Countdown as a blocker-mini-ace kind of ship. Its speed and maneuverability coupled with its higher survivability make it very good for both. I've flown 4 x trainees with Aa and LF plus Countdown with a shield upgrade about 4 times now. It's best to fly in a loose formation and just to make sure that most guns are on target in my opinion. The weight of fire is staggering and even tokened up defenders will get hit when 5 3 dice attacks come their way
  10. Yeah I think Firefly is closer. My brother in law says it is anyway. What time would work for you on Wednesday? I think earlier would work for me better, but I could probably swing whatever. I have to work until 4 but i work 5 minutes from Firefly. So anytime after 4
  11. I could do Wednesday as well. Would love to meet up for a game! Also if Firefly is closer for you I could meet there. If you're in Chapin then Firefly is only about 20 minutes into town.
  12. I will be heading to Ready to Play in Cayce tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th, around 5 o clock if you would like to meet for a game. Our normal Free play night is Thursday but it's not looking like many people will be there that night because of the holidays
  13. This is my confirmation. Can't wait to bring the empire to destruction
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